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  • Need guidance for my career

    Confused between pursuing commerce or IT?Wondering how to switch career to IT? On this Ask Expert page you can scroll through the answers and decide how to plan ahead.

    I had done with my commerce with maths in 10+2 and pursuing B.Com now. I want to shift my career towards IT or software side.
    As my interest towards accountancy is getting low and I don,t like doing it.
    So suggest me if I can switch my career towards IT or software or not.
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  • Yes, you can proceed to the career of IT but you have to a minor change of your stream after the graduation. I would suggest you to pay a serious attention to your current studies so that you pass your B.Com course with a minimum percentage of 65 percent of marks.
    If this part is done with your honest studies, you can take up MCA course consisting of three year duration from a reputed institute. This is important since the reputed institutions have the tie up with the different MNC's for the campus selection.
    Best institutions would look into your qualifying marks( marks secured in your graduation level) and your performance in the written and oral test conducted by them.
    Hope you would realise the importance of the current studies.
    You will be selected through the campus selection in your fifth semester of your MCA course provided you keep abreast of the subject materials and have the conceptual clarities of the subjects being taught in MCA session apart from your representation skill in English.
    The other rout would be to take up registration in the DOEC society after your graduation. You have to achieve C level at least so as to be treated at par with MCA. This society will offer you curriculum and course material so that you will able to write your examination with your self studies.
    But the best recourse would be to acquire MCA from an established institution so as to have the benifit of the recruitment through the campus selection group.

  • The choice of career is mainly depends on your own interest only . Here I came to know that you did not wants to continue with the accounting related career and wants to shift towards IT and Software, yes yo u can shift to IT. But first I will let you know that with B.Com you can learn Tally Software which related to your course and on successful learning of the software skills you do get good salaries and best placements . Learning and getting employment with skills in courses that related to your graduation courses won't stress you more as you are very much familiar with subjects . Apart from this start learning software courses that are presently good demand in market along with your present course so that you can complete them and attain skills by end of your course . Good skills makes you earn employment with top firms but you have to do lot of hard-work with patience. So my sincere suggestion is to go with computer course like Tally etc that related to your educational subjects to attain good employment opportunities

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  • After completing your graduation you can think of doing some computer diploma course of at least one or two years duration which can give you some basic knowledge of computers and associated streams. There are many areas in IT where such courses are available and depending upon your choice and interest you can search the appropriate one and join the course. Some of the areas are -

    1. Data base management.
    2. Software testing and reporting.
    3. System management.
    4. Digital marketing.
    5. Data mining and assimilation.
    6. Computer programming.
    7. Android applicatons.
    8. C++ and Java.
    9. Web designing.
    10. Animation.

    After completing the appropriate course you can search for a job in IT industry and then while in job you can enhance your knowledge by undertaking more courses as relevant to your job.

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  • IT is a very big area and exactly in which particular category your interests lie is the primary thing to be considered in this case. You are already completing B.Com. You might be aware that there are so many computer courses in finance and commerce area itself which can be undertaken by a commerce student to make a good career in that line. But as you say you are not much interested in accountancy then towing that line would not be a proper thing at this juncture. Let us think about other options. If you have interest in IT area then after B.Com. you will have to go for some computer related education like two years PG diploma in computer science or MCA. This is the basic level to start with. As you have not done your graduation with computer science you will have to be extra cautious in learning all those things which you had already learned by this time if you had gone for B.Sc. (CS).

    Now after completing some computer course as mentioned above, you will have to focus in some particular line of your interest and may be to specialise in that and carve out a career line there, you might have to go for some short term course where focus would be in that particular branch. Let us now see what could be the various career lines/ positions possible for you in that scenario -

    1. Computer Software - In this line one has to design, develop and test the softwares for various usage in the industry and organisations and it is almost the core activity in computer world.

    2. System Engineer - A system engineer has to have a thorough knowledge of the technical infrastructure and the applications being used there. He has to maintain and support it with his knowledge of the system and troubleshooting expertise.

    3. Web hosting and web developing - This is an important and lucrative area. A web developer should have a good knowledge of languages like PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS etc and has to build and maintain the required websites in the desired designs and fashion.

