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    Are you planning to set up an active directory for domain service? Searching for detailed information to do so ? On this ask Expert page find advice from experts for your query.

    Your company has three departments, IT, Sales and Marketing. This company has two branches, one in Place A another in Place B. Each branch has at least 20 employees, each employee has a computer, and each department shares one printer among their employees.

    a)Design and explain the structure of an active directory domain service for your company.

    b)Identify the schema class and attributes for the objects in your active directory from the previous step.
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  • Active directory is an entreprise platform where all the users are linked to each other as well as to the company resources through secured passwords and access codes. Many popular applications like Microsoft or Azure or similar others have it inbuilt in their main operating systems but if someone wants to customise them for the use of one's company or organisation in a particular way then it makes sense to go for third party active directory tools to which I would be explaining shortly in this answer.

    Let us first understand how does it work so that one can think of designing it using the tools available for this purpose. When an integrated active directory system is incorporated in a company or organisation then everyone would be accessing data and saving data in a central place rather than in the individual computer. So, all these centralised informations would be available to everyone under security codes like password etc and there would not be any individual bias in this and it would be free from human errors as it is being continuously seen and shared by everyone and any mistake would be immediately spotted by someone at some authorised level. This type of arrangement is known as active domain where all the machines are connected to that domain and a central global catalogue in the domain contains the information about all the users connected to that domain in the company whether they are at the same place or separated through internet connection. The administrator would be observing all the actions and communications going between the various employees for undertaking and completing the organisational tasks. Employees can access each other's computer just by giving the name of that computer as all authentications are already there in the background. Active directory saves time in the company as people are connected to each other and can function and take decisions as per the permissions granted by the administrator. It makes the work flow smooth and the administrator would also be knowing where the bottlenecks are present, if any.

    Now, there are many third party tools which are used to design the elements of an active directory in a company depending upon the work flow and type of work. You might have to take help of some computer system professional during initial set up of the active directory domain in your company and the administrator has to be a person from either the computer background or should have undergone some training as how to utilise active domain applications for smooth functioning and working of the company. There are various options and alternatives available and the expert person called on call would set up them so that it can be readily used by the employee.

    These active domain tools are already containing a lot of facilities in them and one has to use them for the intra-connectivity and work flow in that particular company. Initially some help of the expert who are selling these tools or applications might be required to understand the modalities of using them but later the administrator can mange the routine affairs. Some of the third party tools which can be useful in such cases are - SolarWinds Access Rights Manager, Anturis, XIA Automation, Bulk Password Control, Enow Compass, Quest Active Administrator, Z-Hire and Z-Term.

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