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    Wondering where best to utilise writing skills? Looking out for instructions to initiate writing in magazines, newspapers and websites? Find advice from experts here.

    I am good at writing fiction stories. I am looking forward to writing a book but I don't wanna just enter as an unknown writer in the industry. I want to know my options where I can practice my writing skills, such as magazines, newspapers, and websites. But I don't have any whereabouts of beginning it. I don't want ideas, I need instructions that can actually give me real results of my work.

    How and where should I start writing so that I can be noticed as someone by people in the publication field?
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  • I think Indiastudychannel is the best website for you in this regard. You can participate in various sections of ISC and you can publish articles also. But this site gives preference to education. So if you write articles related to the field of education. You will get a lot of encouragement. You can improve your language skills. Definitely, your writing skills will increase and you can actively participate on this site or its other sister sites.

    You can write and send to various magazines and they will scrutiny your work and see the suitability. Once they feel it is as per their standards they may publish. You can send different items to different journals for publication. Similarly, you can other web sites also.

    Alternatively, you can start your own blog or site and start posting your writings on your blog. But see that the article are Search Engine optimised. Then you will have good traffic to your blog and your language will improve and your blog will become very famous and you will have a good income from this activity.

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  • First write and finish the book. Show it to your real well wishers who can correct any mistakes. Then visit a popular publication in your area and ask them to publish it as a serial in their magazine.
    If they do not accept and the reasons given by them are not acceptable to you, then you can take it to a book publisher and get it printed and published at your cost. Afterwards send it to various magazines and newspapers to review it.
    Promote your book in various social media fora. Send it free to your friends and relatives, local library etc.
    To be known takes some time. Be patient and work towards that. Go on writing. Go on sending to magazines. At last you will get noticed and magazines may queue up for your works.
    Best Wishes.

  • Writing is an art and if you are good in that there are a number of sites where you can submit your work. There are some sites pertaining to popular magazines but they publish only 1 or 2 fictions per month as other general materials are there in them so the competition for publishing is much there. Another option could be to make a blog in some blog site and start writing and once the quality of stories is good slowly traffic would increase. If you have objective of improving your English language writing and later transform it to story writing then you can contribute in ISC also as many people have benefited here and improved their writing skills. This is basically an educational site and if you have only one interest of publishing fiction then that would not be encouraged here much but yes learning the writing part that can be accomplished here.

    There are many good sites in internet where fiction can be uploaded and some of them are -Commaful, Wattpad, Smashwords, Archive of our Own, Fanfiction, Figment (RIP), Medium, FictionPress, Smashwords, Quotev, Tumblr, WritersCafe, Booksie, RoyalRoad, Hubpages, The Young Writers Society, FanStory etc.

    Please note that they have their own terms and conditions and you have to go through them before submitting your product. Some of them pay you also for your work while some share revenue under some schemes.

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  • While writing effective stories, there are certain points to be followed to make your stories/ novel lively and interesting -
    1) Initially you have to make multiple drafts. The first draft is nothing but the vomiting draft where you would explore story figuring about what it is about.
    2) Second draft would be a rather published one cleaning up the embrassing events contained in the first draft. It would indicate some structural changes providing charecters of your novel / stories each having distinct charecters and the readers would be immersed with your contribution to know the next event.
    3) Good dialogue should be the essence of a successful story. Your main hero should not get success instantaneously but he undergoes with different phases surrounded with different charecters such as some encouraging the hero but there should be at least one villain to impede his success rate.
    4) To make your novel/ collection of stories effective, create a situation where the hero dies with some heart touching messages influencing the readers.
    5) Choose an impressive title of each of your story/ novel to attract the readers.
    6) Take a Foreword of some eminent writer highlighting the best roles played by the charecters in your stories. Such a Foreword would attract traffic.
    7) Show this collection of stories to any noted publisher with a request to publish the story collections in the form of a book or otherwise it should be featured in a monthly magazine where in a part of story will appear in each publication.

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