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  • I want to pursue B.Ed. after MBA.

    interested in taking up a career in teaching? Want to know if one cna do BEd after completing MBA? Find responses from experts to your query here.

    Can I pursue B.Ed Commerce after completing MBA Finance?
    Please do reply and give career guidance for me.
    I have good knowledge of teaching career.
    I wish I could be a good teacher in schools.
    Please reply my query as soon as possible.
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  • I am afraid you are into a dangerous orbit. Doing an MBA( Finance) is very good. But am not able to understand why you are so keen to do a B.Ed degree course after your MBA.

    However, since you seem to keen to teach in schools, please do note the following:-

    1. After your MBA course, you will be eligible to each only Accountancy and Commerce for the plus two students, as the majority of schools, pan-India, have only one syllabus throughout the first ten years up to the std X and then the specialization starts.

    2. Unless you have an M.Com degree and then B.Ed, you are unlikely to be paid a high salary but you can always go through the experience route. Try to apply to all residential schools. The biggest advantage of such schools is that your salary is decent, and you will be given some reasonably good accommodation and also free food, at times. In any case, a good experience of five years will help you to go to the next level.

    3. You must immediately register yourself for the IWA course and aim to complete at least the inter-level of that course. This will enable you to gather a lot of insight in cost accounting and you can also use such knowledge in your career as a teacher. And this will also help you to interpret the balance sheet of several companies and so on. You can become an asset to the school. After that, you also need to do the M.Ed course and if possible, also do the M.Com course. Please do note that several Universities in India have a part-time facility to do the M.Ed course.

    4. You must be prepared to grow with experience. You will have good competition. At times, the principal himself may have a commerce qualification and also teach. Hence, you need to be really smart to make a mark for yourself.

    5. If you are good enough, after the ICWA course ( I mean the total course) you can register for the doctorate program in commerce and go ahead. You can even join a college. However, taking the NET and SLET examinations can help you a big deal.

    All the very best.

  • You might have done your MBA after successfully completing your graduation. I hope you did your graduation in Commerce. As such you have no problem to do your B.Ed. But it will take two years and after B.Ed you can become a teacher in any school only. You may be considered as a lecturer in any private college only. Now with your MBA also you can try for a lecturer post with your MBA by appearing for NET. if you are eligible.

    My best suggestion is that you join as a lecturer in any junior college or degree college with your MBA and start working there. Then you get registered for your PhD as a part-time scholar and start working with more concentration and finish your M. Phil within two years and PhD in 3 years. Then you will be eligible for lecturers post with UGC scales and you will have a bright future. You can become a professor.

    So just look into the suggestion and take action accordingly.

    always confident

  • Bachelor Of Education (B.Ed) or Bachelor of Training (BT)as previously known is an undergraduate degree course delineated for aspirants interested or having a passion for teaching. B. Ed degree is a must for teaching in schools(Primary, higher primary and secondary). Due to many schools coming up in recent years and complaints received from parents and teachers about the quality and standard of teaching, the need for trained teachers has increased. Every school whether government or private is looking or hiring trained teachers with a minimum qualification in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed).

    The following are the eligibility criteria to be eligible for pursuing B.Ed.
    a) You must have a Bachelor's/undergraduate degree from a recognized university.
    b) You must have at least 55 % marks in your graduation (without grace or rounding off).
    c) If you are interested to teach in the higher classes such as class 11 and 12 then you need to have a Master/postgraduate degree with 50 % marks.
    d) You need to choose any two subjects from your degree course for teaching purpose. As you have done MBA( Finance), you can even select economics or accounts as the two subjects.

    If you are interested in teaching at a college level then you need to appear for the National Eligibility Test(NET) examination. The NET exams are conducted twice a year and students passing the exam are eligible to teach in any college or universities in India as Assistant Professor. The eligibility criteria for the National Eligibility Test(NET) is a master's degree in any stream from any recognized institute/university. Once your application form is accepted, you can appear for NET exams in the subject in which you have completed your master's or postgraduation.

    Now, as you have done your graduation in commerce and completed your masters or MBA in Finance, you are eligible to pursue B. Ed or as mentioned, you can even apply for the NET exam as per your master's degree and selected management is one of the subjects for NET.

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  • After your MBA degree in finance, you want to have a B.Ed degree so that you can take up the assignment of teaching in a school. Of course, there is no denial that the same cannot be undertaken if you want to go in the teaching line. However, there are certain points to be thought over prior to undertaking a B.Ed course. The following points should be considered-
    1) If you join a multinational company with your existing qualification in MBA in finance, your channel of promotion would be faster because of your exposure in Finance in course of studies. With gaining experience in this area, you would be offered more responsibilities with a matching perk and such hefty payments cannot be conceived by being a school teacher after acquiring a B.Ed degree.
    2) You will have to devote to two year timings for the acquisition of B.Ed degree from a regular university. However, the situation would be different if persued through distance education mode such as IGNOU, Manipal Distance Education, Karnataka Open University etc. Undertaking the course through distance course will put in stress for achieving your B.Ed degree. However, the study materials provided by IGNOU are excellent and comprehensive.
    3) Even if you teach in class eleven and twelve in a higher secondary school, your emoluments may not offer you satisfaction since the pay package has never been attractive.
    4) You can think of preparation of NET on the basis of your MBA but ensure that your scorings in the qualifying examination is not less than 55 percent. It is conducted by CBSE twice a year. Your final performance in the interview will help you to get a coveted college of Management where you can continue you teaching.
    5) Once you join as a lecturer in a top Management School, go ahead for Ph.D with a supporting guide so that you obtain the doctorate degree for your better prospects.
    I have hinted some points which may serve as a ready reckoner for your further persuance in the field you would like to move.

  • MBA itself is supposed to be a good qualification for job hunting but whatever your compulsions or interest that you are now yearning for doing B.Ed. Any 10+2 qualified or graduate person can apply for B.Ed. and select subjects of his or her choice and after completing it can apply for teaching positions in various schools in our country. There should not be any difficulty on that aspect. Only thing is that one has to have at least 55% marks in one's 10+2 examination. One can also think of doing it through online or correspondence mode. There is no upper age limit for B.Ed. program.

    After doing MBA in finance, you would not have any difficulty in doing B.Ed. and you can select the appropriate subjects out of the long list of combination and permutation of those subjects. Some colleges take entrance test for admission for B.Ed. while others go as per the merit of qualifying exam. If it is entrance exam then questions would be asked in General Knowledge, Verbal Aptitude, Teaching Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude etc. After completing B.Ed. one can apply for teaching position and then can rise to higher posts like principal etc. Some of the career and aspirational positions in this area are Teacher, Counsellor, Content Writer, Educational Researcher, Consultant, Principal etc.

    As you are already MBA and if you have good marks in this PG degree then you can even think of other alternatives like qualifying NET test and then apply for lecturer ship in universities or degree colleges. Another option is go for PhD in your core area and then NET is not required for becoming eligible to apply for the lectureship.

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