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  • Live Viewer Counter Setting in wix site

    Want to set up a live viewer counter in wix site? Searching for ready script code which can update viewer entry or exit automatically? Here, on this page find answers from our experts.

    I want to set a Live Viewer Counter in my wix site from where I can access number of viewers online at the time of live streaming. From where I can get the best free html/java script code which updates automatically on any entry or exit of viewers.
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  • There is an app called Wix Hit Counter app. You have to add this app to your site. In the app, there will be a settings Panel. Open this settings panel. Edit the app settings. Then customise the layout and animation. The process can be done as the add will guide you step by step.
    Another alternative is Wix html5 version. It is free and it is a stat counter support You have to sign up on You will receive a code. Log on to your Wix website. Click on My Account. If you don't have an account click on create. Then click on edit. Click on + icon and select the items shown in the menu. Then click on HTML tag icon. Click on mode and a list will dropdown. Select the HTML code from the list. Now paste the stat counter code in HTML code box or embedded code box. Then click on update. You can change the size of the box as you like and then drag to the place where you want to have the counter. Then click on publish. You have to repeat this process on all the pages where you want to get the visitor count. It is easy to install and the site will guide you. In case of any problem, you can get help from the support team.

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  • Most of the people use Wix Hit Counter for this purpose and one has to download this application and add to one's blog site. One can add it to a particular page or all the pages in one's site or blog under Wix platform. One can customise it for looks etc and it would count the number of visitors by increasing the counter by one for each visitor. The hit counter also serves the purpose of a bench mark to show your new visitors as already so many have come here. That is indirectly a marketing tool for the blog owner. While setting the counter one can set the starting number also. In that case it will count onwards from that number.

    Other than this there are some third party applications which can also be used in the Wix site for mounting a counter with some enhanced facilities also. These are Hit Counter app (by POWr) and ClustrMaps (by The first one is customisable and can be used for analytics also to quite some extent like recording and displaying the traffic to the blog site or hired domain under Wix. The second one ClustrMap is also customisable and has more features for analytics and is supported by many features like knowing the visitors interests and times of visit and other salient things like that. ClustrMap is an advanced counter system having analytic facilities for business and product pages.

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