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  • How to delete Gmail account permanently?

    Facing an issue with multiple gmail accounts? Interested in deleting an account permanently? No worries, on this ask Expert page you can find advice for all your queries.

    If we have two Gmail account, one for official and other personal. How to delete one account so that the personal data is also erased permanently?

    How to check the size of data to be moved to another account before closing it permanently.
    What will the repercussions, if we close a Gmail account which is not given in any official documents?

    Provide a detailed analysis report on this scenario.
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  • There are some steps to be followed to delete your Gmail account permanently.

    Before deleting your Gmail account, you should have to take a copy or backup your required data.

    Download or backup data:
    1. Open Google and sign in to your Gmail account.
    2. Go the link "".
    3. Here you can see the "Data and personalization" option, click on it.
    4. You can see options like "Download your data" and "Delete a service or your account".
    5. Click the "Download your data" option, to make a copy of your data that can use it with another account.
    6. Then you will be directed to "Google takeout", on the first option you can select the data to include.
    7. Select your required data or products by making their checkboxes tick and then go to the next step.
    8. On the next step, you have to make three decisions.

    A) Delivery Method - choices include "Send download link via email", "Add to Drive", "Add to DropBox", "Add to OneDrive" and "Add to Box". Select your preferred delivery method and select the required frequency as "Export once" or "Export two months for one year".
    B) File type - Choose between a ".zip", ".tgz".
    C) File size - Size ranges from 1GB to 50GB.

    9. After completion of export progress, click "Download". You can also create another export after completing all the steps.
    10. You can receive a message in your Gmail Inbox and the message displays with a link to download your data.
    11. If you are using a browser on your PC, you can have the option to find the folder where you want to save the data. The File is now stored on your PC. A prompt opens and asks whether to open the download or open folder or view downloads, where you want to see the size of your data.

    Delete your Gmail Account Permanently:
    1. After backup, Click " Delete a service or your account" option.
    2. Then select "Delete a Google service".
    3. DO NOT Click "Delete your Google account" option, unless you want to lose access to your entire Google Account.
    4. You are redirected to Re-enter your password.
    5. Check the Gmail address on the screen carefully to make sure it is the one you want to delete before re-entering your password.
    6. "Delete a Google service" screen appears.
    7. To delete your Gmail account, click the trash icon to the right.
    8. A Pop-up will appear. Here provide an email address so that you can use other Google services such as Google Drive and Calendar and etc. Type the email address you will use from now on to access Google service.
    9. Then click on the "Send Verification Email".
    10. Now select, "Yes I want to delete (your email id) permanently from my Google Account".
    11. Click on "Delete Gmail". Your Gmail Account is now deleted.
    12. So before deleting a Gmail Account, just make sure that you have back up all your data.

    Repercussions of Deleting Gmail account:

    1. No Access to Your Messages:

    Any saved messages will be lost.

    Forward important messages to your new email before de-activating your Gmail account.

    Forgetting about that important message you archived months ago. If you didn't move it, it's also gone when your email account is gone.

    2. You Can't Reset Passwords for Other Accounts:

    If you are connected bank account or your social media accounts to your account or if you forgetting password most of the accounts resent link to your email address.

    However, you may have trouble accessing your account.

    3. Others Can't Reach You:

    If your school or colleagues are want to reach you at the deleted Gmail address, you may lose touch with them.

    Even if you notify everyone, someone out there is carrying around with the old email address.

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