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  • What are the benefits of Tulsi leaves

    Have a query about usage of tulsi leaves for health purpose? Want to know how to use the leaves effectively? On this Ask Expert page you can find suggestions from experts.

    Tulsi leaves (known as Ocimum sanctum L) are well known among the herbal products. This one help for healthcare too. We might know only few health cure from Tulsi leave but not all. What are the benefits of Tulsi leaves? How to use it effectively? Tulsi tea good for health?
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  • Tulsi leaves are treated as very pious by Hindus. They worship this plant as a Goddess. It is also having a very good usage in Ayurved also. There are many uses of this plant in the ancient science of medicine called Ayurveda. There are two varieties in it.
    1. The Lakshmi tulsi. It will be in green colour.
    2. The Krishna tulsi. It will be in a purple colour.
    Both of them are used as medicines. The uses are.

    1. It is used as a cleansing, purifying and detoxifying agent.
    2. It will cure many skin diseases. You can eat the leaves or apply the paste on the skin.
    3. Many skin diseases like itching, ringworm etc will be cured by oral application of the leaves.
    4. Tulasi will have antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties. So can be used in many cases.
    5. These leaves are good for chronic bronchitis, asthma and other diseases.
    6. These leaves are good to strengthen immunity and digestion.
    7. These leaves are having phytonutrients, essential oils, Vitamin A and C
    8. It is good to control blood sugar for diabetics.
    9. These leaves are beneficial for those who have kidney stones.
    10. It will be useful to maintain normal levels of stress hormone and cortisol in the body
    11. These leaves are insect repellants. They will be good to treat insect bites.
    12. It will help in hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue and swine flu treatments. They will support other medication in curing these problems. Fever will also come down with these leaves.

    These days we are getting many herbal trees which are good for health. Tulasi tea is very good medicine for common cough cold and other related problems

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  • Tulsi is a sacred plant for Hindus. Most houses may have a "Thulasithara" in their front yard in front of entrance door. Thulasithara is a raised platform where the Tulsi plant is grown. Many traditional Hindu homes still have the practice of placing a lighted lamp in the evenings in front of the Thulasithara.

    Tulasi is given a prime holy religious position and almost essential as our ancestors knew its importance.
    Tulsi leaves have anti microbial anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Consuming a little Tulsi water (water in which Tulsi leaves have been put) regularly is known to be a preventive medicine. It was knowing this property of Tulsi that a traditions of giving Tulsi theertham ( Holy Tulsi water) in temples to the devotees. That ensures their daily quota of a preventive medicine for keeping good health.
    Tulsi water can cure fever, throat ailments .Tulsi is used in most Ayurvedic cough medicines .
    Tulsi has a pacifying, cooling effect. Hence it is worn on hair by women. That helps in removing the bad odour and gives good scent to the hair. Men keep Tulsi leaves got from temples in the place between ear and skull.
    Because of its anti-infective and anti microbial properties Tulsi leaves are placed on freshly cooked food offered as Nivedyam and distributed among devotees.
    Tulsi is used to cure Jaundice. A popular and commoly prescribe branded medicine contained major part Tulsi.

    Tulsi leave bunch if hung at the entrance doors will repel mosquitoes and other flying insects and bring good odour to the room. There is a variety of Tulsi which has a very good aroma of Camphor and that is good for this purpose.
    Dripping a few drops of juice from Tulsi leaves will fast cure small abrasions, boils etc. Smearing them on our body can repel insects and mosquitoes.
    With its Holy and medicinal properties Tulsi is considered as a cure Sacred plant. Due to utter poverty poor Sudama (Kuchela) was known to take only Tulsi water to satisfy hunger and thirst. This proves its high importance and qualities.

  • Since ancient times, Tulsi leaves are being used in the culinary preparations because of its medicinal property to enhance and preserve the aromas of the foods. The following are the health benifits of regular usage of Tulsi Leaves-
    1) Boosts up Immunity - Tulasi Leaves contain Eugenol, Citronellol, Linalool apart from Viamin A and C and presence of such combination in Tulsi Leaves would boost up the immunity of the user's if ingested 8 to 10 leaves regularly in the empty stomach in the morning. Enhanced Immunity would restrict to common disorders such as Cough, Cold and other viral fevers.
    2) It would keep a check on the elevation of blood - pressure since the stress hormones are reduced considerably due to intake of Tulsi Leaves.
    3) Ingestion of 8 to 10 leaves of Tulsi Leaves in the morning and in the evening would take care of your blood sugar level since Eugenol present in Tulsi Leaves helps in release of sufficient insulin to keep blood sugar in the normal level.
    4) Tulsi is anti inflammatory in nature - Due to presence of enzyme inhibiting oils such as Eugenol, Citronellol etc it would take care of inflammation of the body and such a situation is conducive for maintaining heart - health.
    5) Tulsi Leaves have the ability to fight free radical damage. It also protects DNA structure and cells due to presence of Viceninare.
    6) Tulsi Leaves are used in the treatment of ringworm and other skin disorders. For the best results, mix both Tulasi and Aloe Vera juice in equal amount taking two teaspoon each and apply on the affected part twice daily for sometime. You would get positive results.
    7) Tulsi Leaves heals wounds and arrest infection if eight to ten leaves of Tulsi is chewed daily on regular basis. This would speed up the healing process of the wounds due to the leaves being Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antivirus in nature.
    8) Best medicine for cough -
    The combination of Tulsi Leaves, a small piece of Ginger, minute amount of Black Pepper powder and a small piece of long pepper is boiled for at least fifteen minutes and this concoction is subjected to filtration and the filtrate is to be ingested twice daily in the empty stomach to reap its full benifits to eliminate cough problem. This is to be followed for a fortnight at least to arrest the cough issue.
    9) Tulsi Leaves have volatile and fixed oils helping in the fight of allergies and pathogens.
    10) Instead of taking any sedative drug in Allopathy for the restoration of sleep, one must try Tulsi green tea. This tea would pacify the cortisol level and the pattern of sleep would improve within a couple of days.

