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  • How to slow down the rapidly increasing height?

    Facing a problem with increased height? Searching for detailed reasons and information regarding the same? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers to all your queries.

    Now I am 16 years old and my height is 6 feet. In 14 years my height was 163cm and now my height is 183. I am very unhappy with that. My class students are not tall like me. In last 2 months my height increased by 3cm. How to stop this? I do not want to be tall like this. Is there any advice why is it happenning like this?
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  • You need not keep any complex about your height.
    There are thousands who wish to be tall and feel envy on seeing a tall person. It is found that generally new generation has a better living conditions and health care. So we see that today's children and youngsters are tall and well built than their parents and ancestors.
    In my home my son is taller than me. Actually parents feel happy when they see their children better than them in looks and good health.
    Yes sometimes youngsters feel odd man out in the company of friends when all others are either taller than them or shorter than them or fatter or leaner than them. That is just a feeling of wanting to belong to a group and not be out of that.
    But God has specific aims and intentions when He created us.
    A tall son comes in help at his home when mother wants to take something from the loft or some such needs. A tall person is needed in Basket ball game. Generally (you will understand later) that tall persons have many advantages. There may be some disadvantages too. That is there for shorter persons too.
    You presnt age is when teenagers like you grow very fast. This growth may slowly taper off and become steady after a few years.
    Mind you, height can increase only to a certain age. So later on in life even if one wants to be tall it cannot happen. People can become fatter or leaner. But height is something they cannot just wish and get. Tall people have a better chance to become successful leaders if they have got other qualities for leadership.
    So do not feel anything bad or inferior about your height and growing in height. Everything is for the best. God has designed us according to his calculations. Today there are many young people who are more than 6 feet tall, which was somewhat rare in earlier generations. So just make best use of it. Feel that you have a God given gift.
    In case you still feel about it visit your doctor and get your doubts cleared.

  • Growth in terms of height is related to numerous factors such as the history of growth of our forefathers considering the both our mothers and fathers side, diet, your active involvement in exercise especially the stretching exercise and above all, the activity of body growth hormones.
    Hence the factors influencing your growth in terms of height cannot be arrested even if you take certain precautionary measures. Taking milk, eggs and calcium supplements can have some favourable impacts in registering height but such an effect cease one you attain the age of twenty. Considering your height being 6 feet 2 inches at this stage does not mean that your elongation of height would be substantial, may be you can see a further growth of 8 inches. It is mere rough calculation. In reality, your growth might be + or minus 2 inches what I have indicated.
    Note the favourable points in your case-
    1) Taller people have higher longevity as compared to people having average in height.
    This has been established by a number of research taken time to time.
    2) They can tackle stress and strain more effectively because their positive emotions.
    However, it certainly varies depending upon the racial qualities. Asians show better well being than the White ones.
    3) Taller people can do well in games such as Valley- balls, Basket - balls, Horse - racing etc.
    4) You can attract better crowd by being a leader provide you are effective in your communication and other favourable qualities attracting the crowd with your charismatic smiles.

  • Many people struggle a lot to gain height. They do many exercises like pull-ups to become taller. But in your case, it is the other way round. You are 16 years and now your height is 6 feet. It is very good and try to get a little weight so that you will appear balanced.
    Boys tend to show the first physical changes of puberty between the ages of 10 and 16. They grow most quickly between ages 12 and 16. Many boys may not grow much after the age of 16. But they may continue building up their muscles. Now already you are 16 so the chances of going further are less. 6 feet height is good and another 2 or 3 inches in coming 2 to 3 years. The maximum you maybe 6' 1'" or 6 '2". So don't worry about height but start doing some exercises so that you will build your body and good height and good body will give you a handsome look.
    Tall persons will have special recognition in the society. Amitabh is more than 6 feet and Nagarjuna is more than 6 feet. Even in their age also they are having fan following due to their height and body. Look at your height as a plus point for you.
    Still, if you feel that something you have to do for slowdown the growth you may have to contact a physiotherapist and follow his advise so that you will not grow further vertically.

    always confident

  • Height of a person depends on many factors like heredity, nutrition, hormonal dispositions in the body etc. There is a time during the growth of a person when the height increases and then it stops at a certain age and stabilises. In your case it is slightly on higher side from the average Indian person but I do not think that there is anything to worry about it. If you see some European races like German people, they are taller than us. In some parts of the world there are shorter people also there.

    Hopefully this growth would subside soon and then your height would be stabilised at the present level or slightly more than this which is not very unusual and alarming. This is a natural phenomenon of growth during this age and the body has all sorts of control and stabilisation mechanism in it governed by the genetic arrangements in the body cells and it might look complex but body does its work in a miraculous way to preserve the design and arrangement of human body parts in great balance and proportions. Everything would stop growing after a certain age and then it would remain like that for a long period after which the decay of body constituents takes place leading to the death of a human body.

    Generally the abnormal height is caused by the excessive production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland in our body. There are some other reasons also but they are very rare and the doctors first examine these conditions from the abnormal behaviour of this particular gland in the body. In this condition the leg and hands bones are excessively enlarged leading to more height. The condition of this excessive hormone secretion is known in medical terms as Hyperpituitarism and it is the main cause of Gigantism in a human being.

