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  • Types of Jobs Offered by ISRO to MS Astrophysics students of IIST.

    Interested in knowing about the jobs offered to PG astrophysics graduates? Looking out for the relevant information here? On this page our ISC experts shall provide a list of various jobs offered as requested.

    What type of jobs does a dual BTech MS Astronomy Astrophysics at IIST get when they are absorbed into ISRO? Will there be any jobs as theoretical researcher and scientist. I am very much interested in astrophysics, especially the theoretical part. I have heard that many offers will be for data scientist and other posts related to observational Astronomy.
    Will there be any job offers for theoretical research?
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  • ISRO will have a post Scientists/ Engineers post various discipline graduates in Engineering or post-graduation in sciences. Astrophysics degree holders will also have this post. The fresh graduates will be taken the lowest scientists cader Scientist SC/Engineer SC. After that based on their performance and years of experience, they will get promoted to the next levels. They can be promoted Director level also. All depends on the performance and the rating.
    The students from This institute can be directly posted into various ISRO and DoS centres across the country based on the availability of posts. The students who obtained a CGPA above 7.5 at the end of the course are only eligible for this.
    The students will be allowed to do their internships and projects in various ISRO and DoS centres. Similarly, they can to Internship in International institutes also with whom ISRO has signed an MOU

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  • You can get a job in ISRO provided you have studied in the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology ( IIST) but again there is a condition, your CGPA scale should not be less than 7.5.
    Astrophysics can be undertaken in IIST with the choice of Astronomy as one of elective papers. Astrophysics can be considered a branch of Astronomy dealing with the principals of Physics with the application of Mathematics to arrive at the final results. This branch tends to be more theoretical oriented and would go on extensive studies of the combination of Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and other computer programming. This branch relates to the studies of Physical properties of stars like nebula and other objects of the universe. They would undertake the detailed inherent properties of stars like temperature, density, luminousity, chemical and metallic composition. They make different mathematical models with the computers helping them in their projects.
    Students from IIST have their special preference suiting to their projects and particularly the Physicists have better understanding of the natural law of universe and galaxies.
    They would be required to show their extraordinary potentials in the final interview consisting of several experts.
    Yes, you can proceed your research activities on theoretical basis provided you have strong fundamentals in Physics, Statistics and Mathematics. In ISRO, you would be encouraged to carry on research work.
    The recruited students would sustain their projects in their alloted ISRO centre or DOS centre.

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