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    Insight on the scope in Media Psychology.

    Have a query about getting into media psychology domain? Interested in knowing the scope and career opportunities in this domain? No worries, resolve your confusion with advice provided by our ISC experts here.

    I have completed my 2nd year in BMM, and I am confused as to what next !
    However, my vague interest in psychology has led me to thinking of a career in media psychology. As it is a very niche field, I want to know more about the scope and what it has to offer !
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  • Media Psychology is a branch in Psychology. This subject mainly deals with the interaction of a human being with media and technology. This is a recent addition specialisation as the development of new technologies and methods are coming in media also. This media is having a lot of influence on our mindset and it affects human beings a lot.
    The subject is more oriented towards research. These people will interact with individuals and try to understand their reactions to various types of media. They conduct research in various areas. They will make reports based on their research with individuals which will be useful for the media managers to progress in the direction where more people will get attracts. Many of the advertisements we see in the TVs/ Radios/ Newspapers are designed based on the reports submitted by these people only.
    The media Psychologists can get employment in the following fields.
    1.Broadcasting companies like television, radio, and movie studios.
    2. Marketing and advertising firms
    3. Education field.
    4. They will be good at making education materials.
    5. Physicians and hospitals. They may require their help in making self-help and interactive therapeutic media materials.
    6. Researchers in government and private research facilities.
    7. They can have their own firms and help the people as per their requirement.

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  • Media psychology is a branch of psychology representing the convergence of Psycology applicable to Media - technology, Communicationand is art of presentation of behaviour of human being with Media and technology.
    It uses numerous methods of critical appraisal to develop a working model of a user's perception relating to media experience.
    Media psychologist would perform activities including consulting, design and production in various media like TV, Video Games,Films and News Broadcasting.
    Media Psycologist have different jobs as listed below -
    1) As an anchor, they would undertake advertising the message to the people of all ages.
    2) They would like to know effects of violent TV shows and Video Games influencing the socio emotional development of the children.
    3) As a media Journlist having specialised knowledge of psychology, they would explore the way in which negative impact of news delivered in media can be diminished.
    4) Being a Media Psycologist, they would assess the impact of various types of media on people of different ages, genders and cultures.
    Apart from the jobs as indicated above, they can be absorbed in the following areas-
    1) Private practice
    2) Broadcasting companies
    3) Marketing and advertising firms
    4) School, colleges and universities
    5) Government and private research facilities.

  • Having studied Psychology in my college days, I would advise you to convert your vague interest in this subject to full interest in it. The reason is that until you have a deeper interest or passion in a particular stream it is difficult to get accolades there. Anyway, media Psychology is a relatively newer stream and is related to the behaviour of people to media and its effect on the thinking and perceptions of the general masses also. It is an interesting offshoot of Psychology and in the present times when media is too active this brach of Psychology is going to get more and more recognition.

    After completing the course in media Psychology there are some areas where there are ample opportunities to make a career line. Some of the areas are -

    a) Conducting research for a particular company on marketing and consumer behaviour.
    b) Research work in any institution of repute on project based remuneration schemes.
    c) Working for a media house to give feedback and psychological aspects of the programs on the public and viewers relayed by the particular channels.
    d) Can be associated with big game making or website designing companies who want to check their products from psychological angles before releasing them in the market.
    e) Becoming a platform analyst for big online companies for regular monitoring of their channel and its effect on society.

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  • Media psychology has already emerged as a flourishing branch in the modern times as media is getting more and more attraction and attention for not only the business entities but for the political and social organisations who want to reflect their performances and achievements through media. It is imperative that these entities would like to do it in the best possible manner to touch and impress the general viewers and public and in pushing this they would need the help from media psychologists or media managers or other such professionals who have enough experience in handling these aspects.

    There are many good colleges and universities in our country where one can find out the relevant course on media Psychology or media Management and pursue the Post Graduation degree there to make a career in this niche area. Some of the well known institutes in this regard are Chandigarh University; St Xavier's College, Ahmedabad; NIMS University, Jaipur; Modern College of Arts Science and Commerce, Pune; Shri H K Arts College, Ahmedabad; Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai; Madras Christian College, Chennai; University of Mumbai; Amity School of Communication, Noida etc.

    After completing the degree one can search and apply for relevant jobs in the following areas and fields -
    1. Media companies which are engaged in designing newer and newer programs and ideas for impressing and influencing the media .
    2. Media business houses which own media companies and require various consultants and advisers in the mass media management areas.
    3. To do research in the area of media management and media psychology.
    4. Coordination and anchoring work in important mass media group discussions which undertake sensitive subjects for discussion.
    5. To work as an independent media analyst or consultant.
    6. To work in agencies who are engaged in assessment and grading of TV channels and media sites.
    7. They have a role in marketing and advertising branches of the business houses to advise on these matters from the psychological aspects of customers for a particular product or service.
    8. They also have scope of working in big game and program making companies who want to asses and verify their work from the psychological angle before releasing it in the market.

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