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    Knowledge of Lord Vishnu Avatar and its purposes

    Have a query about the various avatars of Lord Visnhu? Searching for detailed information regading the above and its purpose? On tihs page our experts shall repsond to your query.

    We have learned or read or heard that Load Vishnu has taken different avatars of forms to reinstate cosmic order. Some say he has 10 avatars and thus called Dashavatara and some claim to have 24 avatars. I would like to have a series on the avatars of gods like Brahma, Shiva, Hanuman, Parvati, Saraswati, etc which will be interlinked with this ask expert questions so as to know or learn more about them. I would like our experts to help me with the following answers:
    i) How many avatars did Lord Vishnu take and why did he take such avatars?
    ii) What was the purpose or story behind each avatar?
    iii) How did each avatar come into this world and how did it vanish or die?
    iv) Any more information about Lord Vishnu(parents, siblings, wife, children, his weapon, etc) that adds value to this post.
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  • In Hindu Ethics there is a belief that the God, Supreme power will help the living beings in all respects at the time of crisis. To ensure this Lord Vishnu/Narayan taken avatars in many forms. Why Lord Vishnu? Because He is the Gors and need of Bakthi consciousness in Public.
    Human being is the super most living being out of eighty four lakhs of jananam in the earth. They are egg-born,seed-born,sweat-born and womb-born each have 21 lakhs of births. The destiny of each birth is according to the Karma done in the said birth or earlier birth/s. He is the Section Head to protect the living beings. Under Him dhoothas or Disciples entrusted to spread the avatao one could escape from the benefit of karma whether good or bad. They will have the rebirth according to the karma did in the past births. Only Human birth, which is in the top of all 84 lakh births7 in which a human given with the power of realization whether it is good karma or bad karma and whether we can do it or not etc., This distinguish cannot be done in any birth. We can see a small but simple example, when we see a ugly item or gutter water on the road we, human, normally cross it or go by side of it but a dog or buffalo walks through that without minding.
    To cross over this human birth we have no option to do honest things and always in the thinking of Paramatma, the God. Our Atma is a part and parcel of Paramatma and to reach Him we have to do the needful by differentiate good and bad karmas.
    To ensure this Lord Vishnu took avatar of Rama, Krishna and lived in the earth as human beings to eradicate Duratmas like Ravana and Duriyodhana etc., They also got suffered in several ways as they also took in the Human beings and they did so to just make ourselves to realize that if we do bad karmas we have to suffer like this.

  • In Hindu mythology three important powers are perceived as the preserver and protector of the humanity. These are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). It is believed and is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that whenever there are evil powers present on Earth and threaten the entire humanity, then Lord Vishnu comes in form of a particular incarnation and Avatar and kills the evil spirits on Earth and brings back the good times. So, basically he is the protector of the humanity. These incarnations are known as Avatars, which means different forms to achieve the same goal of destroying the bad elements. As per our scriptures and especially the Dashavatar description it is mentioned that there were ten Avatars out of which nine have already there in the past and one last is yet to come. Surprisingly, these Avatars somehow match with the geological and animal life forms through the ages since the formation of Earth. Anyway each Avatar was made as per the particular need of the time and its purpose was fixed. Some scholars believe that the concept of Avatars was to re-establish the Dharma, the way of Hindu life. The stories woven around them is very fascinating and are parts of our cultural heritage. The ten Avatars are as follows -

    1. Matsya Avatar - This belongs to the unfortunate time when the Earth was engulfed with water due to massive flooding. Matsya means fish and this Avatar form of Lord Vishnu forewarned the people as per its experience and asked them to be alive by remaining safe in a boat.

    2. Kurma (tortoise) Avatar - This Avatar was adopted by Lord Vishnu for churning of seas for precious stones.

    3. Varaha Avatar - The story goes that the demon Hiranyakashyap dragged the Earth in the seas. In the aftermath of this conflict the Varaha (a form of boar) took it out from there and gave it back to the people.

    4. Narasimha (The Man-Lion) Avatar - As per the depiction in the religious books there was a demon king known as Hiranyakashyap who obtained a boon from Brahma that he could not be killed by any animal or human being. After getting this grant he became very powerful and started to torture the people here and there. It is interesting to note that his son Prahlada was the devotee of Lord Vishnu and one day when the demon wanted to teach lesson to Prahlada, Lord Vishnu emerged from a pillar in form of a man-lion and killed the demon.

    5. Vamana Avatar - This is mentioned in the Rig Veda that when the demon king Bali became very powerful then the existence of Gods themselves became a matter of concern and then Lord Vishnu took the form of a Vamana and went to Bali and asked some land in donation. Bali obliged him considering him a simple Brahmin asking some little thing and asked how much he required. Vamana asked for there steps only and in doing that completely engulfed the whole Earth and sent the Bali to hell.

    6. Parasurama Avatar - In this form it is described that Lord Vishnu came in the disguise of a Brahman with an axe in his hand to make the proper order in the Hindu society as some Kshatriya kings did havoc and played with the social order of that time.

    7. Lord Rama Avatar - This is one of the major Avatar and is a main deity in Hindu culture. Lord Vishnu took this form to kill the demon Ravana, the king of Lanka, who became too powerful to trouble the people.

    8. Lord Krishna Avatar - This is another form which became a great Avatar and had a large number of devotees. He had a crucial role in getting the Mahabharat war concluded in favour of the Pandavas. The present Hare Krishna movement is dedicated to Him only.

    9. Balarama Avatar - He is said to be the elder brother of Lord Krishna and is separately worshipped by the devotees.

    10. Kalki Avatar - It is the last Avatar but yet to come. As per our scriptures it would appear at the end of the present Kaliyug and help people in getting rid from the unrighteous rulers.

    Knowledge is power.

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