    If you have apprehensions about your growth which might lead to gigantism in coming times then it would be advisable to consult a paediatric specialist who can ask you to get some tests like x-ray of hand and wrist to find out the remaining growth potential through medical diagnosis and observations to help you to come out of your doubts. In extreme cases they may advise some treatment also.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You can not stop increasing height, it's natural. This could be a genetic effect that you are gaining more height. You are 16 years old, so you are in puberty age group which starts at the age of 12 and ends at 18. The growth plates mature when puberty progresses and at the end when you will be at 18 it will fuse and then you will stop growing. At this time the skeleton does not stop growing, hands and feet stop first, then arms and legs.
    Please do not worry, after the growth plates fuse, height will stop increasing automatically. Generally, our body's growth is controlled by many hormones:
    1. Growth hormones - This is the most important factor of growth, which is made in pituitary gland.
    2. Thyroid hormones
    3. Sex hormones
    4. Testosteron or oestrogen hormones , etc...

    Almost everyone who is taller than normal are fit and fine, there is no any medical problems or any complications. So, please stop thinking much and be happy live happy....

  • To stop increasing height is not in man's hand. It is natural. It depends on various factor like genetic, environment, nutrition,exercise etc. If your height is 6 feet at the age of 16 years then no need to be worry about it. Now, your growth would be stop because body growth happens during puberty age. It starts at the age of 11 and ends at 16. Since, india is a hot country so puberty age ends earlier. So very less chance to be grow more after 16 years age. In some case, body growth happens till 18 years. Puberty period becomes more in cold countries. So there most of the people are seen very tall. Now-a-days, mostly people wish to be tall whether be boys or girls. Many people seek tall bridegroom even though, their daughter are short in height so that coming generation would tall. God has given you handsome personality . I think, there are various use of height inside or outside home. You may prove best sports person for some games like volley ball, basket ball etc. Some people are seen tall because of genetic effect as well as good nutrition. It is true that body growth happens due to growth hormone. Secretion of growth hormone varies from person to person. So, some person body growth is seen more compare to other. As per my view, there is no any medical complication and you should be happy.

  • Increased height isn't something to worry about. Its a boon and should be tackled with positivity. There might me many children in your class who aren't as tall as you, but later or sooner they would be almost like you in height. So you need not worry about the increased height just because your classmates aren't that tall.
    Height is affected by the growth hormones of the body and in few people it rapidly increases while in others it increases step by step. Some people are there whose height increases at a very slow rate. All these things are controlled by the human growth hormone (HGH).
    At its initiating level it provides an increase in the height of a person and its final stages are characterized by building of muscles and strengthening of bones.
    Since you have gained quite an increased height now slowly your heightening process will slow down and the muscular growth of your body will start. During this period you will even have fat accumulations in some segments of your body including your thighs, shoulders and belly areas. After a required amount of fat accumulations your muscles will start developing provided you do regular exercises.
    In some cases growth of a child even depends on the parents. Being a hereditary factor, if the parents are tall children also get the privilege of being tall.
    Increased height shouldn't worry you as there are certain fields which only look for heighted persons including fashion and modelling. For modelling of boys, the minimum height required is 5'8" and it's a boost that you have got a good height. Runway models need at least 6feet of height. Talking about players including cricketers and basket ball players height proves as a merit for them and intensifies their game to a better level. So, you may even plan for such a career in future. Rather than getting discouraged you should be proud to have such a great height.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

  • Increasing height in human is not a big problem but it is a boon. Many short people face problems and in sometimes they took this as normal and they overcome through it by glaring in Cinemas etc., In one temple of Tamilnadu there is an information we have seen that a Bull statue is growing day by day as anything. Worried public and temple people approached the King of then. The king in his turn called for the experts in sculpture Sastra and put a heavy nail on the head of the Bull statue. The growing got stopped then onward. Similar thing we cannot apply in humans and we have to take it as a gift.

  • God has given everyone a different look, often people are worried about their physic unnecessarily
    If your height is high, then there is nothing to be upset about it. You are one of the few special people who have got good strut, most people have to be anxious to make them tall.

    Perhaps you do not know that for girls of long stature, there is more hope of making a good career in Army Airforce, etc. Make your weakness into your strength.

    Height is more or less tall, it is often genetic. You should not worry too much about it if you want you can discuss it with a doctor, but I believe you are perfect.

    Yes, sometimes your hormones play a very important role in stature, so I am telling you some things that will keep you healthy and your hormones balance will also be right.

    Healthy and nutritious food

    Vitamins, proteins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus present in nutritious food play an important role in elongation. Therefore, take a healthy and nutritious diet.
    Avoid consuming carbonated drinks, saturated fats, and more sugar, as these can adversely affect your length.
    Include drinks such as milk, juice and carrots, fish, chicken, eggs, soybeans, oatmeal, potatoes, beans, and green vegetables in your diet.
    Also, nuts like almonds and peanuts and fruits like apples and bananas are also helpful in your hormone balance.

    Frequent Mile -

    Do not be hungry.
    To increase the length in a natural way, you need to strengthen your metabolism.
    You can strengthen your metabolism by eating small meals 4 to 5 times a day.
    Taking healthy food in between will collect less fat in your body and thus you will keep you healthy naturally.

    Enough Sleep -

    There is no denying that length depends on genes. But it also cannot be denied that adequate sleep is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle and overall growth and development of the body.
    The adverse effect of not sleeping or sleeping less has an adverse effect on our entire body. Adequate sleep ensures that your height and weight remain correct.
    Because tissues develop and build up in the body during sleep. Also, balance hormones by getting enough sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to get at least 7 hours of sleep in a day.

    You are a beautiful and healthy person. You do not need to be disappointed in any way. ..If negative thoughts come to your mind, then talk with your family and loved ones. Make your weakness a strength and one of my advice, try for positions like Army, you will play an important role in your country as well.

    Stay happy stay healthy
    Have a good day

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