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    How can one reduce the use of eyeglasses or eyeglass power?

    Ever wondered how to reduce the power of spectacles? Searching for tips to keep the eyes healthy and always have clear vision? You can get all the advice you are looking for, on this page from our ISC experts.

    Many of us are wearing eyeglass from years and the advice that we received by our eye specialist was that "if you wear your glasses on a regular basis, your power will reduce" but for years, we have seen it increase. Can our experts provide some ways or methods by answering the following questions:
    1. How can we reduce the eyeglasses number or eyeglasses power?
    2. What is the eye exercises that will help us reduce the wear of eyeglasses?
    3. What are the scientific and ayurvedic or homoeopathy medicines that are helpful to reduce the wear of eyeglasses?
    4. Kindly give some home remedy or tips to eliminate the wear of eyeglasses or to reduce eyeglass power?
    5. Some useful tips to keep one's eye healthy and vision 6/6.
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  • The eyesight will be changing from time to time and we have to get it checked regularly and accordingly we have to change the glasses. Even though you are wearing glasses or contact lenses, there are ways to reduce your power by following some of the mentioned points.
    1. vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, and zinc are good for your eyesight. So see that your diet will have the items which are rich in the above ingredients. pumpkins, carrots, dark leafy greens, and sweet potatoes are good for eye health.
    2. Some eye exercise is good to try them. Some of them are as given below.
    Warm your eyes for five seconds with warm palms. Repeat the same for 3 to5 times.
    Circle eyes in both directions. Repeat the same for 10 to 15 times.
    Hold a pencil at arm's length and start focusing on the same. Slowly move the pencil towards without changing your focus on that object and bring it to about 6 inches distance from you. Redo it.
    The above activities may improve your vision and decrease your numbers.
    3. While working try to keep your eyes closed for one-two minutes every half an hour so that your eyes will get the required rest. Please have a minimum of 6 hours of sleep so that your eyes will have enough rest.
    4. Smoking is very bad and it will spoil your eye health and it will also reduce antioxidants in the body. So please stop smoking if you have that habit.
    5. Be getting your eyesight checked at least once in a year and accordingly change the glasses.

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  • The eye is the most important organ of the body through which we see the nature and the world. It is important to take care of the eyes. Some important tips for taking care of eyes are as below:

    1. Always take the diet which is rich in Vitamin A. You should take carrot, radish, green leafy vegetables, etc. on a regular basis. If you cannot take Vitamin A in your diet, you can take the tablets of Vitamin A on the advice of a physician or an opthalmologist.

    2. Antioxidants are very necessary for the well functioning of eyes. So, the diet which is rich in antioxidant is necessary. Green vegetables, fruits, fish, etc can provide you antioxidants. You can also take tablets for the same.

    3. Homeophathy has a very good medicine but you should contact a good homeopathy consultant for the same. He will observe you and he can prescribe you the proper medicine. In homeopathy, medicine is decided by your psychology. Dr. will ask you some questions and on the basis of your answer, he will take your case and will decide which is the best medicine for you.

    4. Exercise is necessary for the eyes. Proper rest is always essential. You can do a simple exercise which I do daily. Fill your mouth with water, then take some water in your right hand and clean your right eye with this water. Repeat this activity for 11 times. Now take water in the left hand clean the left eye, also repeat this activity 11 times. You will find good results within a week.

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  • 1. How can we reduce the eyeglasses' number or eyeglasses power?
    Generally, this is not happening, except when the reason is of a temporary issue which gets cured or remedied.
    In such cases, glasses may not be needed further or needed only reduced power glasses.
    2. What are the eye exercises that will help us reduce the wear of eyeglasses?
    Doctors will prescribe specific exercises for specific issues. For general purpose Suryanamaskar is useful
    3. What are the scientific and Ayurvedic or homeopathy medicines that are helpful to reduce the wear of eyeglasses?
    As said earlier, if the problem is a curable one there are medicines in Ayurveda as drops, intake medicines, or as external 'lepnanam' (like kajal application). However, many medicines retard cataract growth or prevent the worsening of certain eye-issues. There are also many preventive and immunity giving medicines that help to keep eye-health and hygiene.
    4. Kindly give some home remedies or tips to eliminate the wear of eyeglasses or to reduce eyeglass power?
    Proper food and sleep habits, doing Suryanamaskar, balanced diet, avoiding strain to eyes by reducing exposure to bright lights, computer and mobile screens; keeping right posture while reading and writing, keeping head and food protected from extreme weather, taking a regular bath and oil bath as per home tradition, etc can control the pace of wear-and-tear of the eyes.
    5. Some useful tips to keep one's eye health and vision 6/6.
    If already there is a need to correct vision, then it is not reversible in most cases. Spectacles have to be used. For those who are having healthy normal eye-sight the tips in the previous paragraph will be useful.

