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  • 10th and 12th Damaged certificate related issues

    Facing an issue with certificates being damaged? Searching for tips ot handle document verification process? No worries, our ISC epxerts shall provide you with advice here.

    Unfortunately I have laminated my 10th and 12th certificate . Due to certain need while removing lamination my certificate get damaged . So I have requested for duplicate certificate. Government officials said it may take more than a year to get duplicate certificate since it's big process. How to handle document verification for railways without having original certificate. I don't have that damaged certificate as I have attached my damaged certificate to educational department. Did they reject me in document verification. Is there any other procedure for me to get rid of this problem.
    Help me with valid solutions.
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  • One year is a very long time to get the duplicate certificate. If you apply and leave it, then it may take more time. But when you want it urgently for a specific purpose you can follow up with the concerned authorities and you may get the duplicate fast.

    1. You go and meet the Head Master of the school and explain him the urgency and he may talk to the concerned officer in the Board and see that you will get your duplicate quickly. This is the best course of the action.
    2, If the Head Master is not willing to do that you have to go to the board with the reference number of your application and meet the concerned officer. Explain to him your problem to him and ask for his help. Generally, these people will oblige and give you the certificate quickly.
    3. If they say it is not possible, ask them to give a letter stating that you have applied for duplicate certificate and the action is in progress and his certificate will be given by so and so date.
    4. Alternatively, you ask for a certificate from the HM of the school stating that you have passed 10th and 12th classes and the duplicate certificates will be issued by so and so date.

    If you receive the duplicate in time it is good. otherwise, when you go for verification you can carry the following with you for verification

    1. The letter given by the board officer and/or the School headmaster.
    2. An attested copy of 10th class and 12th class certificates.
    3.Copy of your application fro issue of duplicate with acknowledgement from the school
    4. All other certificates in original as required.

    After showing these documents you can ask them for some time to produce the two originals. Generally, they will oblige as you have the other qualification certificates.

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  • The proces of getting back of the duplicate certificate from the Board taking at least a year would not serve your purpose and hence you have to take up certain steps to expedite the process so as to get back minimising the process of its delivery-
    1) First of all, meet the Head Masters of your 10 th and 12 th class with a separate application for each Head Master stating the reason of the duplicate certificate and your former certificates are damaged. They would put their remarks in your application and along with this application attach a demand draft of a requisite amount of a Nationalised Bank acceptable to the Board. Send the contents in two separate envelops addressed to the Boards for each classes along with an acknowledgment slip attached with the envelops so that you may get the same with the signature of the authorised person receiving it. Envelops should be sent through the speed - post.
    2) Retain the acknowledgment slips as a proof of your submission of your application to the respective Boards.
    3) Request your Headmasters to issue you a certificate that you have passed out such examinations with the Boards.
    4) Retain the attested copies of such certificates to be shown to the documents verification authorities so that they get updated informations indicated in the original certificates.
    5) Assure your document verification authority that such certificates will be produced before them once you get back the same from their end.
    6) Meeting the officials with the office of the Boards and requesting them for early release of your certificates indicating your specific purpose may hasten the process.

  • 1. Is the damaged certificate clear with all details except that it is torn at some places while removing lamination? If so approach the department where your damaged certificate is given and get it back for presenting for verification explaining them the necessity. If that can serve the purpose then it solves your current problem. Once the verification is over you can get duplicate certificate as per procedure.
    2. If they do not return the damaged originals ask them to give you a certificate (separately or on the attested copy of the certificates) that the originals are with them and is needed for issuing duplicate certificates the process of which will take time. Let them give the full details of the matter. You should take all other supporting documents too with you for verification.
    3. Simultaneously you have to consider all alternatives in speeding up the process by meeting and approaching all relevant officials explaining your situation. You may try even some political and administrative influence starting from your ward member up. But before that get full details who and where this is done and who can help you really. Please be patient and persevering and don't rub someone wrongly as it is your necessity.
    4. At the railways also they may be able to help you in some way if you explain your genuine difficulty. Try and try, you will win at last.

  • It is not understood as why the originals have been given by you to the mentioned place as no one asks for originals and only at the time of document verification you have to show them. Anyway have you got photocopies of your certificates with you? If so then you can request the principal of your school or college to attest them for confirmation after seeing the college records. If you get it signed and sealed by the college principal then you can as an interim measure present it to the document verification authorities seeking exemption to produce the originals or give an undertaking that you would be doing it at a later date and till that time your selection can be kept provisional. Meanwhile apply for the duplicate originals from the education board or college as the case may be.

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  • It is a genuine case. So, you can get a duplicate copy of certificates. For this your personal approach is necessary instead of writing correspondences.
    You can approach the school Head Master for SSC certificate and Principal for higher secondary certificate with your proof of Identity (anything like aadhaar or voter id) and it is better if you have any proof to prove that you are the ex-student of that school. It is better to see whether any of your teacher still working there and if you approach them the process would be very easy as he identify you to the HM/Principal as ex-student. Sometimes your teacher may be HM/Principal at the time of your visit.
    When you collect the duplicate certificate verify whether your Name,father's name,date of birth mentioned correctly. Name, father's name, Date of birth are the basic details which required till our last breath for anything to be proved and they should be similar and a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate, college certificates, aadhaar, Pan card, voter Id, driving license should tally each other.
    You immediately approach in person to the authorities without delay. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.

  • If you have lost your documents of 10th or 12th. First you have to submit a FIR copy on your respective police station after that. you have to go to the regional office of CBSE board or state board with the FIR copy and submit. you have to submit an extra application for requesting your document of 10th to 12the and also submit some charges for their respective documents. And for more detail you have to go for the the website of of CBSE board or State board.
    After doing all process the documents of class 10th or 12th is sent to you by speed post or any other courier service to your address.

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