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  • Everything about reproduction or conceiving a child.

    Do you have a query about reproduction or conceiving a child in humans? Interested in knowing the intricate details to quench your curiosity? Find responses from experts for your query here.

    This may sound weird but during a conversation with friends, all married, a point was raised by one that made me put it in the ask expert section for our experts in the topic to clear the doubt or give an answer about reproduction or conceiving a child in human.

    1. As of now, many are opting for same-sex marriage and start living as a couple, is it only a male and female that can reproduce or even Male-Male or Female-Female reproduce?
    2. As males have gamete or sperm and female have the egg or ovum, is both necessary for the reproduction or can be done through only one form through test-tube?
    3. When women have periods to clear the dead eggs, what about the men who produce millions of sperm cells every day?
    4. How is a baby conceived through test-tube?
    5. When and which is the best way/day to conceive for a couple?
    5. Any other information, men and women should know about reproduction or conceiving a child?
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  • A male and a female combination can only reproduce. Male- Male combination and Female-female combination can't give birth to a baby.

    Even for having a baby through IVF that is generally called test-tube baby also require both gamete or sperm form the male and the egg or ovum from the female.

    The sperm will be produced as and when required and it is not going to be stored in the male.

    The process of having a baby through the test tube is having five steps.
    1. Injectable hormones of GnRHa and gonadotrophins will be given to the female to promote synchronous growth and maturation. HCG will be injected to her, 1.5 days before they collect the eggs.
    2. The fertility specialist collects eggs from the woman's ovaries following all the precautions as per the laid down procedures.
    3. On the same day, a fresh semen sample from the male will be collected. Both the samples will be sent to the laboratory.
    4. The sperm and eggs are mixed together in a Petri dish. The above petri dish with the mixture will be placed in an incubator for a few days. The specialist checks for signs of fertilisation and monitors the growth of the embryos.
    5. Two or three embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman by a specialist and the growth will be monitored.

    By having sex on the 15th day of the period of the female the couple will have good chances of conceiving. An egg lives for about 12-24 hours after being released.

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  • Here is my explanation of the different queries raised by the author and the readers should go through these explanations enlisted below point wise -
    1) Reproduction cannot occur between the two same sexes. In order to initiate fertilisation, both the parts sperm ejected from males and the egg released from the ovum should meet each other under the favourable condition so that fertilisation would take place.
    2) Both sperm cell and egg would be necessary for the reproduction process. Experimentation by taking sperms and eggs through the test - tube method can be carried out with the close supervision of the specialist.
    3) The sperm cell would be ineffective in case it does not meet the active egg.
    4) A test tube baby is the result of successful human production resulting from methods in which sexual activity by means of intercourse is not permissible between a man and a woman. This utilises medical intervention manupulating both the egg and the sperm cell for the successful fertilisation.
    5) The chances of pregnancy is quite favourable in the days around ovulation which might be the 15 th day after clearance of menstrual cycle. On that day there is possibility of ovulation following the release of eggs from the ovary.
    The eggs remain active for 12-24 hours after its release and if coitus takes place coinciding the release of the egg, pregnancy will take place.
    6) a) The male partner should take special precaution to abstain from alcohol and smoking so as to have healthy sperm and this will facilitate conceiving.
    b) Males should take roughly 1 gm of Aswagandha Churna of a reputed Pharmaceutical during night followed by warm milk after half an hour of the dinner for 45 days at least prior to planning to parenthood.

  • As of now, many are opting for same-sex marriage and start living as a couple, is it only a male and female that can reproduce or even Male-Male or Female-Female reproduce?
    Yes, in the conventional sense of normal natural reproduction, as of now only male-female conjugation only can result in reproduction. However in artificial reproduction the male-female direct physical contact can be avoided and he male sperm and female egg can be united to cause reproduction.
    As males have gamete or sperm and female have the egg or ovum, is both necessary for the reproduction or can be done through only one form through test-tube?
    Under sexual reproduction both sperm and female egg are necessary for reproduction by for artificial reproduction in animals. The research is still going on.
    When women have periods to clear the dead eggs, what about the men who produce millions of sperm cells every day?
    The process of removing the expired sperms and producing fresh sperms are continuously going on in men also. But there are no externally noticeable symptoms or discharges.
    How a baby is conceived through test-tube?
    The sperm from male and egg from female is extracted and allowed to fertilise in laboratory under monitored conditions. The fertilised embryo is then inserted into the uterus of the female. Then the due stages and process of the embryo developing into a full grown baby takes place inside the woman's womb as usual.
    When and which is the best way/day to conceive for a couple?
    It is purely personal decision. In case of any issues the couple should seek medical help and advice.
    Any other information, men and women should know about reproduction or conceiving a child?
    The general information are available in many popular women's magazine and general magazines and TV and social media. Women can get more specific and professional information from their doctors.

