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  • What to do after completing high school and how to know about our own interests

    Worried how to choose courses after tenth standard? Should it be based on interests and how to choose the interest? No worries, go through this page for responses and advice from experts.

    I am Chaitanya Mishra and I've completed my high school recently and now I have to take my subject for class 11th. My main concern is what subject should I take? How can I come to know about my interests and what should be the best subject for me?
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  • Normally in eleventh standard, there are three subjects other than two language subjects to be taken.
    The three are: Maths, Physics, Chemistry or biology,physics,chemistry or History,economics, commerce, Accountancy, Commerce,Management etc., l

    You think your own interested subjects.
    You think what subject would be help you to score more marks.
    If you have elder brothers/Sisters, see what subjects they have taken so as they can guide you or help you in case any doubts in future,
    If nothing on the above, do not hesitate to consult your class teacher of tenth standard
    If you further have hesitation plan the subjects according to your marks in tenth standard
    Above all,you keep your mind with courage that you can do any subject.

  • This question comes in the mind of all students after completing 10th standard. You did not mention about your scores or did not give any hint about your interest. So it is difficult for us to suggest anything. You may follow the below-given points to get your way-

    1. Discuss your query with your parents. Parents are the best advisors. They can suggest to you as they know about your interest and caliber.

    2. You can also consult your teachers. They also know about your weak and strong sides hence they can be a good advisor in this case.

    3. If you have a trustworthy friend, you can take his or her views on the same. Friends are always our wellwisher.

    4. Lastly, you can ask yourself about what you actually expect from yourself. What do you want to be in the future? If you get a stiff answer for this question, your query will be solved. If you want to a doctor, Biology, physics and chemistry is the combination you need to take, if your want to be an engineer or a technical expert then Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be the option. Similarly, for CA, commerce is mandatory. So think that way and choose the best suitable option for yourself.


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  • I think ,most of the student becomes in dilemma about choosing subject/carrier after completing high school. Obviously, it is a turning point in context of carrier. Our chosen subject fix our path.

    As far as about taking subject is concerned, you must observe yourself. In which field are you having interest. Because it is necessary to have interest for progressing in any field. Moreover, what would you like to be in future. Mostly new generation people would have dreamt to be something in future. As per my view, opportunity wise taking science subject would be more beneficial. If you take science subject then you can be applicable for maximum field for e.g doctor, engineer, civil servant etc.

    If you are in more confusion then you must consult family member and friends. Because they can better judge your merit and personality. You should also queries from your teacher.

  • You answer the following questions for yourselves.
    1. When you are reading the subject books on which subject you are getting more interest.
    2. Which subject is making you study the subject again and again.
    3. In your earlier classes in which subject you scored a higher percentage than the other subjects.
    4. Generally, which subject you like to hear and you don't want to miss the class of which subject.
    The subjects which will come as answers will be your subject of interest.

    In addition to the above, you can go to your class teacher and discuss with him also regarding the subjects which will be good for you. As a class teacher, he will know in which subjects you will be good. If you have any career aspirations in your mind you should also think about that and you have to select the subjects which will help you to start your career in that line.

    You can also discuss with your other friends, siblings in the house and select the subjects. You can discuss with your parents also.

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  • Now-a-days, a large number of student are in dilemma about selecting subject. Definitely everybody should be conscious in selecting subject after completing high school. There are many ways by which you can observe to yourself. 1. In which subject do you have interest. 2.Since starting which subject has been scoring for you. 3. Which type of work would you like to do.
    Since from childhood you are having any carrier related aspiration then you should choose subject accordingly.
    Moreover, you can discuss with family member and close friend. As they can give best judgement about your future. You can queries with your teacher also. Because they know your merit and calibre. They can take good decision in this respect.

  • " How can I come to know about my interests and what should be the best subject for me?"
    You only can decide that. You know which sweet you like most. You know which snack or food you prefer most. Like this it is you who know which subject you like most.
    However, I can just give some hints and parameters which if you apply yourselves can give you an idea of your most preferred and liked subject.
    1. Which subject makes you happy and comfortable when you study?
    2. In which subject you score more/ maximum marks consistently in all the examinations and tests?
    3. Which is that subject which you never like to take leave or absent?
    4. Which subject you like to help your own classmates and also t your young siblings or neighbouring students?
    5. Topics and articles or pictures related to which subject attracts you immediately in newspapers, magazines and TVs?
    6. In which subject class you do not feel sleepy but lie the teacher also?
    7. In which subjects can you answer the most from question papers of last year or previous exams?
    If you ask the above questions you may get an idea of the subject that interest you.
    You shortlist at least three such subjects in their order.
    Try to enter a course anthem first one. But if there are any issues in easy admission or job scope, then join the second option. You also get help of your parents and well wishing teachers too to come to a decision.
    Whatever it be, once you take admission, study well, learn well and score high grades.

