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  • Remedies and precautions for Athlete's foot (Valam Kadi)

    Having a query about athlete's foot? Looking out for remedies online? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you ample advice with details of causes, symptoms, precautions and remedies here.

    AS it is the monsoon season, I have always faced the common skin fungal infection of the feet or in between feet toes and fingers. In Malayalam, it is called Valam Kadi and in English, it is called Athlete's foot or tinea pedis. For some it is fine but at times it is very painful and itching. I would like to know more about it, like:
    i) What is the cause and Symptoms of the Athlete's foot (Valam Kadi)?
    ii) What are the remedies for Athlete's foot (Valam Kadi)?
    iii) Can you provide some home remedies for it?
    iv) What precaution should be taken to avoid the Athlete's foot (Valam Kadi)?
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  • It is a fungal infection and generally starts between the toes. When we use very tight fighting shoes and when our feet become very sweaty this problem may come.

    It is a scaly rash and will cause itching, stinging and burning. It is a contagious decease and will spread via contaminated floors, towels or clothing. This more or less similar to ringworm and jock itch.

    The rash will begin between the toes. Itching sensation will not stop you from reacting to it after you take off your shoes and socks. In some cases, the rash may have blisters or ulcers. We may feel dryness and scale may be there on the soles and may go up the side of the foot. The infection maybe there are no both the feet and it may appear on your hands also.

    You may take the following precautions to avoid this.
    Don't keep your feet wet. After washing immediately dry it with a dry cloth and you should take special to dry between the fingers and toes. Don't use any footwear when you are at home and let your feet get as much air as possible. If you have the habit of sweating, you are advised to change your socks at least once if not twice a day.
    Use lightweight shoes and better to use shoes with good ventilation. Never go for shoes made of synthetic material,
    It is better to have two pairs of shoes and wear them on alternative days. Don't go with footwear outside. If you are in wet places try to use waterproof sandals. Try to apply antifungal powder on your feet. Never borrow or give from or to somebody.

    For this problem generally over the counter antifungal powders can be used. But even after using for some time if there is no use try to visit a doctor. If you have the sugar problem and if you got infected with this, you should see a doctor and you should not rely on self-treatment with the over the counter medicines.

    Home remedies:
    Tea tree oil is useful for this, If you apply this oil on the infected area continuously for 10 to 15 days this problem will come down.
    Neem oil and neem leaf extracts are also useful for this. You have to apply this on the infected area daily for 2 or 3 times for about two weeks.
    Garlic is also a good remedy for this. Take 5 or 6 Garlic cloves and smash them and apply two or three times a day on the infected area. The problem will come down in 6 to7 days.
    Best home treatment for this is to soak your feet in warm sea salt water for 30 minutes or so. Then dry your feet using a dry cloth and clean between the fingers also. My brother adopted this method and got cured within 10 days.

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  • Any antibiotic cream which is oily in nature can be applied regularly. Since water stayes for some time regularly the skin gets affected and pains. This problem is mainly when the feet is in water for long durations. Keep it dry as much as possible.
    You can also apply coconut or castor oil. Place a small cotton balls in between the toes to reduce the risk of rubbing while you are in movement. When the skin peels the pain is very severe.
    The remedies suggested are home remedies experienced personally. It also depends on your skin type. It it persists consult a doctor for better support.

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  • Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that generally starts between the toes. Tight shoes and sweat discharge are said to cause this. This condition causes itching and burning. This infection can also be gathered on contact like using a common towel etc. Anti-fungal medicines are available to give relief in this condition. The infection can recur again and again. This sometimes looks similar to eczema also. Sometimes small blisters are also formed at the place of itching. It is advisable not to touch the affected parts or scratch it with the fingers as it can extend to fingers also.

    One has to take care in keeping the feet dry and clean to contain and end this skin condition. Always remember to dry the toes after a bath. Socks are to be changed frequently. People should avoid going to water logged places. Wearing thick jute or leather shoes is advisable. Synthetic material, which is generally cheaper, like vinyl or rubber, is to be avoided. Inside the house one can stay barefoot and that would help. Never share a shoe with someone. It is unhygienic to do so.

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  • When a person's foot is infected with the tinea fungus then the condition of Athlete's foot is created. This virus is generally present in a warm and moisture condition like the environment in locker room floors, swimming pool dressing rooms, washrooms having showers and continuous wet floors etc. It is a contagious fungal virus and can come to one's feet through various direct or indirect contacts with various surfaces where it is already present. A person can get it through direct contact with an infected person or by touching the contaminated and moistened surfaces. The chances of getting it are more for those persons who are habitual of walking barefoot in public utility places, showers and swimming pools, sauna baths, sharing socks/shoes/towels and other such items with other people one of whom could have the infection, wearing tight shoes with socks, having sweaty feet, not keeping good hygiene, keeping feet wet for longer times etc.

