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  • How to Embed video files through clickable links to Youtube in PDF format?

    Want to know how to embed video files as clickable links in pdfs? Searching for the procedure here? Find advice from experts on this page which will enable you to make clickable links.

    During the lockdown, we all have used the internet on mobile, laptop or desktop to watch movies, hear music or even learning new things. After the death of film actors, many of their films are embedded in the interactive PDF file format with the name of the movies or song. When we click the movie pic, it takes us to the file on youtube. Now, I too would like to embed a video file of selected Christian devotional songs into an interactive PDF that will take us directly to the video of the song on youtube, thus :
    a) How can I embed the video file to an interactive PDF which can be easily shared on WhatsApp group or friends?
    b) Is there any specific script or code or program that one needs to know?
    c) Is it easy to have an interactive PDF file or only provide the clickable link mentioning the name of the movie or song?
    d) Any other additional information on the subject/topic.
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  • In an adobe pdf file there are provisions to embed or insert video file or sound clip file as the case may be and If you have the Adobe reader version 9 or later then you can playback it easily or where you want to send this document they should also have Adobe reader 9 or later version to playback those embedded elements. The detailed answers to the queries are as follows -

    a) To embed or insert a video or music clip one has to open the pdf document in Adobe and that preferably in Adobe Pro. In the menu one has to choose 'Tools' and click 'Rich Media' and some options would come like add video, add sound or add SWF too. Select the one that is required say video. Now go to the pdf page to the place where you want to insert a video. Double click at this point and a box would be created. You have to now put the url of the media file here or alternatively go to that media file and click that and it would also do the same thing. Check the extension also like .mov or .mp4 etc. This done click OK to finish. Please note that all the media formats are not supported and you might have to convert some of them from their complicated format to the common formats using some apps in the internet.

    b) No special coding required.

    c) Actually if it is a Youtube video then it would present itself as a rectangle window showing the video in details having a play icon in the centre. For others it might remain like a url only. If the file is in your device then it could manifest in a rectangular fashion also but after reaching the destination it might appear as a url only. You have to do a bit experimentation on this aspect.

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