  • We remain under the impression that once we start using eye - glasses, the power of such glasses would increase with the progress of time, but this does not hold true. we need some sort of discipline, vigorous walking on daily basis and intake of nutritional items beneficial for eye healths.
    Now let us take up the questions raised by the author and resolve the issues one by one.
    1) How can we reduce the eye glass number or eye glass power?
    This can be done by giving sufficient rest to eyes. Hence to achieve the same, we need to take enough rest in night not less than eight hours so as to avoid the excess strain on the eyes. If using computers at a stretch, we need to take some break for at least ten minutes in between to prevent the dryness of eyes.
    2) What is the eye - exercise that will help us to reduce the wear of eye - glass ?
    Eye - exercise plays an important part in improving in improving the eye vision. We need to allocate at least ten minute time for the eye exercise recommended by the ophthalmologist or the eye - specialist.
    A simple exercise for the strengthening the eyes could be blinking our eyes more often and should focus on the distant objects for long time. Such an approach on regular basis could be benificial in relaxing our eye nerves.
    3) What are the scientific and Ayurvedic or Homoeopathic medicines that are helpful to reduce the wear of eye glass?
    Ayurveda recommends the frequent use of Almonds on the regular basis. Take five to six Almonds and soak them in a little water overnight and use the Almond after spilling the hard outer shell and its regular use would help in strengthening the vision because of its high Magnesium content apart from abundant amount of Vitamin A essential to maintain healthy vision.
    Even the use of Triphala Churna for at least twenty days in each month during night after the dinner would help to restore good vision. Take one tea - spoon of Triphala Churna with some amount of hot water half an hour after the dinner.
    In Homoeopathy, there are number of medicines such as Natrum Mure, Phosphorus, Physostigma and those medicines should be used as per guidance of the Homoeopaths in the suitable potencies as suggested by the doctor.
    4) Kindly give some home remedy or tips to eliminate the wear of eye glasses.
    Unfortunately, there cannot be total elimination of wearing of the eye - glasses, though through the Ayurvedic or Homoeopathic approach, we can arrest further deterioration of the vision or even, there may be considerable improvement in our eye sight but the elimination of eye glasses is nearly impossible.
    5) Some useful tips to keep one's eye healthy and vision 6/6-
    1) We should go for the vigorous walking for at least half an hour in the morning.
    2) Engage in Surya - Namaskar or any other yoga recommended by Yoga - teacher.
    3) We have to maintain healthy BMI with some exercise and taking healthy foods devoid of excess oil and spices.
    4)We should manage both your blood glucose level and blood pressure within the normal limit.
    5)We should drink green tea on the regular basis since they contain photochemicals essential to restore good vision.
    6) We may include Kiwis, Straw Berry, Oranges, Grape fruits in your breakfast to enhance VitaminC and other essential nutrients to boost up our metabolism.

  • Eye is the most important part of our body and we have to take care of it from all the angles. Nutritive food intake, proper use of eyes while reading or writing for long hours, regular exercising, specific eye exercises, etc are some of the main things that are to be followed in a strict disciplinary manner and then only we can hope to maintain the energy and vigor in our eyes. It is a myth that by using eyeglasses the eye power would restore back. It might happen in a few cases due to certain combinations of eye lens and ovality of eyeball issues involving the changing lengths between the lens and the retina but otherwise, it is a rare phenomenon. So in general the power of eyeglasses would only increase to cope up with the degrading eye conditions. However, if a person follows a disciplined life and follows a good diet enriched with dairy products or Vitamin-A then the eye power might remain at a particular level and not degrade further. The detailed pointwise answers to the query are as below -

    1. It is not possible to reduce the eyeglass number but with good food habits and disciplined life one can keep them maintained and check and stop further deterioration.
    2. There are many eye exercises prescribed by the ophthalmologists and Yoga teachers but one has to learn it from a proper Guru and undertake them for a stipulated time. Eye is a delicate part and we must not expose it to rigorous exercises.
    3. There are many remedies available in the market which boast for reduction in eyeglass power but I have reservations about their claim and many ophthalmologists may also agree with it. However, there are some general preparations in all types of medical systems which use some basic ingredients to keep the eyes lubricated and to that extent they are useful for the eyes because if the eyes are kept lubricated the damage due to frictional movements of eyelids would be minimal. In Ayurveda, there are some unique formulations which are based on the extract of many natural materials and diluted for use as an eye drop. I have personally benefitted by them much and have used them frequently as they keep the eyes wet and cool but again they are not proved in reducing the eye glass power.
    4. There are some methods prescribed in our scriptures like walking on the green grass in the morning, seeing towards a focussed object with concentration for a few seconds and then repeat it a few times, moving eyeballs in circular ways a few time and all these are attributable to the muscular exercises of the muscles around eyes creating good flow of blood in the region resulting in effective performance of the eyes.
    5. Taking diet rich in Vitamin-A and other nutritive foods is advisable to strengthen the eyes. Eating foods like Fish and dairy products is also recommended.

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  • If you are wearing glasses so far, it is good to check up with eye doctors and get tablets /drops to enrich your eye power. Otherwise once you start wearing a spectacle you will be in a position to change the power of spectacles every two years once in normal cases. Otherwise as advised by the eye doctor. To enrich your eye power normally you can take good fruits, milk etc., regularly. It is also advised to keep seeing the light of a lamp for some time without blinking. Similarly morning seeing the sun without blinking for some time is also good.
    Above all it is said that good training is given in Aurobindo Ashram pondicherry which makes one to throw away the glasses if wore. Please refer the website for more information:

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