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    I have joined in RRB and after one month I received a letter from Indian bank for document verification. Do I need to take NOC for appearing DV or shall I keep silent as I didn't mention any working experience in IBPS PO application. I have made a mistake in IBPS application so can't risk my employment here in RRB until Document verification goes well.
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  • When you have applied for the PO post in Indian Bank, you are not in a job. So you have not mentioned about this job. Hence you need not take any NOC from the present employer. Go with all other documents and get them verified. You need not mention this present job.
    But once you are selected and when you have received the appointment letter, you have to resign to the job in RRB and get the relieving letter from them. If you join without officially resigning and getting relieved, You will have the risk of losing both the jobs. Is there any service bond with RRB. What are the conditions for getting relieved from that job? You have to fulfil all those conditions and then you should get your relieving letter.
    What is the time the Bank will give you to join and that times the notice period time in RRB should match? All these things you have to address once you get the appointment letter.
    So you can proceed and get the document verification done.

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  • When you joined in RRB and after a month, you got a response from the Indian Bank regarding your document verification hence it implies that you have not made any response while remaining in the present job and as such NOC ( No Objection Certificate) would be required.
    In case, you are asked to be present with all your related documents for the verification purpose during the process of selection, help the officials in this process by producing all such documents.
    Once you are selected for the post of Indian Bank, you would be required to submit a resignation to RRB authorities indicating that you have been selected in the Indian Bank and as such your resignation should be accepted. You will be served a relieving letter provided you clear the dues if any to the authorities of the company. Moreover, you will be intimated regarding your probable date of your relieving. The same is to be communicated to your next employer.
    Even if your date of joining for the next post exceeds the period when you were supposed to join, it would not matter much if you have made an advanced intimation to your next employer regarding your date of joining and such a date of joining has been accepted from their end.

  • Now you are an employee in RRB. However, when you applied for Indian Bank post you were not in employment. So there was no mention of your job then. But now that you are working with RRB, you are under contractual obligations with RRB. You can join another job only after resigning from present job. But the procedure may take some time. So first ensure about the terms and conditions. Just know discreetly or reading from your employment letter how much period notice is to be given for resignation. Is there any possibility to remit money and leave early if needed? Keep it in your mind when you go to Indian bank for DV.
    To be on safe side intimate Indian Bank that you are now working in RRB and will resign from there before joining IB. Enquire and know from them as to the approximate date of joining at Indian Bank. If it is going to be too short for you to get relieved from RRB, then ask them to give you sufficient time. Sometimes Banks allow candidates to join in different batches. Accordingly they can adjust or you have to do needful based on the joining date.
    After coming back, you may confide this matter to a well-wishing superior official. You may need his help also when it comes to that. Usually no one comes in way for someone's better prospects

  • When you are in a job and apply for another job then generally people mention the present job and apply through proper channel so that there would not be any problem of getting NOC at a later time when it would be needed to present it to the new organisation or department where you have been selected. This is the usual mode of doing things and process adopted by most of the people. There is one logic also in this system because when your present department gives a NOC to you it means there is nothing due on you from the present department as well as it vouches a good character in your favour as NOC itself is considered a clean chit in many respects. So, NOC is not merely a formality, it has got some sound footing there.

    In your case the above does not apply because at the time of applying for Indian Bank you were not in RRB position. So question of NOC does not arise. You have not done any mistake. Only thing now is that when you get a joining order from the Bank then you should be in a position to quickly resign from RRB and you must go through the terms and conditions of the RRB job as how much notice period you have to give to them for resigning. If you want to resign immediately whether you have to deposit one month salary and other such aspects so that you can smoothly move to your new job. If you have signed a bond with them then you will have to deposit the bond money before leaving. So, these are the things that you have to focus now.

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