  • Reproduction is an inbuilt mechanism in the animal kingdom for survival of the particular species through generations on this planet Earth. As the life span is fixed the old generations die and new ones take their place. This is the vicious cycle of reproduction. It is the chain that keeps a specific animal or human in this case to genetically transport its life forms to the next generations. There are many mysteries in this area and science is trying to unfathom them one by one. The detailed answers to the query are as follows -

    1. For natural reproduction, male-female combination is required. Today due to technological advancements in medical sciences, artificial reproduction is also possible through test tube baby or getting child through a surrogate mother. Traditionally these things were not possible as there were no methods to go for such artificial methods so the only course of action was the natural copulation between a male and female to reproduce offsprings. Today same sex people are living together as partners but biologically they can not reproduce till they take external help in terms of taking sperms from outside or eggs (ovum) from outside as the case might be. When we say taking from outside it means getting it from a donor and then medically creating an embryo out of it by mixing the both before implanting in a surrogate mother or in a normal mother.

    2. For reproduction both the things that is eggs and sperm are required. The successful fusion of sperm and egg creates a zygote which is the beginning of a new living being. The chromosomes and genetic information in this zygote is a mixture from both the sides and determines as how the child would look like and have other physical and mental characteristics. This process of fusion is the most crucial one leading to an embryo formation subsequent to the zygote stage. If due to some reason no sperm could enter an egg then there would not be any conception during that cycle. If such failure continues for long, the couple would have to consult a doctor for remedial measures.

    3. There are differences in the biology of women and men. After the copulation if the woman conceives, she has to keep the embryo in her womb till it becomes a full fledged baby to be delivered after an approximate time of nine months. Her hormone secretions are different than that of men. She has a cycle of creating eggs and destroying them if not used. Menstrual cycle is unique to women. It has a purpose of dealing with the reproductive cycle. Men have no such responsibility and mechanism of carrying a child inside them, their hormone and other chemical secretions are different. They have a source of sperms in a continuous way and there are no cycles for it. They are only participating in the initial phase of reproduction and then their part is over and rest is taken care by mother.

    4. In a test tube, for embryo making exercise, what the doctors do is mimic the process of copulation that takes place in the uterus between egg and prospective sperm. Necessary hormones are also injected in the woman's body before taking the egg for fertilisation. The sperm sample is collected from the male and then these two would be kept at certain temperature to create same conditions as inside the uterus of the woman. When kept like this the egg would be fertilised and after some time embryo would be formed. This is then to be transferred to the uterus of the woman for that long time of nine months during which it turns into a baby.

    5. In normal cases the woman would easily become pregnant if no contraceptive measures are used. This is a natural thing and happens easily in healthy couples. It is a very very normal thing. If after copulation a woman does not conceive then it is an abnormality and medical help is required. The reason could lie with male or female but it has to be investigated before going for any treatment for conceiving. As per the egg release cycle in woman the 14th day after the start of menstrual period is the best time for conceiving as that is the time of release of eggs from the woman's ovary towards uterus through the small thin fallopian tubes.

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  • Mr Varghese, I am trying to provide the answers to all the questions asked by you in ask expert section:

    1. Reproduction is a process through which every animal and plant produce their offsprings. There are different types of reproduction vegetative, asexual and sexual reproduction. In vegetative reproduction, a body part produces a new offspring. Generally, vegetative reproduction is possible only in plants. In asexual reproduction, only one parent can produce his offsprings. The main types of asexual reproductions are budding, spore formation, fragmentation, etc. Asexual reproduction is found in plants and lower animals. In sexual reproduction two parents are necessary, they form gametes and after fusion of gamete (fertilization), a new offspring is produced. Sexual reproduction is found in higher plants and animals like angiosperms and human being. So, a male and a female is necessary for reproduction in human being.

