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  • How to lower the resolution of a photo for ID proof

    Have you got a query regarding lowering resolution of ID proof? Searching for detailed information online? On this page find advice from experts here which can help to upload the scanned document.

    In the case of an ID proof to be uploaded online at a Government site, the resolution of the photo is extra high. I would like to know how to lower the resolution of the scanned photograph that I am uploading as ID proof.
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  • Once I have done it with photoshop. Go to Photoshop and then go to File and select the image for which you want to change the resolution.
    Then go to image and from there size. A box will open which will show Pixel dimensions and document size. In document size, it will show you width, height and resolution.
    If we have to change only the resolution you have to uncheck the resample image box. This is to inform the photoshop that we are not going to change the number of pixels. To change the resolution we need not change the number of pixels. Then you have to type the number of resolution you want in the dialogue box, in the box provided for resolution. The dialogue box will be showing you what is the present resolution. There you have to type the number of resolutions you want. Then click on the OK button on the dialogue box.
    The resolution of the photo will change accordingly.

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  • Many times when we try to upload the identity proof photos for various purposes either by email or on the online forms, we come to face the problem of limits of the photo as to resolution or file size. Usually, we have to reduce the resolution or file size.
    For this we can use the inbuilt default photo editor application in our computer or the one which we have separately installed. The resolution or file size can be reduced by reducing the pixel count and also reducing the size and quality of the picture.
    Select the photo. Select the menu or sub-menu for editing and/or resize the photo. Some photo editors have pre-designed resolution levels. We can choose the suitable one or use the custom one as per need.
    Reducing the quality to some middle level can also enable reduction is resolution. Reduction in size also may reduce file size.
    After making necessary changes it is better to view and confirm clarity and size/resolution is as of required levels.
    If one is not familiar with this, it is better to keep a spare copy of the photo with a suitable file name to retrieve in case the one which we try to edit gets lost or becomes not possible to use or correct in some way

  • When you want to send or upload an ID proof photo to a site then sometimes it becomes difficult to upload it if the size of the photo is bigger. Modern mobile cameras are now taking images in very high resolution and that is the reason of their high file size. Modern smartphones generally give pictures having 6 million pixels or even more which makes the file size of the order of 20-30 MB which is definitely not advisable for uploading. In most of the devices there are inbuilt photo editors which can be used to resize the photos and decrease the file size. It is easy to resize a photo having 6 million pixels to 1 million pixels. The file size would drastically reduce from 30 MB to the order of 5-6 MB only.

    There are many editing softwares available some of which like Photoshop are for professional work while many others available in play store for android / iOS can be used in mobile for quick resizing work. Once we decrease the size of the photo and save it then its file size is reduced. It would take less space in memory and would also be easily uploaded. One thing which is to be noted is that the resolution of the photo at that size remains same as the original one at the original size. This point is interesting to understand the logic behind reducing size in order to decrease the file size. Once the editing is saved then you cannot increase the size to original as the pixels are already lost in reducing process. The difference of the pixels between the original and reduced one can be easily made by keeping them side by side and stretching them with mouse or cursor to same frame.

    Some of the android as well as some of the desktop applications for resizing images to decrease the file size are Codenia Image Size, Lit Photo Compress & Resize, Resize Me, Xllusion Photo Resizer, Z Mobile Photo Resizer, PhotoMarks, Fotosizer, Movavi Photo Editor, Icecream Image Resizer, Light Image Resizer, FILEminimizer Pictures, RIOT, FastStone Photo Resizer, Photo & Picture Resizer etc.

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  • I have done it using the default photo editor in my mobile device as the edit icon itself comes on the screen when you just touch the screen while viewing a photo and one can click it to go ahead for resizing it which makes the number of pixels drastically reduced. I had earlier learnt PicsArt and Photoshop and if you have those softwares available with you then you can import your photo in them and then through the menu and drop down menu you can find all the available options for resizing the photo. In your case it is only the ID photo and what you require is to decrease the size of it to enable you to send it by uploading in the internet so basically PicsArt and Photoshop are meant for advanced modifications in a photo to bring various effects through layer manipulations and are for the professionals. In your instant case a simple photo editor program will do the trick. There are so many available in Play Store and you can check them. They are free to use.

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  • You can adjust the resolution or compress picture to a smaller size by using Microsoft office picture manager. Select the picture you want to minimize the resolution. right click and select 'Open with' and select Microsoft office picture manager.

    You can see your picture there and then select the 'Edit Pictures' menu on the top row. Now you can see 'Change picture size' on right side, under that select 'Compress picture'. Based on your need you can select for Documents, Web pages or Email. While selecting you can see the compressed size at the bottom right side along with original size. Now you can save picture as per your need.

    Hope it will help you to minimize the resolution of the picture.

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