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  • How do I get job after doing Marine Engineering

    Want to know how to get a job after studying marine engineering? Searching for detailed information regarding the best jobs and companies for the marine engineering domain? Find suggestions from experts here.

    A 12th class student asked me about IMU CET and he wants to know that what are the chances that he will get a job after doing Marine engineering? How does a student get work after marine engineering? And which companies recruit marine engineers? What type of job is this and can a marine engineer go for any other job( if then what type of jobs he can do)?
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  • Marine engineers are engineers who are specialised and skilled in the design, construction, and maintenance of vehicles and structures used in the water atmosphere. This technology and techniques are useful to construct cruise ships, oil platforms, and harbours.

    In India, many colleges are offering graduation on this subject. Students who did their Intermediate or 12th class with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are eligible to get admitted into this course. They have to qualify in the entrance test and based on your score in the qualifying examination and on the rank you obtained in the entrance test you will be allotted a seat
    The following are the career options:
    1..After completing BE/ BTech in Marine Engineering the candidate can get selected as a fourth engineer or third assistant engineer in any ship. This job will involve your stay on the ship for many months.
    2. Engine production firms, shipbuilding firms, research bodies and ship design firms will be recruiting these engineers.
    3. The Indian Navy is also having posts for the qualified marine engineers.
    4. They will have jobs in ports.
    5. They will also have jobs in the production facility where the ships and the components required for the marine-related products are manufactured.
    6. Directorate General Shipping of India will also have posts for marine engineers.
    7. IT companies recruit marine engineers also like other branch engineers.
    8. Some consultancy companies also recruit marine engineers.
    9. Marine Engineers can also join Engineering colleges as a lecturer in the concerned subject.
    10. They can do B.Ed and join as a teacher in the schools.

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  • Marine engineering is the branch of engineering that involves the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the ship along with the nautical architecture and science which includes steering, anchoring, cargo handling, HVAC, and even the responsibilities would include the operation and servicing of pumps, compressors, boilers, power generation and refrigeration equipment, etc.

    Q: What are the chances that he will get a job after doing Marine engineering?
    A: There are plenty of career opportunities in the field of marine engineering but like any other profession or field the job will depend on your skills, specializations and ability. Some of the jobs include construction and maintenance of ship or boat or vessels, in public or private shipping companies as a Trainee Marine Engineer, Junior Marine Engineer, third assistant engineer, fourth assistant engineer, Dock Engineer, sales engineers, structural engineer, submarine designer, Marine Equipment Designers, engineering managers, Onshore Marine coordinator, etc.

    Q: How does a student get work after marine engineering?
    A: Considering the present-day scenario, getting a job after marine engineering is very tough and competitive as many students are going for this course and there aren't enough ships to place them on board. One of the best ways to get a job after completing the course is to get admission in the top colleges as they help in getting campus placement or one needs to have some reference in the shipping companies.

    Q: Which companies recruit marine engineers?
    A: The type of companies that recruit marine engineers are: Shipping companies for their Cruise, Oil & Gas or Off-Shore Energy companies for their Port works, Transport companies for Dredging and Deep Water Berth for Cargo services.
    Some of the companies that recruit Marine Engineers are EUCON Shipping and Transport, BP Shipping, Maersk Shipping Company, Shell Ship Management, Norse Merchant Ferries, Carilsbrook Shipping, The European Maritime Agency, Irish Ferries, etc.

    Q: What type of job is this and can a marine engineer go for any other job( if then what type of jobs he can do)?
    A: There are many other options for a Marine Engineer like Maintenance engineers in Hospitals, Hotels, Power stations, Pharmaceutical Companies, Petrochemical Companies, Port Security, Port Engineer, Technical
    Services Advisor, work in shipyards or drydock, Marine workshop, etc. You can even opt for all government services based on your graduation certificates like UPSC (IES/ IAS), SSC, CGL, PSC, Bank PO, CDS (Combined Defence Services Exam), etc. You can even become a surveyor or a professor in any of the Marine engineering institute.

    Note: I have attached a pdf sheet uploaded by the Cork institute of technology that will provide you all the answers you require. The title of the pdf is "Your Degree in Marine Engineering…What Next?".

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  • Marine Engineering is the branch covering the studies dealing with design, development and maintenance of the equipments used in the sea and on the board sea vessels such as boats, ships etc.
    Marine Engineers are responsible for designing on board system such as Mechanical and Electrical System, Propulsion System including Gas Turbine, Diesel Engines, Nuclear Reactor etc. They would also look after power generation, refrigeration, compressors, boilers etc operating in the sea.
    How does a student get work after Marine Engineering?
    While considering the present scenario, job opportunities after acquiring the degree in Marine Engineering is tough since the pass outs are more than the numbers required for the engagements in this sectors. This can be tackled effectively if admission is taken in some reputed institutes such as
    1) Indian Maritime University, Chennai.
    2) International Maritime Institute, Noida
    3) Tolani Maritime Institute, Mumbai etc
    These institutions have the tie ups with the employers of the shipping companies and with your best performance in the Marine Engineering course, you would be placed in any company provided you are selected in the final interview headed by the team of the companies.
    Which companies recruit Marine Engineers?
    Marine Engineers are absorbed in Shipping Companies, Oil and Gas off shore Companies , Transport Companies, Deep Water Births etc. Some of the leading employers offering jobs for Marine Enginners are -
    1) Maritime Agency
    2) Irish Ferries
    3) Shell Ship Management
    4) Norse Merchant Ferries
    5) BP Shipping etc.
    What type of job is this and can a Marine Enginner go for any other job( If then what type of jobs he can do?
    Yes a Marine Engineer is capable of undertaking maintenance jobs in the different industries such as oil and refineries, power plant, electrical and mechanical maintenance in the hospitals etc since such inputs were covered in their courses of studies.
    Apart from this, they can go for the jobs of other public undertakings with the clearance of GATE with impressive percentiles. They get two additional increments in their pay scale as an incentive for clearing the GATE.
    The other way is to persue M.Tech with tge impressive percentile in the GATE and later they can join as a lecturer in a constituent college provided they qualify NET conducted by CBSE.
    They would be eligible to write IAS papers and with their dedicated efforts, they can qualify this examination. They can also go into the allied services such IPS, IFS, Customs Services, Sales tax etc provided they qualify.
    If they wish, they can go ahead with the probationary officers examinations of different banks both public sectors and the private ones with the guidance of noted professional institutes.
    Even in the IT sectors, they can have the jobs of Software Engineers in case they show their impressive performance in the interview.

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