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    Regarding document creation and saving in my mobile.

    Wondering how to create and save a document on mobile? Searching for detailed information for working with documents on mobile? Check out this Ask Expert page for answers from experts.

    Whenever I create a document in computer, I save it as a word file. Because MS Office is already installed in my computer or I can create a PDF file also and save it.

    But how to create a document in my mobile? I use Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile. Neither MS Office nor PDF creator is installed onto my mobile.

    So how I can create a document in my mobile and save it onto my SD Card?
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  • First of all, you have to install Google Docs app on your mobile. It will be available on Play store on all android phones.
    Once you install that, click on that app to open. You will find a list of documents on your mobile. In some mobile on this page on the right-hand side corner in the bottom, you will find + or in some, you will see create. Click on that Then you can click on the option new document. A new page will open. You can type there your document.
    This is how you can create your new document.
    After typing, click on the three dots appear on the right side top corner. A list will dropdown. Click on share & create. Again a new list will come. in that list, you will find 'Save As'. Then the phone will ask the format. You can select the format you want. Then click on that format. the file will be saved in the docx l file.
    This is how we can create and save a file on our mobile.

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  • Earlier we were using mainly desktop computers for creating a document but now mobiles are also equipped with document making softwares or applications so making a document in mobile is now a easy process. There are many applications available in Play Store which can be used for document creation and saving in the mobile. Some of these are free while others are available for a price or monthly rentals. One can comfortably create documents using these apps and save them in one's mobile device. Some of these Apps are as follows -
    1. AndrOpen Office.
    2. Documents To Go.
    3. Kingsoft Office.
    4. QuickOffice.
    5. OfficeSuit.
    6. Quip.
    7. SmartOffice.
    8. WPS Office and PDF.
    9. Polaris Office.
    10. ThinkFree.
    11. Picsel Smart Office.
    12. Google Docs.

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  • You may have the Galaxy Store as well as Google play store in your device. If you open either of them and search for
    MS office, Word (relevant search word) etc you may get a number of free apps in that category listed.
    For getting Galaxy store you may have to click on Samsung icon.
    From the list you can select the one appropriate for you considering your requirement, app storage space, etc. But before installing please go through the descriptions and reviews given by other users. The more number installed, the more number of high star ratings, the more number of good reviews will be an indicator for its popularity and utility.
    Then install following the installation guidelines. Open the app and start using it after familiarising it.
    For creating a new document you have to open the relevant app and opening new document you can start creating the document. To store in your SD card give storage option as SD card.
    After a few occasions you will become quite familiar and will be comfortable as you are with your computer now.

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