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    After completing Graduation in BSc chem want to clear about some courses I want.

    Wondering what to study after BSc chem in the polymer field? Interested in knowing the detailed syllabus for the entrance exam? Here, on this Ask Expert page find answers for all your queries.

    I am in B.Sc. Chemistry now. I want to go further with MSc polymer science as my career.
    I just want to know, is there any entrance to study MSc Polymer chemistry. If there is, can you share the syllabus needed to prepare for entrance? And what are the scopes with Polymer chemistry?
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  • M.Sc in Polymer chemistry provides the studies relating to Chemistry,Physics, Enginnering and Processing with an industrial exposure in the field of Polymers. Polymers play important role since these are used as the functional materials like gears and devices where the Polymers are the indispensable part in their internal structures.
    This field is very much in demand and as such to get admission in the course of M.Sc, Polyner Chemistry, you need to update your knowledge in the areas of Organic Chemitry, Inorganic Chemistry and a good concept of Physical chemistry.
    You must have secured at least 65 percent marks in your B.Sc level but this is not enough, you would be required to pass through the written and oral tests conducted by the admission committee of the universities where you are interested to apply.
    Since the seats are limited, you have to prepare thoroughly taught in degree level especially the branch of chemistry. In organic chemistry, the chapters of Rubber, Polymers, Plastics should be read thoroughly to get through the written test.
    There are a few institutions which can enhance your value while studying in M.Sc in Polymer Chemistry. Such Institutes are noted below -
    1) Calicut University, Calicut
    2) Sri Krisnadevaraya university, Ananthpur
    3) Central University of Plastic Engineering, Bhuneswar.
    In order to qualify the written test, you should have thorough studies of both Physics and Chemistry especially in the area of Physics, you should have fundamental concept of X- Ray diffraction, Electron Microscope, Dielectric Strength,Nuclear Physics etc and in the field of Chemistry, you should have the special aptitude in the Organic Chemistry dealing with polymerisation and plastics.
    Your performance would much depend upon your clarities of the topics and should have good presentation skills before the Board of Interview.
    You will have tremendous opportunities in the following industries -
    1) Food and Drink Industries
    2) In the manufacturing companies such as Chemical and Plastics and Polymer
    3) Pharmaceutical Companies
    4) Energy Industries
    5) Wind Energy Sectors
    6) You can go in for the post of lecturership but in that case, you need to clear NET examination.

  • After completing your B.Sc with Chemistry. you can go for M.Sc Chemistry. In Chemistry, there are many specialisations. Generally available specialisations are Organic/Inorganic/ Physical/ Analytical Chemistry. These will be available in many universities. But Polymer Chemistry course may be available in some universities. The admission will be mainly based on the entrance test only. The details will vary from institute to institute.,
    The following Colleges are offering this course.
    1. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University - BBAU. For details, you can refer, so that all details will be collected.
    2. Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology - CIPET Haldia - Courses. You can refer so that all the details can be obtained.
    3. Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University. Their website is This site you can refer so that all the details can be obtained from there.
    4. Mar Thoma College of Science and Technology. The website of the institute is This college is affiliated to Kerala University. You can see the website so that you will get the details.
    5. MES Keveeyam College: They offer M.Sc in Polymer chemistry. You can write to, They will give you the specifications.
    6. Solapur University: The web site is This will give you all the details required.

    For many other details, you can click on the following link and that page will give you all the details
    M.Sc Polymer Chemistry

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  • Passed with BSc in chemistry polymer science is a good thing and if you are really interested to study further you may pursue MSc Polymer chemistry and on completion you may select teaching profession after completion of M.Phil or Ph.d. There is a good scope for such Polymer science graduates in huge textile industries and chemical industries.

  • Polymer Chemistry (known as macromolecular Chemistry also) deals with the chemical synthesis and understanding of polymers both naturally occurring or made artificially. This is a vast area and there are many fascinating project and research ideas in it. The advancement in polymer Chemistry has helped in inventing artificial polymers like nylon, polyester, plastic etc. So, polymer Chemistry is definitely a fascinating area to pursue and make a career in this line.

    After completing graduation in polymer Chemistry a student can go for 2 years M.Sc. course in Polymer Chemistry and there are some colleges and institutions where this is available. Some of these colleges are -

    1. Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur.
    2. St. Wilfred's P.G. College, Jaipur.
    3. University of Calicut, Calicut.
    4. Central University of Plastic Engineering, Bhuneswar.

    The eligibility is graduation with the relevant subject(s) and admission is based either on the merit of graduation or entrance exam undertake by the university or college. Different institutions have different ways of selection for admission.

    In M.Sc. one would have to study Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry (Practical), Organic Chemistry (Practical), Physical Chemistry (Practical) etc.

    After completing the Post Graduaton in Polymer Chemistry one can have many career lines and some of worth mentioning are as follows -

    1. One can go for NET exam and the opt for teaching line in colleges or university.
    2. There are research opportunities in universities, business entities, Govt organisations etc.
    3. One can choose a particular pharma company where projects are being run in this niche area.
    4. People can even join in plastic and synthetic manufacturing company for work related to these polymers.
    5. One can apply for job in some chemical company related to polymers like providing feed stock etc.
    6. There is scope in food and drink industry.

    There are many job positions in this arena against which one can apply and some of these are -
    Laboratory Manager, Polymer Chemist, process engineer, Organic and Polymer Chemist, Innovation Leader, Production Supervisor, Field Operator (Polypropylene) etc.

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  • Polymer chemistry is a good discipline from a career point of view. The polymer is defined as many molecules having high molecular mass, referred to as macromolecules. As a sub-discipline of chemistry, It concentrates on the chemical structure, synthesis and macromolecules.
    As mentioned above, you want to pursue M.SC in polymer chemistry. So, you can go for that. There are many Institute which offers this course as follow:-
    1. Central Institute of plastic engineering and colleges CIPET, City Centre, P.O. Debhog, District - Purba Medinipur, Haldia, Medinipur, West Bengal.
    2.Chaudhary Charan Singh University,
    Ramgarhi, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 200005, India
    Web:- registrar@ccs university.
    3. Pacific University, Pacific Hills, Pratapnagar Extension, Airport Road, Debari, Udaipur, Rajasthan web:-
    4. Mar Thoma College of Science and Technology
    Chadayamangalam P.O. Ayur, Kollam, Kerala
    Web- mascot
    As far as the admission procedure is concerned, It varies from university to university. Some university conduct entrance test for getting admission whereas, some Institute take admission on the basis of graduation marks.
    After completing M. Sc in polymer chemistry, you can go for various job opportunities which are listed below:-
    1. You can start your career as a production supervisor, quality control inspector and production planner.
    2. You may find employment in the Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Oil India Laboratories, petrochemicals engineering plants, Indian Institute of petroleum etc.
    3. You can apply for NET and make a career in the teaching field.
    4. You can apply for a job in a pharma company. Moreover, there is also job opportunity available in the food industry.
    Apart from these, polymer chemistry provides many job opportunities in different industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, personal care, cosmetics, paints, dyes, inks, food, etc.

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