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  • What are the best brand helmets to buy

    Worried about your own safety on a two wheeler? Wondering what is the price of a branded helmet? Here, on this page you can read the responses from experts.

    There are many brands helmets in the market in a different price. Most of them are well known brands and their price starts from INR 1000 approx to five digits. Which one is the cheap and best helmets to buy? Any suggestion or good / bad experience? (Please don't answer about the local helmet that available for Rs 100 and above).
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  • As per the various reviews in the media and internet, the following brands are the best for use.

    1. Steelbird: This brand is having a global presence and treated as the best brand for the bike drivers. Steelbird, Ares, Steelbird Air & Ignyte are the four types available in this brand.
    2. Vega: These helmets are available in many varieties and available all over India. They have the highest standards of safety and many users prefer this.
    3. LS2 Helmets: These helmets are known for their lightweight and very good strength. These helmets are received very well in the market because of the safety standards they maintain.
    4. Royal Enfield Helmets: Full Face and Open Face Helmets are very stylish and lightweight. These are available in their authorised stores only.
    5. THH Helmets: These helmets are available in different shapes. The rider can select the model which fits them and full-face helmets are also available.
    6. Shoei Helmets: The Japanese motorsport company manufactures these helmets. They are available in almost all the parts of the world and there are premium brands available in this mode.
    7. SMK Helmets: SMK Twister full-face helmets are very comfortable and have all safety features. These are manufactured by Studds in India.
    8. Shiro Helmets: They are from Spain. They are available in India and there are very good models in India.
    9. Axxis Helmets: They are also very safe and having certification of safety and available in many models in India.
    10. Caberg Helmets: They are from Italy and available online for us. Spartanprogear and TVS Accessories are selling these helmets online.

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  • There are some good brands of helmets available in the market. These are manufactured by some reputed companies and comply to the safety standards. Some of these brands are -

    1. Vega - Vega makes strong and stylish helmets. It has many variants like Vega Cruiser, Vega Cliff, Vega Verve, Vega Off Road, Vega Boolean Escape, etc.

    2. Studds - This is also a reputed and popular company and makes quality helmets. It has many options like Full face helmets, Flip-up full face helmet, Flip-off full face helmet, Off road full face helmet, Open face helmet, sporting helmets, and industrial helmets. Studds helmet are popular in many countries.

    3. Steel Bird - This is an old and well established company making helmets in India. They are offering helmets at budget prices. Some of their variants are open face helmets, motocross helmets, full face helmets, flip-up helmets, flip-off helmets etc.

    4. Wrangler - They make low cost good quality helmets which are sturdy and affordable.

    5. Royal Enfield - These are based on British technology and are stylish and sturdy. They are mostly 'open face' type models.

    6. Aerostar - They are good quality helmets in low cost category. If you have a limited budget, you can consider it.

    7. THH - This is a Taiwanese brand and popular in many countries. People go for it as it is an international brand stylish helmet.

    8. Shoei - This is a Japanese brand. It has a unique style and many people go for it. They have good safety aspects in their design.

    9. HJC - They are known for their comfortable and stylish designs. It is a good choice.

    10. L S 2 - They are in premium segment but are a value for money.

    Above are all good and reputed brands for helmets. As per my comparative study I would suggest you to go for Studds Chrome Economy Full Face Helmet.

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  • A helmet is the essential component for the bike and scooter riders. Its main function is to provide osafety in respect of head injury in case of an accident apart from saving us from cold air, dust and insects.
    India has witnessed the evolution of a new segment of branded helmets. Some of the popular brands having wide acceptance from the customer's side are Studds, Steelbird,Aero Star, wranglers, Viva, Spark etc.
    Here a few popular brands being used by Indian customers are listed below -
    1) Vega - Vega was set in the market way back in 1983 and now it is the leading manufacturer of premier helmets. It has emerged as a undisputed leader in terms of maintenance of product quality, design, comfort and process. If we look at the price tags of the products produced by this manufacturer, it is cheaper than other manufacturers available in the market.
    2) Studds - Studds has emerged as the largest helmet manufacturer and it has penetrated even Africa, Europe, North and Latin America etc. The products include Full Face Helmets, Open Face Helmets, Industrial Helmets etc. It's market share has almost reached to the level of 80 percent.
    3) Aero Star - Though the price - range is comparatively cheap, it may be considered for the final purchase because of its endurance and high safety.
    4) Steel Bird - Steel Bird is one of the oldest manufacturer of helmets and its products are known for their qualities and standard. We get a lot of variants from this manufacturer such as full face, open face, off road helmets, Grand Prix racing helmets etc. They produce 32 Helmet Models and each having 3-9 colour variations.
    5) Wrangler- Wrangler is one of the manufacturers providing wide array of helmets such as Motor Cycle Helmets, Bike Hemets, Full Face Helmets, Safety Helmets and more.Hence it would provide you full satisfaction after choosing a variant fitting to your size. They have wide range of variants to fit the taste of individual customers.
    6) SMK Helmets- SMK Helmets are the indigenous products made in India carrying one year warranty. They produce full face helmets with the removable and washable liners for the easy wash purpose at home.
    7) THH Helmets - The products are quite durable, sturdy with the internal cushion design to last for number of years providing you utmost safety at the affordable price range.

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