    4. Data Engineer/ Data Scientist - The experienced programmers having knowledge of statistics generally take up this career line and their main work is to assimilate data and present it to management in a form that matches well with the business goals of the company. This requires an in-depth ideas of data processing workflows especially when dealing with a large set of data.

    5. Application Architect - These are generally high end professionals who keep a tab of architecture of an application especially dealing with the planning, coordination, communication and teamwork. They also provide guidance and leadership to the application development teams below them.

    6. Data Base administrator - Every organisation has a plethora of data which is very important for it. For storing and retrieving this data applications are available but how to structure them and retrieve in an efficient and quick manner is always a challenge for the organisation as everyone needs data before going ahead in a direction. The Data Base manager would be managing and controlling these activities by using certain softwares and eating them updated for use with other application.

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  • There is every chance for you to go for a career in IT even after B.Com also. So, first of all, concentrate on you B.Com and complete the same successfully with a good score. Simultaneously you can think of doing some diploma course or certificate course in computer technology. There are many courses. They will be offered as part-time courses or online courses or distance mode courses. You can select any mode as per your convenience and availability of time. By doing this you will have some knowledge about IT by the time you finish your B.Com.
    Then you can study MCA or PG Diploma in Software technology. You can complete that course and then you will be ready to start your career in computer-related fields.
    If you are not interested in doing MCA which is a two years course, you can try for a small job with your B.Com and other diplomas you have in Computer technology and while working in that you can complete PG Diploma in Computer Applications. Once you finish that PGDCA and with your experience in the other company you can go to a big company and for a better job and better salary.
    You should make your resume available in job portals like and be checking for new jobs and be searching for vaccines and apply for them. That will give you more chances for a good job.

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  • Nowadays not all the companies are looking for same Computer Science Degree. Since you are having Accounts knowledge, you can use it as your domain knowledge, get trained and certified in a programming language like Java / C++ / Python. There are companies which works on projects of Accounting software or Banking software projects, you can choose those companies and you will get a job.

    For that kind of job, you need software knowledge and also one domain knowledge. Say for example, if an I.T company is working on Banking software, that person who is in that project, should know what is debit, credit, journal, profit and loos account, Balance sheet etc. A normal I.T Engineering guy will not have this knowledge unless he / she gains knowledge from outside.

    So being accounts background, get certified in any of the Programming languages from a good Institute and attend interviews in an I.T company will definitely get a job.

  • Firstly, B.Com doesn't mean accounting only. You can opt to be working as manager/supervisor or also in the different process which doesn't have a lot of complicated accounting concepts, entries, or calculations. In case you still wish to move to IT-related /Software related Domain, then it's better that you take some time and work on the type of activities you would like to do. For example, would you be interested to design applications or would be interested in verifying the application program designed/verify the coding? There are a lot of things involved in IT as well. If your convinced post you have completed the basic evaluation of your interest and also about the time you have invested in the current course (B.Com), you can go for Diploma in Computer Science and then opt for the Post graduation courses available. In case you don't want to spend time on a 3-year-long course again, you can choose to opt short term courses available based on your interest.

  • There are many employee in IT who haven't actually did any degree related to computer science. Which ever stream you take you can move to IT but wise versa is not possible, You can learn few programming like java, python, c or c++, etc or database like oracle, sql and easily get a job in IT. But focus on your commerce degree and get a good score. After that you can take computer courses and get really good job. You can also try to some certification in NIIT or build some web application seeing online. That will teach you even more than computer science degree.

    You can learn this technologies
    Java Script
    Angular 2
    Spring boot
    Machine Learning
    You can pick up any stream and start learning it online. All these are open sources, you can find a lot of information about these language online

  • It is true that careers always should make in that area where you having interest. As mentioned above, now you are pursuing so first complete it. After that, you should go for a computer related course. As you know, the IT field is a vast area so you will have to be selective in this area. There are different areas. Some of them are as follows:-
    1. Data Engineer/ Data Scientist
    2. Software testing and reporting.
    3. System management.
    4. Digital marketing.
    5. C++ and Java.
    6. Web designing.
    7. Animation.
    8. Digital marketing.
    9. Data mining and
    10. Computer programming.
    For making career in the IT field, you can pursue diploma or certificate course in computers. There are different course in distance or online mode through which you can get knowledge. You can do this course pursuing your After that, you can go for MCA. After completing MCA you can apply to software company where a lot of opportunities are available.

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