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  • Which company's hand sanitizers are best for usage?

    Looking out for the best sanitizer brands? Wnat to know which companies provide these sanitizers and wheer they are available? On this Ask Expert page, you cna find advice for your query here.

    These days everyone is forced to use hand sanitizers regularly to fight against the coronavirus. There are so many companies manufacturing these products. In recent days I came across a snap in WhatsApp where the hands of a person looked like burnt hands.

    What made their hands burn in a sanitizer? He was using the sanitizers kept outside the shops or where ever he moved around the city. On this background, it is better to carry our own sanitizers which we can trust.

    Throw light on the best quality products along with the company name. They should keep our body away from virus infection and hands free from burns.
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  • All these sanitisers are alcohol-based. These alcohols will get dried very fast so that our hands are clean and dry. But alcohols will catch fire. That is very dangerous. So after applying sanitizer, you should not go near fire or handle any hot articles. If you are not careful, the hands may catch fire, So irrespective of quality and the manufacturers you should not go near the fire after you apply sanitizer.

    There are some non-alcohol-based sanitizers also. But they are not as effective as an alcohol-based sanitizer. To know more about these sanitizers you can refer the following article

    hand sanitizer

    The doctors suggest the following brands as good hand sanitizers.
    1. Germ-X Moisturizing Original Hand Sanitizer.
    2. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer
    3. Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer
    4. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer
    5. Savlon Double Strength Deep Clean Handwash
    6. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
    7. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer
    8. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer
    9. Dr Batra Hand Sanitizer
    10. Zuci Instant Hand Sanitizer
    11. Sterillium hand sanitizer

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  • The main constituent in the sensitiser is ethanol or ethyl alcohol having its less fire point and it is susceptible to catch fire if move towards such region. This is biggest drawback of alcohol based sensitiser but on the other hand it is an excellent disinfectant giving you extra protection from the corona virus because of its pure alcoholic content exceeding 99 .6 percent.
    Non alcoholic sensitisers are also available in the market but they are not as effective as the alcoholic one's.
    The best sensitisers available in the market are as follows-
    1) Lifebuoy Hand Senitiser
    2) Dettol Hand Senitiser
    3) Himalaya Pure Hand Senitiser
    4) Avagard Hand Senitiser
    5) Savlon Double strength Deep Clean Handwash.
    6) Kronokare Bye Bye Hand sensitiser
    7) Sara Soul Hand Sanitiser
    8) Khadi organic Hand sensitiser.
    Of all the sensitisers listed above, Himalayas and Khadi's have some indigenous herbs added to kill the virus.
    The composition of Himalaya Pure Hand Senitiser is as follows - Hrivera( Coleus Vettiveroides), Coriander, Lime, Neem extract, Ushira and Alcohol.
    Similarly Khadi Variants contain Aloe Vera, Neem, Lemon and Mint.
    Clinically, it has been established that Alcohol ( Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol) has excellent germicidal effects and hence such formulations are reliable.
    Other than the two products as mentioned above, rest essentially contains ethanol or higher chains of alcohol.

  • We all know the effect of the pandemic in our life and everyone is trying hard to cope with the situations. After the lifting of lockdown in many parts of our country, we have been alerted by the rise in the COVID-19 cases. It has become the necessity of every individual to take care of themselves and their family. The best way to keep ourself protected is by wearing the facemask and washing our hands.

    We all understand that it is not possible for people to wash their hands every now and them especially when they are out or travelling. The best way to keep germs or virus from spreading is by using sanitisers that will kill99.99% of germs or virus. It is also known that using good and skin-friendly sanitisers is also necessary as it can have an adverse effect on our skin if we use some local or unbranded product that may contain poisonous chemicals.

    Some of the best and known brands for sanitisers are:
    i) Dettol Hand Sanitizer - The product is recommended by the NIMA(National Integrated Medical Association) and you can easily find it online at a cheap rate of Rs. 509 for a pack of 2 Dettol hand sanitizer.

    ii) Lifebuoy Care Hand Sanitizer - The sanitizer removes 99.99% germs and impurities come in 3 variantsLemon, Fresh and Care fragrances named Lemon, Fresh and Care of sizes 30 ml, 50 ml and 190 ml. Each bottle cost Rs. 35 for 30 ml and Rs. 200 for 190 ml.

    iii) Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer - It is known to be kid-friendly and comes in a pocketable bottle which makes it easy to be carried in pocket or purse. The price of a pocketable bottle is 30 ml is Rs50.

    iv) Himalaya pure hand Sanitizer - The sanitizer claims to have 70% alcohol and Ayurvedic properties as it made of coriander oil, hrivera, Neem and Ushira. It also comes in various fragrances like lemon, litchi and green apple.

    v) Be. The Solution hand sanitizer - The sanitizer comes in a dispenser bottle type packing making it easy to use and be kept at the home or workplace. It comes in the fresh fragrance of lemon and orange giving a fresh feeling.

