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  • How long need I wait for a job after registering with the Employment Exchange?

    Have you registered with your Employment Exchange and are you waiting for a call from their side? Do you have queries about the role of employment exchanges? Would you like to know about the other options available to you? Follow this thread to get the answers.

    I had registered myself with the National Employment Exchange and got the registration card during 1995-96. But I have not yet got an interview call letters or joining letters from the employment exchange till date. I have been renewing my card and enquiring about vacancies but have been repeatedly told that I would be informed when any vacancy that fits me arises. On the other side, I get to see advertisements for job vacancies in different categories almost daily. What might be the reason as to why I have not got a call from the employment exchange? What is the role of employment exchanges? Can I apply for a job otherwise?
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  • Not everyone can get throught emplyment exchange. Some of the employers get data from employment exchange and give jobs to registered persons. But there is no guarantee for employment.

    Sometimes government issues unemployment allowance to registered members.

  • There are about 900 employment exchange offices in our country in different states and UT. Generally people would register in one of them near their residence in town or city. You might have registered there. Now if any vacancies are there the organisations would send it invariably to these employment exchanges and they would in turn intimate to the eligible candidates. The purpose of these employment exchanges is to help the candidates to apply for certain jobs quickly or directly attend the interview as they are short listed by the exchange itself. I do not know with what level of efficiency these employment exchanges are working and what is the level of computerisation and online facilities in them. You might be aware of that. Have you anytime checked your status online in their portal or you are waiting for a snail mail to come to your address. This is a point you have to clarify before we can really help you in the matter. It is really surprising to note that you have not get any call so far. I think you have to check whether your registration is intact there or not. Sometimes a small mistake can make blunders in the system and you would be waiting for the call but your name is not in the queue.

    Just for your information they are supposed to call you even for the low menial posts well below your qualification. I remember in 1972 after my post graduation I got registered in employment exchange as job condition was off fully bad that time. I used to get so many calls for small posts also mostly which I ignored. There is something wrong somewhere and please go to that exchange and check it physically or online if you have that facility. If you provide us more details we can help you in lodging a complaint with the concerned Ministry also as it is a serious matter.

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  • Registering your name in Employment exchange is in your hand. Afterwards, when you receive a call nobody knows. I registered my name in Employment Exchange after My M.Sc in the year 1978. I used to get it renewed without fail till 2000. I never received a call. I think I received one call for a clerk post but I never attended that.
    Many jobs are not being filled through Employment Exchange. Even all government Jobs are also not filled through Employment Exchange. Separate notifications will come and we have to apply for those posts as per the information given in the advertisement. Private organisations have to inform Employment Exchange about the vacancies but there is no rule that they have to fill the post from these candidates only. Just they will inform but fill with the candidates whom they like. This is very common.
    I think this registration is only useful for getting unemployment allowance if any being given by the government.
    Don't wait for any call from them. Place your CV on some job portals like Also, see the various advertisements and apply for the post which suits your qualifications. Never depend on these exchanges to get a job.

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  • The role of Employment Exchange is to provide employment if registered through Emploment exchange and to provide the gainful Emploment, Emploment Exchange was formulated in May 1960. Up to 1975, the role of exchange was praiseworthy since they used to send the names of the registered aspirant to the employers and in turn, the interview calls were despatched among the job seekers.
    These Employment Exchanges were explanatory to the Ministy of Labour for the smooth functioning providing the datas of registration of the job seekers and percentage of the candidates benifited through the exchange.
    The function of the Employment Exchange was affected considerably after 1980 onwards since there were no more vacancies in the Public Sector Undertakings in relation to the job of clerical nature, Electricians, Fitters, Riggers, Turners etc and hence their roles too dropped. For the executive posts, demands of the employers were fulfilled through the open advertisements flouted in the leading News - papers.
    However, it is always better to get your name registered in the Employment Exchange since larger Public Undertakings and even the Private ones seek the names of the eligible candidates for a particular post through the Emploment exchange.
    In order to get a job of your choice, you may go through the following routs as well -
    1) Make an attractive resume detailing all the relevant details such as qualification, experience, your academic and job highlights fitting to the specific job requirement are to be included and approach a job consultant having reputation in this line.
    2) Go through the leading News - papers wherein you would come across numerous vacancies for which you will be matching as per their demands. You will straightway approach the Employer in order to get jobs.
    3) You may approach Naukari. Com or other similar platform so as to get a job of your choice with the payment of minor commission fixed by the consultant.

