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    Abstract data types are a boon to computer programmers. Discuss the validity of this statement

    Are you finding concepts difficult in computer programming? Have query about the validity of abstract data types? Check out this Ask expert page for answers to your query.

    Please explain fully in proper and suitable answer.This question is in data structure.I don't understand what is the meaning of this question.
    "Abstract data types are a boon to computer programmers". Discuss the validity of this statement using sufficient examples.
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  • Before understanding how it is a boon for the programmers let us first try to understand the basic concept of Abstract Data Type (ADT). It is defined as a class or type of data and its behaviour is defined by a set of values and a set of operations. The data might belong to a particular group or combination of groups. For example a set of positive even numbers is a class where each number is even and has a particular characteristics. It can be divided by 2. If you add 1 to it then it would become an odd number. If you multiply any 2 even numbers the result is a number which belongs to the same class. So, this is a simple example but shows how the data items in a class or group behave and are related under an operation. Then there are certain operations which cane executed on these data items and they would behave accordingly. The word 'Abstract' is used here because in the ADT framework the user need not to know how these data would be stored in the memory and how the operations would be implemented. He only knows that a particular function would implement the operations. So, all those actions are hide from the user and hence the word abstract came into being.

    The programmer uses this ADT architecture using programs for data management at element levels like inserting data, retrieving data, deleting data through ADT framework. Programers generally use 3 types of ADT structures in their program and they are - List ADT, Stack ADT, and Queue ADT. Depending on the way the data is stored and can be called back these ADTs are exercised by the programmer in his programme. So, ADT concepts make the programming easier for the programmer and he can write the programme in that particular manner. Hence if ADT mechanism is helping a programmer in that manner then it can be said as a boon for him.

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