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  • Confused in choosing career in B.Com and medical field ?

    Are you having confusion between choosing B.Com and Medical field? Interested in knowing how one can change from PCB to Commerce for graduation? Find responses from experts here for all your queries.

    I am PCB 12th student. I am really confused in which field I should go.
    My father told me to take PCB in 11th but at that time I had my interest in commerce sector. But because of my father's suggestion I just took PCB.
    Now I want to pursue my career in B.Com. I am so worried after passing 12th from PCB can I do B.Com? Also what difficulties i will face?
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  • Hi,

    Everyone will have confusion in this stage for choosing the career-related studies. Since your a PCB student, its very important that what level of knowledge you have in Commerce and Accountancy. These two are the major for a B.Com student and if you know these, you can choose B.Com as per your interest. Else, you can choose a course related to your PCB subjects and proceed with those career options. I hope this will help you a bit.

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  • If you have an interest in Commerce you can definitely go for B.Com. There is no issue. But you should read the commerce subject of 10th. 11th and 12th classes and you should be ready to understand the commerce subjects that are being taught in undergraduation. So take some time and the subject before you join in the college. Take the help of a good tutor and learn the basics of the subject.

    You need not go through the entire syallabus but ask the tutor to teach the important topics which are necessary for following the degree course. Then it will be Ok for you. After completing your B.Com, you have many areas where you can go for higher studies and will give you plenty of chances to have a better career.

    After B.Com you can go for MBA or CA or ICWA or CompanynSecretary course which will give you excellent career prospectus. Immediately start learning commerce subject and apply for B.Com when the notiifcation comes. As you have interest in the subject it will not be very difficult for you to do well.

    always confident

  • What you have done till now is okay and there is no serious problem due to that. There is still an opportunity and ways to pursue further studies as per your choice and interest.
    You have now completed one year of studying PCB subjects. How do you feel about the PCB subjects now? Are you able to learn easily and also perform in tests and exams conducted till now? Did you learn commerce subjects-Accountancy etc- in your classes up to tenth? If not what made you feel you are interested in the commerce sector?
    From asking the above questions yourselves you will get an idea which can lead you to know your interest and pursue as per that.
    Personally I felt ha a basic education in Science can help to give an analytic mind that will help you in any further studies too. So PCB up to 12th is not waste.
    You also discuss with your father and know why he has asked you to make PCB. He may have some idea in his mind about your further studies and scope f career. He may have an intention to send you to some professional courses like Medicine etc. So sit with him and have a frank discussion. You can convince him why you are interested in one or disinterested in another. If you are equally confused even now, but you feel you can manage any subject with your hard work.
    "I am so worried after passing 12th from PCB can I do B.Com? Also what difficulties I will face?"
    If after a proper discussion and considering all aspects if you choose to go for B Com then it is okay and welcome. Many students had done that earlier and they could do well in their further higher education or career. The main issue you will have to cope up with is you're not studying Accountancy etc in 11&12. So lessons in those subjects in B Com class may be a little difficult in the initial stages. But if you take an earlier decision, you can attend some private tuition or even a self-study to cover the basics. You may also discuss with your B Com class lecturers too to their opinion ad direction and support in this regard. Even otherwise it may not be much difficult if you are interested and study well.

  • Since you have studied science subjects physics, Biology and chemistry, it is better to move for Medical, medical technology etc., as they are science related courses. In case you opt for B.Com, it is first of difficult to get a seat as you are a science based student. If you however, catch a seat in B.Com, how will you cope up with new, entirely new subjects other than science? If you are very strong in your B.Com seat and have confidence in getting a seat without difficulty, you can do one thing, that is you can pursue Accountancy course in Department of Technical Education, conducting in some technical institutes where Typewriting, Shorthand are instructing. You can pursue this course, though not for examination, during the vacation period that is between the 12th standard examination and B.Com college reopening. If so, you can have some knowledge about the Accountancy and the admission would also be easy by seeing your additional certification.

