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  • Want to resign present central government job to join another central government job

    Want to know the probation, resignation and joining norms for a central government job? Looking out for correct and detailed information here? Our ISC experts have provided the required detailed information on this page.

    Presently I am working in central government department about 4 years ago I have applied for another job in central government department but at that time I did not applied for NOC from my present department also I did not mentioned anything about my employment status in the application form of the second department but after 4 years they have cleared my name for appointment and I want to join the department I am not in probation period and not bind to any bond sir I want to know that can I join the second job after resigning the present job or I have to take NOC from my present department. One more thing I want to mention here that second job's gradepay is higher then my present job
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  • My suggestion is not to resign the present job as it increase your experience period and get calculated any promotions in future in the same government job. If you shift to another government by resigning present one, your service will be calculated afresh. Your earlier period of experience get vanished and your service in the new office will be afresh and you will be in the last list, where in your present one your stage will be other and somebody might be behind you and the seniority counts, you can get promotions and you can enrich your further qualifications also for which you can get some feasibility as an experienced staff. If you are interested in the present post you can consult your colleagues whether you can get transfer to any other department where your service period not get affected.

  • Prior to your joining in the next job, there are certain points to be reviewed by you and such considerations will clarify your stand whether you should join the next assignment or not. The following points may be looked into -
    1) You will have to clarify from the personnel department where you are likely to join regarding your seniority position in the event of your fresh joining in the next organisation.
    2) Don't be tempted by your higher grade pay in your next joining alone. May be there is the provision of attracting the aspirants with the initial attractive offerings but if your seniority is at the lowest level on your joining, it will mean that you will have to keep patience for the next promotion. But if your seniority position is to be computed from your old service, it will be a case of worth joining.
    3) Talk to your immediate Boss of the present organisation regarding your benifit of retention of the current assignment.
    4) As you have indicated that you are working over there from four years indicating that your next promotion may take place very shortly. Get it confirmed from the personnel department and if there is such a case, it would not be a prudent step to move somewhere else.
    5) NOC would not be a major issue, you will get it after the submission of your request and subsequent approval of your higher bosses and ultimately this will go to the personnel department so that NOC is released at the earliest.
    6) Take a feedback regarding the working environment, staff strength, promotion prospects of the new organisation with some reliable sources prior to your joining.

  • Dear

    I suggest you continue your current job with the central government department and get experience for at least five years.

    If you really want to change the job; as you are not in the probation period or you have completed your probation period and you had got the confirmation of the current job. Now, you can apply through proper channel and this will be the best way to change the current job. The experience (seniority) will also give you benefit in your next job. I personally suggest that not to hide anything from your current and new employer.

  • For any problem there is and should be a solution.
    It depends on how you deal with the problem. If the time available is less than three months, then it may be difficult for you to complete all procedures smoothly in normal circumstances.
    But still something can be done.
    First of all assess and be sure what is the time left for completing all procedure and join the new job.
    Enquire and make sure how much time it takes in your department/job to complete the procedure of resignation and get relieved. From these two take a decision whether to resign and join new job or two continue in the present job.
    Once more refer to the original announcement or application for the second job to find whether it was insisted there to inform about your existing job. If it was not insisted there as a condition then you need not panic. You can inform the new department about your job and ask for joining time after procedures of resignation and relief. You can consult your superiors and inform them and get full details in this regard.
    If it was insisted then your course is to resign and get relieved as early as possible to join new job.
    You may then just confide with a well wishing superior about the matter and get his advice also. Usually if the employee is not a trouble maker and keeps good relations with colleague and superiors, they only try to help you. So you can try that way. Your boss may have some connections with the superiors in the new job place or department and may be able to make things smooth o you.
    Unless we try we cannot find solutions.
    But I suggest not taking risky actions now without consulting or thinking in all perspectives. You may also discuss with your family too.

  • When you have applied for the new job, already you were in this job. What are the terms and conditions given in the advertisement for the post? If there is any clause that you have to obtain NOC from the present organisation, if you have not done that, it will be a violation. When you are applying for a new government job when you are working in another government job, you should mention that in your application. If you have not mentioned that it will be treated as a violation and afterwards if anybody gives a compliant it will be a problem and you may lose that job also. You please check and if there is any violation, I suggest you continue in the present job.

    Not informing the facts when your applying for any government job will be viewed seriously and even after many years if anybody gives a complaint about your employment in another government department, you may even lose your job also. One of my relatives did this mistake and lost his job after serving the organisation for more than 5 years.
    I feel it is better to continue in the present job as you have not mentioned about your job in the application for the new job.

    always confident

  • As per the rules and regulations, one has to apply for another job through proper channel and in that case the present employer would give a NOC also at the time of leaving this job. When one is moving from one Govt job to another then there is added advantage of getting the earlier service considered for seniority provided one has applied through proper channel. In your case you have not done so and have applied as if you were not in any job. So you have hidden all the present job details from your new employer who in this case is the same Govt. Now it is too late and your present office would not be cooperating with you and will go in this case as per the existing rules in the matter. Now when you resign then you have to give 1 month notice or whatever period mentioned in your appointment order. If you are not in a position to give this advance notice then I am afraid you might have to forego salary for 1 month or whatever period as per the terms and conditions of your joining in the current job. After completing that only you can leave the present job and then go and join the new job. There are some other points where some problem might come and you may not get any advantage of your past service as your new employer does not know about that as per the application received by them from you when you applied for that new job. Moreover there would be issue of continuation of GPF or any other PF account which has to delink with your earlier job and link to the new one. All these problems are coming now because you did not apply for the new job through proper channel.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Talking about government jobs, if you are resigning a government job and joining another job which is again a central government job, there wouldn't be any issue in that. Joining a higher grade pay job is what all humans desire for. And if you are getting one you should certainly go ahead with it.
    For this, you need to have a few points clear in your mind.
    First of all, you should have the idea that the next job you are going to join is not only having a higher pay but also a high reputation than the previous one. I mean to say clearly that you shouldn't leave an administrative job and go for a lecturership job just for an increased pay scale.
    Secondly, you should know whether you may be able to adjust with the new job and other colleagues at this age of your life. You may find many individuals younger in age and senior in post. They might not treat you in a cultured manner. At such instances you need to be cool and patient. You must not stop working for the boss' s orders. If you can tolerate all this, you may go ahead.
    Third, you should also focus on your family. The new job you are going to acquire must be in an area where your family can live with you easily. At this point of age you must be in need of your family later or sooner. No one thrives without family. We need them so think about them as well.
    Last but not the least, don't resign till your selection and appointment or training letters are confirmed and received. Under some situations government may take time to give joining to novices. Once you receive the joining instructions you may proceed with resigning. However you may verbally tell your trusted boss about your selection taking him into confidence so that he can help you out if stuck which not usually happens in government jobs.
    Government jobs have a security every time. So leaving one and joining the other isn't a typical task neither it is harming in any way. All you need to have is harmony with the new joining job. The only thing when you can be a little annoying is about the formalities of resigning and joining, which happens every time and you need to tackle them patiently.
    All the best.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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