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  • What to fill in aggregate/Gross marks?

    Planing to fill the AFCAT form? Facing a query ergarding aggregate or gross marks? No worries, our experts shall respond to your query here which can help you to fill the form.

    A final year degree student is filling a form AFCAT but the student's final result were not published. While filling the form AFCAT there is a compulsory column for Aggregate marks or gross marks with *asterisk symbol. So what to fill in that column? For this exam you must should have 60% Aggregate marks in graduation.
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  • The test is conducted twice a year in February and August. The qualifications of the post required are given in the notification. In this notification,
    Candidates who are studying in the final year/semester and are yet to pass the exam can apply provided they do not have any present backlog and should have secured 60% up to the last year/semester for which the results have been declared at the time of submission of application.
    You can give the aggregate of the marks you got up to the second year and put a note that final year results are awaited. That will be acceptable.

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  • You have completed some semesters so far and you have to mention the aggregate marks so far in your case. Once all the semester are completed you have to recalculate the aggregate marks and that would become your final aggregate. It is easy to calculate your aggregate marks by following way -

    Aggregate marks = (Total of marks obtained in all the semesters so far)/ Number of semesters so far

    One can also find the aggregate marks percentage by the formula -

    Aggregate marks percentage = (Aggregate marks so far*100)/Total maximum marks so far

    Now you mention the 'Aggregate marks so far' in your case. It should be equal to or above 60%.

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  • You are eligible to apply for the post considering your past performance in your undergraduate examination. If the pattern for the examination follows the semester system, you have to add up the percentage of marks of each semester and divide the same by 5 so as to get the average percentage of marks of the entire semester.
    If your university follows the year wise system, add up the marks of first and second year and divide the same by 2 to get average percent year wise.
    Once the final result is declared in the semester system, add up the latest scoring in the numerator and divide the same by 6 so as to get average percentage of the entire semester.
    In case of year wise system, add up the percentage marks of each year and divide the same by 3.
    Ensure that your aggregate percentage does not fall below 60 percent in either of systems so as to be eligible for the said post.

  • As per the AFCAT Educational Qualification criteria mentioned in the form for Flying Duty and for Ground Duty (Technical) is as follows:
    a) The applicant must have a minimum of 60% marks in Maths and Physics separately at +2 or HSC level.
    b) The applicant must have completed or in the final year of any three years degree course from a recognized University with a minimum of 60% marks.
    c) The applicant must have completed or in the final year of any four year's course, BE/B Tech degree/ for AMIE cleared Section A & B exam[Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India)]/ ASI (Aeronautical Society of India )/ IETE with a minimum of 60% marks from a recognized University.
    d) The applicant completed or in the final year of any Post Graduate Degree course from a recognized University with a minimum of 50/55% marks is required as per the eligible.
    e) The applicant must not have any backlog/arrears in any semester or subject during his/her Graduate Degree course/ Post Graduate Degree course.

    - Now to calculate the percentage of your academics can be calculated by using the formula (Total marks obtained / Total marks) x 100.
    - If you have your scores in CGPA(Cumulative Grade Point Average) formate than you just need to then you need to convert your CGPA into a percentage. You can use the simple formula i.e multiply your obtained CGPA with 10.0 to convert it into the percentage or
    CGPA = [Grade point scored * Credits of subjects]/ Credits of subjects
    CGPA = (C1G1 + C2G2 + C3G3 + CnGn) / [C1 + C2 +C3 + Cn] where G1, G2 the grade point obtained by the student & C1, the credits of subjects.

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