  • This is of course a critical situation because you lack interst in PCB in your current class twelve but it is the insistence of your father for taking up such subjects. This situation of ambiguity would not help you ultimately and firstly you need to take the rout of self introspection analysing the merits and demerits of each combination.
    PCB is your combination in your class twelve and you are fully aware of the course materials. With your sound concept in such a combination, you can go in the medical lines after facing the entrance test in the Medical. The second option could be your persual for any one of such courses such as Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbilogy in your graduation level and your success would depend upon your attitude and passion.
    Now you say you have fascination with the commerce stream. Let us investigate the course of structure of B.Com including Accountancy, Finance, Economics, Bussiness Administration etc. apart from a language paper say English. What are the subjects for which you have some special inclination ? In this context, I would like to add that without the fundamental grasp of Mathematics dealing with Differential Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, Vector, Integral Calculus and so on, it would be difficult to go ahead with the subjects included in the B.Com course. Analyse each point critically before you come out with a final decision.
    Once, you are clear with your thoughts, initiate a dialogue with your father and put up your views before him regarding your choice. Mind it either of the courses is not easy or difficult and your success depends upon your interest, aptitude and your intense passion for either of the combination. Convince your father that commerce stream would suit you most.
    In the meanwhile, look out for a tutor providing you inputs in the commerce stream especially Mathematics
    Yes, you can persue B.Com course but for that you will have to meet the admission committee of the different colleges and you may be considered if there exists a vacant seat.

  • It is said and is true also that a person achieves success in his field of liking and interest. This is a very important point because for success the mind and heart should work in the same direction. Due to the parents insistence you have selected science subjects in your higher secondary but you are mentally not in sync with this stream. So, do not worry as it is not too late and things can be corrected at this stage itself. One thing which is also very crucial and worth pondering at this junction is that whether your interest for commerce stream is a matured inclination or simply a infatuation of young minds. This also we have to find out before you really move to that stream after completing your XII. The crucial question is how to find it. It is a simple method but requires some hard work and efforts from your side. You have to join a part time private tutorial coaching centre for learning commerce of class XI and XII level. I understand that this would be a bit heavy on your schedule but there is no way out except it. You will have to keep going your PCB studies and over and above this load would be there. I would not say it as a load as it is your subject of choice and you should happily embrace it. What will happen by doing this is that within a few months you would know whether commerce is your cup of tea or not. If it is, you win in getting your interest and liking thing affixed to your academic life. If it fails, God forbid, stick to the PCB line and make a magnificent career in science stream itself. If you work hard, career would open for you everywhere. There is no substitute of hard work. Commerce as well a science areas comprises of a large number of sub streams even out of which students start selecting their choice. So this concept of interest would remain even after you complete your studies either with science or commerce. Today we are in age of specialisation and decisions to select your interest out of the available options would always be there.

    Coming back to acquiring of basic commerce knowledge along with the present PCB course, if it is satisfactory and fulfilling your ambitions then you should switch to commerce line in your under graduation course. Please remember no subject is tough, if you undertake it with challenge of learning and enhancing knowledge. Having interest is one thing but that would not fetch any good result if commensurate hard work is not accompanying that thought process.

    I have got real life experiences in this regard and just to encourage you I would like to share it. When I was doing my intermediate with PCM, my distant cousin was also in that class but he had no interest in that stream and was somehow attending it under parents pressure. I saw him writing some Hindi poems on the previous day of examinations. The result was already known and he failed miserably in exam. He requested his parents to allow him to do class XII with Arts (humanities) subjects. Next year he passed with some average score but everyone felt happy with that. He did his graduation in humanities with good score and then in Post Graduation got a position in the university. He became lecturer in a college and retired as the head of the department in the concerned university.

    We should have interest and liking in something that is a good thing but we must pursue it wholeheartedly and sincerly.

    Knowledge is power.