    vi) Janaab Pocket Hand Sanitizer - This is a new entry to the market but has claimed to shield people from over 100 diseases by using it. It comes in different fragrances and a pack of 5 will cost you only Rs 249.

    vii) Savlon hand sanitizer - It is a common name in our household and does not have heavy alcoholic compositions which makes it safe for the children to use it. It also claims to protect users from over 100 diseases.

    viii) Sterillium hand sanitizer - The sanitizer comes in portable size making it easy and convenient to carry. It contains over 50% alcohol and gives a strongly scented smell that will refresh your senses. A 3-pack of 100 ml can be bought online at just Rs 300.

    ix) Dr Batra's non-alcoholic hand sanitizer - As the name goes, the sanitiser does not contain alcohol thus is safe for kids and every skin type. It claims to kill 99.99% germs and does not dry the skin after its use. It has the goodness of Tulsi which is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial and helps to get an effective cleaning of hand.

    x) Khadi Pure Herbal hand sanitizer - The product claims to kill 99.9% of germs instantly by its usage. The product contains 100% natural ingredients, is antibacterial, is easy to carry thus making it travel friendly and provides refreshed feeling on hand after using it. It comes in the price range of Rs.25 and Rs. 80 for each as per the size of the bottle/pack.

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  • Sanitizers were already in the market for many years before the present pandemic. It was mostly used by Doctors and in health operation and research fields. Using hand sanitizers doctors could avoid frequently getting up from their seats, washing their hands with soap and water and then dry it before examining another patient.
    Sanitizers are one convenient way to disinfect hands without need of soap and water. So it found acceptance among those who travelled a lot or who went on long drives. It is also convenient to clean hands before eating at crowded restaurants with just a small wash area or so, while travelling or on tour. Even people use it while travelling in trains including local trains. Many people used hand sanitizers after using ATM or counting currency notes or touching handrails of stairs in crowded places.

    As sanitizers were not so universally popular as it became during the Covid pandemic only a few reputed companies, who were manufacturing soaps, hand wash, body wash, lotions and disinfectants, were manufacturing hand sanitizers. They were thus established and dependable products with repeat customers and regular users.

    After the Covid Pandemic the demand for hand sanitizers surged and spiked and sanitizers went out of market and stock. To tide over the public health emergency, temporary blanket sanction to make alcohol based hand sanitizers with minimum conditional requirements was given. A lot of new and known companies entered into manufacturing of hand sanitizers. As the monitoring and quality control were obviously not strict in the emergency situation, there could have been at least some cases where quality less products also found their way into the market to exploit the situation and make a quick profit. Moreover hand sanitizers are OTC (over the counter) products.

    In the current Corona virus Covid 19 situation, the best accepted way to prevent the spread of infections and reduce the risk of getting infected is by washing hands with plain soap and water. However when soap and water is not immediately available and need to disinfect without loss of time alcohol based hand sanitizers to be used. For an effective sanitizer in regard to Corona Virus the alcohol content should be at least 60%.

    Now regarding the core question of which brand is good.
    Lifebuoy and Dettol, Himalaya and Godrej had their hand sanitizers even before the Covid outbreak. You can buy the hand sanitizers of these names. Savlon hand sanitizer is also a reliable product. However you have to read the ingredient content details and ensure the alcohol active ingredient is at least 60 %. There are other known brands like Purell, GermX, Peesafae etc. apart from many locally known brands.

    However one should be careful in handling hand sanitizer and care should be taken to keep it away from children like any other harmful chemicals. Care should be taken to keep away from open flames and also not to store or keep opened in places where heat is generated or ambient temperature may go up.

    However I also suggest, you not to get unduly worried over the various news spread in social media about 'dangers' of sanitizers. They are not that dangerous as some news picture; some of them may be fake photoshop also. But it is better to be prudent. If in doubt, it is better to use regularly only after a few test uses.

  • Always keep your hands clean and it is the best way to prevent sickness and thus we can reduce germs. Earlier we were using a scrub with soap, water and it is a good medium for cleaning your hands. When we are using alcohol hand sanitizer in the water environment can be useful as effective as handwashing with soap. For getting best from the hand sanitizer we always recommend 60 to 95 per cent alcohol concentration. High concentration is good and it can kill the inactive virus, but we must ensure that after cleaning with alcohol-based sanitizer we do not go out in hot climate or go near to place which catches fire and it can burn our hands.
    Some of the best Hand Sanitizer are as follows.

    1. Megababe Squeaky Hand Sanitizer
    2. Humankind Hand Sanitizer
    3. Suave Hand Sanitizer
    4. Pipette Hand Sanitizer
    5. Previse Hand Sanitizer
    6. Merci Handy Sanitizer
    7. Maude Clean Sanitizer
    8. Skylar Hand Sanitizer
    9. Peter Thomas Roth Hand Sanitizer
    10. Highline Wellness Hand Sanitizer

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