    2. Male gamete is sperm and female gamete is the ovum. When these gametes fuse they form a zygote. The fusion of gametes is known as fertilization. The fertilization is necessary for sexual reproduction. The fertilization in human is taken place in the oviduct. In test-tube bay the fertilization is taken place outside the body ( in a test tube). So, for test tube baby the two gametes are essential. Without these gametes, test-tube baby is not possible.

    3. No such type of any biological process is found in the male.

    4. Some times fertilization not possible in the oviduct inside the body. So, Ovum of mother and sperms from father is taken out of the body. Then, the fertilization is taken place outside the body in a test-tube. After fertilization, a zygote is formed. This fertilized egg or ovum is transplanted inside the uterus. The female gives birth to a child after 9 months as a normal condition. Since the fertilization is taken place in the test tube, hence this is called test-tube baby.

    5. The best days for the fertilization is 14-19 days after mensuration period. The ovum reaches to the oviduct and waits for the fertilization in these days.

    6. Every one should study about reproductive health for more information.

    Hope you would be satisfied with the answers.

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  • The answers to all your questions are as follows -

    By now, many people are opposing same-sex marriage and start living as a couple, is it only a man and woman who can procreate or even a man-man or woman - women can procreate -
    This type of relationship is possible in humanity and emotional form but scientifically there is no possibility of having a child in such a relationship. Adopting another child is the best option for this.

    2. Just as males have gametes or sperm and females have an ovum or egg, whether both are necessary for the reproduction or can be done only through a test-tube form - IVF ie in vitro fertilization artificial insemination. Is a technique. With the help of this, the childless couple can also get child happiness. In this, after fertilizing the female's eggs and the male's sperm together in the laboratory, they are transferred to the woman's womb. This process is also called Ambrio culture and test-tube baby.
    IVF carries out major screening of both men and women. In a woman, FSH, LH, TSH, etc. do sonography to check the reproductive hormones along with the condition of the uterus and genitalia. In addition to genetic testing and egg count (AMH) test, men perform sperm analysis and perform sperm count. BP examines the kidney and liver.

    How a child is visualized through a test tube -

    Procedure to conceive IVF -

    Stop the first step menstruation
    For at least 2 weeks, menstruation of women is stopped by giving injections of medicines, because it cannot be conceived while menstruation is going on.

    Second step - superovulation
    In the second stage, where ovaries make eggs, they are given fertility drugs during ovulation. Which contains fertility hormones, causing ovaries to produce more eggs than normal.

    Third step - scooping eggs
    Eggs made in Owerri are taken out by a small surgery due to the fertility hormone. In surgery, a thin needle is carried through the woman's vagina to the ovary, in which the suction pumps placed next to the needle pull the egg out.

    Fourth Step - Insemination and Fertilization
    In the fourth stage, the ejected eggs are placed along with the male sperm, a process known as insemination. The sperm starts to fertilize when it goes inside the egg. When the egg is completely fertilized, it takes the form of an embryo. This process occurs with all eggs removed from the woman's ovary.

    Fifth step - putting Ambroyo in
    In the fifth stage, all embryos are tested and the best embryo is selected. If not one of all the embryos is strong then more than one embryo is inserted in the womb of the woman. The embryo is inserted into the woman's uterus via a thin tube through the vagina and slowly begins to take the shape of a child.

    A few days after all these steps, a test tube baby is born.

    The best way to get pregnant for a couple is when / what day/day - correct information about ovulation, it is associated with periods. During this time, having a relationship is most likely to conceive. The ovulation cycle begins seven days after the period and lasts for seven days before the period. This time is also called the fertile stage.

  • Here is the answer of the different question raised by the author as follows:-
    1. many people are indeed opting for same-sex marriage and living as a couple. But, male-male and female-female can't reproduce offspring. For reproduction, the male and female meeting is required. Without male and female fusion, it is not possible to reproduce offspring.
    2. Due to advancement of technology, artificial reproduction is done through test-tube where male gamete or sperm fuses with a female egg inside a test tube. After that, when it becomes zygote then get entered into the female uterus for being a complete form of a baby. Test-tube baby is not 100% successful. It proved to fail in many cases.
    3. The best time to conceive is on 10th day of the menstrual cycle. Women can easily be pregnant during this period as ovulation starts.
    Women play a major role in the process of reproduction whereas, men take the only initiative role.

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