  • While choosing subjects for class eleven, you need to select the stream first such as Science, Arts and Commerce Stream. In your class ten examination, you might have read basic science, Mathematics, Social Science, History, Geography, Civics and so on in addition to English and one language paper.
    Once you enter the class eleven, your choice of a stream would be your ultimate end.
    There are several ways to narrow down your choice. Before you select a stream, go through these points which may help in choosing your preferred stream-
    1) Never be guided that your close friends have opted for Science - stream containing Physics,
    Chemistry, Mathematics with the additional choice of Biology and hence you, too, should have the choice of the similar fashion.
    2) Go through your class ten mark - sheet and analyse your performance in the different subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English and your language paper.
    If your scoring in both Mathematics and Science outweigh other subjects, you will fit in the science - stream, but on the other hand, you have the fascination for your language paper and the Social Science, you can excell well in the Arts stream and Mathematics alone interests you , you may take up the feed back of your seniors having chosen the commerce stream.
    3) You are the best judge of your own and you have the clarity in your vision, your choice will land you into success ultimately.
    4) In case of confusion, your class teacher of class ten would be your best guide who is aware of your strength and weakness in terms of your studies. He can better help you in the selection of the streams.
    5) Keep this thing in mind that no stream is bad for a brighter future. Many factors are related to show your outstanding performance. Some keys to achieve the success in your stream would be constant passion in the stream, your goal after your graduation and your ultimate selection of the career leading you to huge success.

  • This is a question which we encounter many times from the students but for the first time I am hearing a question of this type where the student is asking us to find his interest and liking. You have to give us some clue at least to guess that in your favour. But you have not given it. Anyway coming to the basic question what after class 10th. You might not be having any interest in any subject but what are your aspirations in your life. Have you not though of becoming police officer whom all the subordinates salute? Have you not thought of becoming a teacher whom the student respect so much? Have you not thought up to become a scientist busy in his research? There is a long series like that. What you want to become in your life? A doctor. An engineer. A manager. A shopkeeper, A leader etc. The answer to all this you have to provide and then comes the selection of the subjects in class XI.

    These things are interconnected. If you want to be a doctor, you have to opt for biology as one of the subjects. If you want to become a teacher you might have to seriously think for doing graduation and B.Ed. after completing class XII. In that case you have to take subjects in class XI as which you would be teaching at a later date. You have to find out your temperament. Is it very very necessary to pinpoint one's objectives in life and without that we are like a dead wood. There are various career lines mainly IT, Engineering, Management, Hospitality, Teaching, Business, Legal, Administrative, Agriculture, and many more and if you can identify one out of that which suits to you an enthrals you then you have to take commensurate subjects in XI.

    Please do not feel confused or directionless with all these sermons coming on you, but the point is that if nothing interests you then there is only one alternative and that is starting a venture or business which can become a source of livelihood to you. Please note that in history there are so many examples where even the school dropouts did better than the usual lot. So our options are not restricted to subjects in class XII. My purpose is to provoke you to identify your interest if not in your subjects then at least in your aspired career. Once that is known, subject selection would be too easy.

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  • Interest literally means wanting to know or learn about something or a thing that excite the curiosity or attention in us. It doesn't mean that a thing that we like now may be the thing that will last but it should create some spark or ignite something in our mind. Our interest should be a thing that doesn't want a push or external force but we ourselves will find ways to complete or learn. When we find the correct interest, our half work will be done. Now as you have mentioned that you have given your high school exams and juggling between what to choose in the upper class? These are the most common thoughts that ponder in the mind of teenagers and even many adults to finalise their area of interest or profession.

    Q: My main concern is what subject should I take? How can I come to know about my interests and what should be the best subject for me?
    A: When you come to a stage when you are wondering about what to choose, keep this in mind that this will be one of the most important decisions that you would be taking that stays along with for the rest of your life. So always try to analysis yourself. I would provide you with some points, tips or answers to zero down your search or reaching to the most appropriate one.
    i) Make a list of things that you like, you are good at, you enjoy, etc. It actually means exploring yourself in every aspect.
    ii) Think about people who are close to you and knows you better like your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc. They are your keen observers and knows you inside-out.
    iii) Jot down what you hate, fear or scares you. It can be animal, things, subject, people, etc. This will help to know what to avoid.
    iv) Look out for things you have special skills like an inbuilt ability or in your genes.
    v) Search or google out for sites that have quizzes and tips to solve your problems.

    Once you make a list, try to get the answer by taking the help of your parents, teachers and friends for they know your strength and weakness and will guide you the best. Always remember to choose that matches your overall interests for the rest of your life, you will be dealing with it and if you have selected your interest, you're more likely to enjoy it more likely to be successful in that subject or field or profession.

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