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  • How to become Software Developers

    Interested to know the basic requirement to become a Software Developer. Check this ISC page to know about this from our Experts.

    Many IT companies are looking for Software Developers for employment and as well as for their different client projects' execution. I would like to know the basic requirement for that job. For example, what are the minimum education requirement, expertise in a particular software, salary package and on.
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  • Software developer is basically an expert computer programmer who has expertise in effective coding and has knowledge of other software techniques. If you have an interest and inclination to become a software developer then you must acquire computer engineering qualification preferably from a reputed institute. Learning many computer languages and then learning the latest trends in Java, Python etc would also be taken up by you to meet the challenges of latest coding practices in the industry. After completing your class XII with science stream it would be advisable to go for JEE test. If you perform good then your chances of getting selected in institutes like IITs would be there. Other than that also there are many good institutes and it depends upon your scoring and performance in JEE. So, that is the first option. In case you do not get success in JEE then the life becomes a bit difficult and more competitive as you would have no other alternative then to go for B.Sc. in computer sciences. That is also a good path to choose and subsequently you can go for some PG degree / diploma in advance computer programming where you would learn many facades of structured modern programming practices coupled with cloud computing and other such latest technologies.

    So, after that you have to apply in the industry and search an appropriate job. Please remember your pursuit of learning does not end here as whatever job or project you grab in industry they would have some specific requirements and may be that you would have to learn some other related computer skills for better coding resulting in excellent computer programs. This is true for all the industries and you will have to customise the software product as per the demand of the industry and customer aspirations. It is imperative that you would be required to have a robust knowledge of computer programming and a will to learn latest coding practices and techniques for churning out a better piece of software then your peer groups. IT is a lucrative field and salaries are also attractive but it depends on your knowledge of the programming skills and ability to accommodate quickly to the changing demands in the market that counts today in IT field. I am sure that with hard work and sustained efforts you can do good work in this area and make a fascinating career.

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  • To become a software developer, basically, you should have a good qualification information technology or computers. Then you should have an interest in developing the software. You should interest in computer technology and its applications.
    There are many ways to become a software developer. You have to have a basic degree in computer technology. For this, you can have B.Sc (Computers) or B.E/ (Computer Science/ Information Technology) or MCA.
    Any graduate Engineer can become a software developer, He has to take up a job in a computer-related field and you can do some additional certificate courses in computer technology or languages related certificate courses.
    For this, the first requirement is that you have to complete your intermediate or XII class with mathematics, physics and chemistry or computers. Then you can write an entrance test for getting an admission to an Engineering degree.
    You can write the IIT entrance test, NIT entrance test or State entrance test. IIT entrance test qualification will give you a chance to get admission in an IIT. Preliminaries qualification may give you a chance to get into NITs. EAMCET test will give a chance to get into any engineering college. Otherwise, you can get into any degree college with computer science as a subject. Once you finish your graduation you can go for MCA or M.Sc ( Computer Science). If you want to be a programme developer you have to select an organisation from the computer-related field and join there as an Engineer.
    This is a very good field and there is a lot of scope for having a good career. During this COVID 19 also the IT industry has not suffered much like the manufacturing industry. So concentrate from the early stage of your education and work hard and smart so that you will accomplish your goal of becoming a software programmer.

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  • Software developers are basically the computer Enginners from either IT domain or having degrees from Computer engineering from some premier institutions. However, the other aspirants may fit as Sofware developers for which you need have the following qualifications-
    1) You should have a MCA degree from a reputed institute with some relevant experience in the field of Software developer.
    2) M.Sc in the computer science from a regonised university with a minimum 65 percent marks with the consistent good performance in other examinations followed by at least three year experience as a software developers.
    3) Aspirants from IIT in the field of computer engineering are preferred because of their qualities of innovativeness in the field of software developers.
    4) You must be a graduate engineer with any stream but have earned at least three year experience in the related projects as developers
    A software developer needs the following expertise so as to be successful in his area. A few positive traits indicated below would enhance their prospects in their jobs. The following points may be seen -
    1) Identify the timing of availability of your clients - IT clients are the global clients and so it should be the firm commitment of the web developers to ensure that they provide quality service to their clients as per time zone.
    Time Zone Management is the decisive factor to be a successful software developer.
    2) You must work remotely - You will have to make plan to carry out your activity in isolation.
    Better choose the work from home which is now being practiced from almost all IT industries.
    Skype and Video calling session should be your part of your profile while working remotely.
    3) You must have three important traits within yourself namely Dedication, Practice and Patience.
    You must possess a diary enlisting Do and Don't to be followed sincerely so as to be an efficient developer.
    There are a few points in terms of Do's and Don't Do to be followed -
    1) Maintain the coding standard for any project.
    2) Make your goal clear and to have any clarification, you may switch to the platform of Google.
    3) Your communication should be a two way process since it would provide you the flow of thoughts essential to be a good programmer.
    4) Always try to create simple codes and in principle such a practice is the best.
    1) Don't be influenced by negative statements of the surroundings and never accept anything in relation to the code without your trying.
    2) You should not compare your potentials with others.
    3) In case, you are stuck up for the time being, try again with the renewed vigour.
    4) Use your analytical mind to solve the problem. Never approach any source to get an external tip to arrive at the solution. In that way, you can strengthen your analytical skill.
    4) Focus the area where you need improvement -
    Self introspection would reveal your weakness and instead of being ashamed of it, seek the advice of your teammates and superiors helping you to find your weakness so that it could be resolved from your end.
    So far your salary is concerned being a software programmer in a reputed IT industry, it would be around 15 lacks per year after three year of practical experience and your emoluments would be suitably compensated with the addition of more number of years in terms of experience.

  • Software developer is basically a programmer who can write applications for various work flows and can also modify them time to time as per the company or organisational needs. One has to pass class 12 in science stream and then try to qualify in engineering entrance test and get admission in computer science branch. If one does not get admission then other option is to go for B.Sc. in computer science followed by M.Sc or M.Tech. After completing it, one has to apply in industry and then if given a choice has to choose the software development line. It is required that such person should have a robust knowledge of computer languages and systems like C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Lisp etc and should be knowing the basics of integrating and porting a software in the hard machines available in the workplaces. A sound computer engineer can accomplish it without any doubt. There are many advancements going in this line and a person should be ready to learn those things in a short notice so that he can give the desired product in time to the customers of the company. The task of computer software developer is not as easy as many of us presume. It requires a lot of hard work and efforts to become a good software developer.

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  • For becoming a software developer, the basic qualification is you need to have a Science or Engineering degree. Though companies prefer candidates have related Computer Science / Information Technology degree it is not mandatory in case of experienced software developers. Other field graduates also do become software developer either by getting selected during Campus interviews in college and doing a specialty course like JAVA, .Net, etc.,
    If you have gone through campus interviews, then you may be put into a development project where you will initially start getting knowledge transition from the people who are already working in that project and slowly start contributing to that. In case you have done some course and joined the company, then there will be an expectation that you will need to be specialized in the area for which you were hired.
    Based on your situation, you might fit into any one of the above. The salary for a software developer depends on experience. A developer who has a rich and proven experience can sometimes earn an above-market level salary.


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