  • Employment exchange is a puppet these days you wont get any employment opportunities information by registering in employment exchanges. Nowadays for any job including government services, notifications getting issued in newspapers and seeking applications in online mode. But in government services job applications they keeping a column seeking employment exchange registration number so as to know whether you got registered or not, making a criteria for compulsory registration. Same like you till now i too did not got any employment offer call letter from employment exchanges but have heard that there in past until 90s all call letters were sent through employment exchanges at times of less candidates with highly education qualification.

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  • Employment Exchanges are used as a tool to select candidates by organisations. Some technical posts are being filled in by the organisations, that too some organisations not by all organisations. Registering with employment exchanges is not a wrong one and mere believing offer through them is absolutely waste of time. Unless otherwise the organisations send the requirement list to the employment exchanges, they cannot offer by their own. Most of the organisations are not sending their requirements but they do their selection their own through advertisement. The right way is the establishments even private organisations can approach the employment exchanges for the list of candidates registered with them,call for interview and select the candidates. As far as you concerned you can keep renew your registration with the employment exchange and if any government vacancies arises your name get priority over others. Besides this you can apply by your own by seeing advertisements in newspapers or by telling your friends and relatives for a job.

  • There will be a long list of candidates registered for employment. Some of them would have got job in private organisations or small firms or other ways like self employment, daily wages, contract jobs etc. They might not have informed the employment exchange about their getting job.
    Not all job vacancy is filled through employment exchange recruitment. Though there are certain guidelines in this regard not all are properly complied.
    Employers do not prefer recruiting through employment exchanges as that will be time consuming and they may not get proper candidates as per their requirement also. Some people even though they are shortlisted and selected by employment exchange, do not join the job as the job may be far away from their homes and the remuneration may not be sufficient.
    All these cause delay in getting vacancies suitable for the registered candidate.
    So my suggestion is not depend for vacancy coming through employment exchanges. As it is almost twenty five years since you registered I presume that you might have got employed somewhere. Moreover, you might already have surpassed the maximum age limit for some jobs. Hence now you try for suitable job advertised or announced in newspapers and social media sites. You may also approach some god recruitment agents in major cities and town near your place.

  • Thanks giving to all expertise, I will again going to the employment exchange for renewal my cards. But I confused hare that is lunches few years ago and the news papers are not gives free in markets. So, I unable to collections the News for jobs and my age is higher for some vacancies, and can't apply legally. I have already lost my times of life winch is can't recover again. Thanks again to all and our government.

  • Employment exchanges have a huge number of people registered their names for job intimations. Whenever they get job information from Govt channels or their own sources, they would inform to the eligible candidates for the same. Even if one single eligibity criterion is not met for example age or percentage marks in the qualifying exam then they would not call such persons. You can check these aspects by comparing your eligibity vis-a-vis the requirement in the job advertisement. From that you can find the exact reasons of the lack of call to you for such a long time.

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  • Ups and downs are a part of everyone's life. We should not tie our hands and get disheartened. There are so many jobs which expect the senior persons to handle the responsibilities.

    Employment exchange is just to register our name for employment but only a few can get opportunities through it. Most of the employers give an advertisement in the paper and call for interviews to select the best out of them.

    Since you are already in ISC your problems are much simplified. If you are interested to work within India go through this link jobs section of ISC to choose the best opportunities which are already collected and explained in detail by many of our authors.

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