    If a person has got this condition then he would have certain symptoms which are characteristic of this particular infection and he would feel itching and burning sensation in his toes or soles of his feet. Sometimes blisters are also formed on these itching sites and the person might feel uncomfortable and many times scratch them which in fact deteriorates the condition further. The itching and stinging feeling at the toes is really unbearable and creates a lot of inconvenience to the person suffering from Athlete's foot. In some cases the toe nails are also affected and start crumbling and become lose in their place.

    The doctors cannot just tell by seeing the site of infection whether that is some eczema type of condition or some skin problem or Athlete's foot. So, they would go for a detailed test known as Potassium Hydroxide examination. In this the sample of the site by scrapping some small part of skin is taken and then is treated with potassium hydroxide which dissolves the normal cells but keeps these fungal cells untouched and now the pathologist can see them under microscope in details.

    In modern medicines this condition is treated with the help of anti fungal drug chemical formulations like miconazole, terbinafine, itraconazole, fluconazole, clotrimazole, butenafine, tolnaftate etc. Different drug manufacturers make them under different brand names. These preparations come in various forms like powders, sprays, ointments, and lotions.

    There are many home remedies and natural prescriptions that are useful in this condition. Some of them are -
    1. Soaking feet in salt water or diluted vinegar helps in drying up the blisters.
    2. 50% solution of tea tree oil is seen effective in healing this condition.
    3. Neem oil is having excellent anti fungal properties and helps a lot in this condition.
    4. The extract of crushed garlic cloves is also found very useful in this condition.

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  • This was and is a common type of issue especially or those working on wet and dirty places and on cow sheds etc. It is also experienced by people who sweat more especially those wearing covered shoes for long time. It is a fungal infection.
    I remember seeing my mother suffering from this in my child hood. At that time we had cows in our home and mother used to work related to feeding them, bathing them and cleaning the cowshed. Even our backyard used to be wet and mushy especially in rainy season.
    She used to apply turmeric powder mixed in coconut oil. She also used to keep her feet in mild warm salt water or some time and then dry the feet and toe. I also used to see her applying a ground paste of Neem leaves and turmeric.
    If left untreated the infection will spread and it will be very uncomfortable in appearance and may wedge deep and cause much pain to the person.
    The first remedy is to discontinue working in unhygienic conditions. Then the person has to keep the felt clean and dry. Then the person has to apply anti fungal medicines. They are available in powder form, ointment and even as sprays or drops. One can visit the doctor and the doctor may prescribe the most suitable medicine. If the infection is chronic it may need intake of internal medicines also for some time.
    To prevent infections, the person should wash the feet and hands with soap and water like carbolic soap immediately after the work. The person working in wet and slushy conditions may use gumboots so that the toes are protected from mud and dirt wetness to prevent such infections. Sports person and those working for long hours wearing shoes should change and clean the socks every time and wash them using good soap and antiseptic liquids.

  • Here is my explanation in relation to the queries asked by the author. The answers are indicated point wise below -
    1) Atheletes foot is due to the manifestation of tinea fungus growing on the foot. This is sometimes contracted through a person already infected with this fungus which multiplies in warm and moist environment.
    1) Itching, tinging and bursting between toes and soles.
    2) Blister could be seen on the feet.
    3) cracking and peeling skin on the feet.
    4) Discoloured thick and crumbled toenails.
    5) Dry skin on the soles.
    2) Remedies-
    There are various tropical medications effective in curing this disorder and this medication should be taken as per advice of Physician-
    1) Micronazole ( Desenex)
    2) Terbinafine( Lamisit AT )
    3) Clotrimazole ( Lotrimine AF)
    4) Toinaflate ( Tinactin )
    5) Butenafine ( Lotrimine ultra)
    Dose and the period of continuation of such medicine is to be decided by the physician.
    3) Home Remedies -
    1) Tea tree oil having the concentration of 50 percent can be used for effective treatment of Atheletes foot.
    2) Apple Cider Vinegar provides excellent results in the treatment of Atheletes Foot by you have to ensure that it is highly unpasteurised version containing mother.
    Take half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and add two cups of water in it and shake this concoction gently so as to get uniform texture. Soak your feet for half an hour for at least a couple of days to get permanent result.
    4) Precautions -
    1) Keep your feet clean with the use of some antibacterial and anti fungal soap and keep your feet in dry state.
    2) Put anti fungal Powder on your feet regularly.
    3) Don't share socks, shoes or towels used by others so as to avoid the infection.
    4) Soaks should be used having breathable fibres such as cotton or wools. Synthetic fibre if used should have the capacity to absorb moisture.

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