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  • Can an Indian Google Chrome Incognito user claim $5K from the lawsuit against Google ?

    Facing a query regarding privacy issue of google Chrome Incognito mode? Want to know if an Indian can make a claim for violation of privacy? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    Hey you Google crazy folks out there, here is piece of news for you regarding financial gains and profits. In a proposed class action lawsuit against Google in USA's District Court of Northern district of California. The suit has charged Google for wiretapping violation and privacy laws which is clearly against the interest of its users.

    If you use Google Chrome browser's incognito mode frequently, which assures to browse privately without storing any information regarding your interest and inputs. The lawsuit however states that Google tracks, collects and stores an user's internet surfing history, bookmarks and other credentials no matter what precautions he takes. The lawsuit has demanded as much as $5 million for the compensation. Hence, if you are an ardent Google Chrome browser's incognito mode user, you could be in line to receive around $5K from the lawsuit against Google. My question is, can an Indian citizen who is an avid user of Google Chrome's incognito mode browser, benefit from this lawsuit and claim $5K from Google. Your precise responses are highly desired and welcome.
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  • The incognito mode was introduced basically to ensure the user that his browsing history, cookies and site data, information entered in forms, and any such activity would not be saved by the browser for future record and reference. So, Google Chrome would also not save these things when a user uses it in incognito mode. Interesting thing in this matter is that whenever we install the browser like Google Chrome or any other to that matter then it would ask us to agree for the terms and conditions of usage which is a very long document and some people might be reading that from legal point of view but the gullible ones would simply agree to that and go ahead with the installation of the application in their device. Once you do that then it is imperative that you agree with all whatever is written there in a legal and official language and abide by that if a dispute is raised in a court of law.

    In Google chrome even when you are in incognito mode there are certain things which would be happening like files downloaded and bookmarks created by you would be preserved and your activities would not be hidden from the websites you visit. Your employer would know what you are doing and where you are visiting. So the browser would not store your activities but your activities are open to the web to a larger cross section. It is slightly fearful but is the truth of the internet today. Now we have to go through the terms and conditions and see how Google chrome had circumvented these things there. These companies release a document after legal advices only so such elementary mistakes would not happen which today appearing as a blunder on the part of Google chrome if this law suit goes against them.

    Please note that the lodging of law suit itself depicts that there is some ambiguity and confusions regarding the issue and only after detailed deliberations it can be found who is at the fault. The world wide web is more transparent than that of what we presume about it.

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  • When you use Google Chrome in Incognito mode the server won't save your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms. The files that you downloaded will be kept as well bookmarks you have created will also be kept. It says that your activity is visible to websites you visit, your employer or the internet provider. Once they see how it will become a private mode.
    Google is very careful in forming its rules and regulations, terms and conditions to the user in such a way that they will not be at risk. So it is very early to think that the suit will be winning in the courts. The lawyer from Google made it very clear that they never go against the policies and the strictly say what they follow.
    Once the result of the suit comes out we can understand who will get that amount and how to claim that. It is still a long way to go. Let us wait and watch the case.

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