  • thank you for all your support in my query .
    But after reading all the reviews I get that I don't have any knowledge in accountancy and finance , what should i do now .
    Can you suggest me in which field should I go where I can job in my own way. I really don't want to under someone, I believe in hard work with my own efforts , I can do work for some working experience but after that I want my success with mine efforts and hard work

  • It is 100% percent true that person can progress only in that field in which having interest. So, at first everybody should know their liking and disliking before choosing any subject. Oftentimes it is seen that parent want to fulfil own dream through children.Till now, you have studied PCB that is not bad. Still, you have lot of time to pursue subject of own interest. If you are having interest in commerce subject then go ahead with them. I think subject does not matter what you are studying . If you work hard in any field definitely you would get success. There is no lack of opportunity in any field. Opportunity is available everywhere whether it is science or commerce. Initially before opting commerce stream once you should go through 11 and 12th std commerce for clearing basic concept. Then you would at ease studying these subject. If your parents insist you to join further science subject then try to keep open discuss and convince them .
    As far as job opportunities is concerned, there are lot of vacancy available after completing such as CA, ICWA, company secretary. Company secretary is considered as very smart job in commerce sector. Moreover, there are many good job opportunity available for which time to time application are invited in newspaper. For more queries, you can browse internet for commerce subject only.

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    Your consecutive query is the realisation of the fact that so far though you had some interest in commerce and accountancy subjects but seeing your present efficacies in that you are hesitant to go ahead. Sometimes we cannot cope up with our interests. There is nothing wrong in it. A person wants to be a good singer but his or her voice is not adequate for it. He has to leave that dream and concentrate for something else. You are telling that you are ready to do hard work and can do any amount of efforts to achieve your goals. It is good as this is the killer instinct required for success in our lives. Let us now come to the options available for you at this juncture.

    First and foremost, if you have already learned academic things in the present PCB stream then pursue it rigorously for a medical or scientist or teaching or administrative career as all lines are open after completing class XII and then either going for medical or doing graduation and simultaneously preparing for administrative competitive exams or exams for positions in banking or PSU or private organisations. All success doors are there waiting to open for the hard working candidates. You have mentioned that you can do hard work but not very agreeable to work under someone. This is somewhat strange because in our careers there are chains of positions and we have to climb them with our hard work and sustained efforts. We have to work under some authority as well as some people have to work under us. How can we break that chain? If you insist to work independently then I would suggest that private medical practice is one such thing where you can practice on your own in your clinic and if you are good in your work people would come to you seek treatment and suggestions. You can also think of starting some business also after having some basic qualification say graduation. There are many opportunities in the business arena and you have to choose something which interests you and is in demand in the market. You can even become a reseller in some big online store like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra etc.

    There are some common career options which people usually pursue like teaching, pharmacy, medical, office assistant, PSU executives, bank clerk and PO, Railways, lecturer in university, consultancy, legal, administrative services, police, armed forces etc. So one has to choose from this plethora of options available. Whatever you choose, hard work and persistent efforts are definitely the key to success.

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  • sir, has you say that if some how I want to start my own business, then what qualification I needed,

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    I am happy to see that you are so much concerned to make a career in life may be an independent one like owning and running a business. If you think that business arena would give you freedom to work on your own and you can work hard then there is no point as why you would not achieve success in that. As regards qualification, there is no stringent requirement of qualification for doing business, though some people would advise that one should do MBA if one is specially interested in starting a business. I do not think in those terms. It is not necessary to do a MBA for starting and succeeding in a business. Another thing is in today's competitive world where everyone is qualified we should also attain some minimum qualification say at least a graduation degree whether it is useful in our business proposition or not. Tomorrow if you succeed in your business and attend some meeting with the highly qualified people and dignitories then it would look a bit embarrassing if you are not even a graduate. So, some minimum qualification is a must. It gives us a status in society.

    Knowledge is power.

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