  • Tulsi known as holy Basil is widely found in the Indian subcontinent and it is one of the plants which has been immensely described and talked about in the Hindu scriptures and religious books. Our ancestors were knowing about this plant and its benefits right from those ancient times. That is the reason that it was considered as the sacred plant and was offered to the deities. Lately, tulsi has got much recognition and acceptance in most of the places in the world due to its immune boosting and other beneficial properties for the human health. Dry basil leaves broken in small pieces are commercially available in almost everywhere across the globe and are being used in various dishes and drinks like tea etc.

    Tulsi is easy to grow and requires a humid and sunny climate like we have in our country. There are two common varieties found in our country that is the green coloured Lakshmi tulsi and the light purple one Krishna tulsi. In Ayurveda and naturopathy tulsi assumes a pivotal role in avoiding or curing many common as well as specific ailments. The essential oils especially linoleic acid found in tulsi are good for our respiratory system. The antioxidants found in tulsi help in many ailment conditions like diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, skin disorders etc. Tulsi powder is used in many herbal cosmetics. Drinking tulsi regularly in tea is an established way for immune boosting. It can be consumed in varieties of ways. Tulsi has immumerable benefits and some of them are -

    1. It is a great detoxifying herb and the regular intake of it would clean the body.
    2. As a cleansing agent it is good for skin either applied in form of an ointment or taken orally.
    3. It purifies the blood and removes the impurities therein.
    4. It is useful in treating issues like ringworms.
    5. It has an inherent anti-viral property and regular intake would ward off cough and cold.
    6. It is a great preventive herb for many ailments and is anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic also.
    7. It is an effective remedy for chest congestion, flu, sore throat etc.
    8. It is a great herb for stress reduction and many people are benefited by this particular property.
    9. If taken in the combination of ginger and black pepper it helps in reducing throat congestion and fever.
    10. It is said that people who take this herb regularly would not get problems like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and pharangitis.
    11. It is great immunity booster along with facilitating good digestion.
    12. Containing essential oils and Vitamins like A and C it is a nutritive source for all those who consume it.
    13. It is useful in controlling the blood sugar and controls it from escalating.
    14. It is also beneficial for teeth and gums and keeps them healthy and strong.
    15, It can protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals.
    16. It is also used for treating conditions like hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, and swine flu.

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  • . Tulsi used for centuries to protect us from many health issues, Its recognition is not only on religious grounds, but also on the scientific parameters, the benefits of Tulsi have been proved

    It has capability to kill the bacteria and viruses.

    Some important use of tulsi are -

    - It helps to boost our immune system,

    - Tulsi has cardio protective properties. Due to these properties, basil can help in keeping the heart healthy, keeping the heart disease away.

    - It also helps to reduce headache, have one cup of tea with tulsi and get a fast result.

    - The benefit of drinking Tulsi water can also be seen in keeping the mouth clean, its antibacterial property can help us to curing odor pyorrhea etc.

    - It helps to reduce acne problem at the same time Tulsi also help to cure eczema and other skin related problems of people.

    - It helps to to cure fever cold cough also.

    There are many benefits of tulsi leaves - whether it is green tilsi or Krishna tulsi both works well.
    You can have tulsi in different ways -
    Take it with tea
    Have leaves directly
    Boil it water and drink this water.

    You can take it in any of them ways as per your choice.

  • Since earlier times, the tulsi plant is known as a sacred plant. It has religious value as well as medicinal value. It is a herbal plant. There is various use of tulsi plant as following:- it is used for anti-bacterial and antiviral purposes.
    It is used from preventing cold and cough.
    It helps in controlling blood sugar level. It helps inbuilt our immune system. So, nowadays corona patient also using this. It helps in keeping healthy teeth and gum.
    It is also used for the treatment of the skin-related problem. Moreover, if you chew some tulsi leaves in an empty stomach regularly then your immune system will improve. Tulsi tea is good for health especially when you are suffering from cold and cough.

  • Tulsi leaves are found in every Indian household. Tulsi, scientifically known as Ocimum tenuiflorum, has immense medicinal and herbal value. It is used to treat various kinds of human body problems. The leaves are used to treat acne and skin related problems either by consuming or using as a ingredient in a homemade facepack. This plant is used in Indian rituals. Many people worship this plant. They have immense faith and respect towards this plant. I have heard this plant can lighten skin complexion. It has an aromatic smell which is not pungent. The leaves when squeezed leave a brown stain as a impression.

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