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  • How to get internet in Computer by connecting a Reliance Jio SIM having Smartphone

    Do you have a query about connecting to internet on a mobile phone? Looking out for detailed procedure to make he connection? Check out this Ask Expert page for answers to your query.

    As these days we can get internet at any place with Smartphones and different internet plans. Here I would like to know from experts how can I get internet in my Personal computer with a Smartphone having Reliance Jio SIM with internet data card. Want to know how to connect with cable and without cable.
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  • Internet tethering is nothing but sharing mobile internet on desktop or laptop. The mobile data will be used on your laptop or desktop in this process. There are many ways to connect the internet to the Desktop or laptop using Jio Smartphone.
    The generally used ways are

    1. USB tethering: The items required are
    a. A USB Cable
    b. Mobile phone having internet access
    c. the PC or Laptop

    Follow the following steps.
    1. Take the USB cable
    2. Insert one side of the cable into the port provided on your phone.
    3. Insert the second side into the port of the desktop. Now your phone and desktop are connected through USB cable.
    4. Now you go to Setting in your phone and from there to Network & Internet and then to Hotspot & Tethering and then to tethering. Turn ON this setting. Now your Desktop is ready with an internet connection and it will ask the password connection as usual and you can connect.
    B. Bluetooth Tethering: You require a smartphone (Android 4.0 or above only) and a pc/laptop with Bluetooth
    Turn on the Bluetooth tethering in your smartphone and turn on the data pack. Now the phone is ready to share your data pack connection to a PC or laptop.
    If your computer is not having Bluetooth support buy a USB Bluetooth. Go to the bottom-right corner of your computer and look for Bluetooth icon and Right-click and select Add a Bluetooth device.
    Now pair your smartphone with windows by accepting in both the devices. Then go to Bluetooth icon in the bottom and select join Personal Area Network.
    Finally, look for your device and right-click on it then select connect using option and select Access point.
    Now your pc is connected to the internet and ready for use.
    C. Wi-Fi Hotspot Tethering: This can be used for laptop only. PC may not be having the facility to connect through this. If you want to use this PC, you should have a network card.
    Items required.
    Android Mobile with Mobile Internet

    Step 1. Take your phone. Go to Settings and then to Network & Internet and then to Hotspot & Tethering and then Wi-Fi Hotspot > Turn it ON. Note down your network name and see the password also.
    Step 2: Go to your laptop. Open Network & Internet and the Wi-Fi and then Show Available Networks and then Connect with the mobile network using the same password as you saw on mobile.

    You can try as per your availability and requirement.

    always confident

  • The first requirement is that your phone should have Mobile hotspot and tethering facility. Generally most phones today have this facility. Your phone will receive internet from the data connection on your Jio SIM and function as a transmitting WiFi modem .i.e. it becomes a Mobile Hotspot. Alternatively you can use a suitable USB cable and connect one end to your Smartphone and the other end to your computer. This is called tethering.
    (A)Connecting with cable:
    Take a suitable USB cable (depending on the connecting port in your phone and the connecting port in your computer) and connect one end to the phone and the other end to the computer. Generally the charging/data cable given with your phone may be suitable.
    Then, tethering facility has to be activated in your phone. For this go to Settings, and then
    Choose "Connections" or" Data " or 'Networks" (as per your phone model ) and the select 'Mobile hotspot& tethering' or any similar worded )and then put ON 'USB tethering'. You have to ensure that your mobile data is also ON. Now tethering is activated in your phone. The Computer will be detecting the phone and depending on the computer model may need some more configuring or authentication. Once that is over, your computer will be getting connected to internet using the data connection of your Jio Sim.
    (B)Connection without Cable: There are two ways: Bluetooth tethering and Mobile hotspot for this.
    1. Bluetooth tethering:
    Here the Bluetooth in your phone is used to connect internet to the computer. In case your computer does not have the inbuilt facility for Bluetooth, you may have to add a USB Bluetooth adapter to the computer. This may need configuring initially as per the models. So ensure that Computer is ready for Bluetooth reception.
    Open Bluetooth in your phone. Go to settings and find following the prompts in phone and computer. In the computer open settings and choose Bluetooth devices. Here you may have to add your phone device using 'add Bluetooth device' select your phone under that and continue by pairing as per prompts.
    Once the phone and computer are paired, you go to Bluetooth tethering from Bluetooth setting in your phone and turn it on. Ensure that your mobile data is on. In the computer go to Bluetooth and select 'Join personal Area Network'. From there click 'Connect" and ' Access point' or 'direct connection' as per display there. Now your computer will be connected to internet through your phone via Bluetooth. You can check by opening browser and searching sites.
    2. Using Wi Fi hotspot(Mobile hotspot)

    Like in previous events, select Settings, Tethering and hotspot, then activate Mobile Hotspot/WiFi hotspot/portable hotpot (as per your phone model) by turning ON. You may need to do some configuring if the hotspot does not turn on after putting ON. You may have to give a name to the hotspot for identification in the computer and have to give a security password.
    In the computer, go to settings, Network & Internet and WiFi. If you click on 'available connections' you can spot the hotspot name given by you. Click on that and click connect. It will ask for the password you have created in your phone. Give that and click connects. The net is now connected.
    All these procedure can be carried on by clicking on the WiFi icon on the screen and proceeding from there.
    Though at first it may appear complicated once you are familiar it becomes very easy. Once started further use will be just easy from the shortcuts and icons. The settings menu names and sub menus names may be worded differently in different models.
    Using USB connection will give more speed. Next will be Bluetooth. It is better to have unlimited data connection in your phone. It is also better to mark your phone connection as' metered connection' in your computer WiFi settings to save unwanted use of costly data.


  • I am providing you with the best and simple method to connect your PC with the internet of your smartphone. The stem of connecting PC are as follows:
    1. If you have a laptop then there is no problem it has wifi. But if you have a PC then purchase a wifi dongle from the market which costs only Rs. 200. Install this dongle is your PC.
    2. Now, open your smartphone and go setting. Enable wifi hotspot.
    3. In your PC, you will find an option that connection is available.
    4. Click here and you will find the name of your smartphone. Click it, it will ask you the password.
    5. Enter the password. ( You can find the password in the wifi hotspot setting)
    6. The inter will start in the PC. Enjoy it.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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