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  • How to download a speech from YouTube with the Smartphone on which it is playing?

    Unable to download a speech from YouTube directly on your own smartphone? Experts will provide the required technical guidance to do so.

    I want to download a speech from YouTube through my smartphone. Without using another phone I wish to download it from my smartphone itself. So are there any Apps. for it? If I want to download the speech and video as well, what Apps. are there for doing so? Explain clearly how we can download with those Apps.
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  • You can download YouTube videos for your personal viewing and reference.
    After opening YouTube you can search and select the required video. If the video is listed as one among the search results, then you can click on the three dots at the right side of the listed video. There you have many options, one of which is downloading. You can click on that. You may give the needed quality parameter and click download.
    The video will start downloading.
    The download will start and will show progress. Once complete you can verify. For retrieval you can click library and under downloads you can see your downloaded video listed.
    Alternatively you can select the video and on the play screen, below the display portion you can see some options like download, save etc . You can click the one needed.

  • First, download Snaptube app from the play store. Snaptube is a free video downloader and also you can convert your video files into audio files etc. It offers videos resolutions in 144 pixels, 720, 1080, 2K HD and 4K HD formats. MP3 and M4A are the supported audio formats. More than 50 sites support Snaptube like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.
    Open the Snaptube App and click Youtube and there you can search for the results. Click on the concerned link and below the video options, there will be downloadable formats shown under that and you can download the concerned video or audio formats.

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  • Youtube allows to download videos from it but same should not be used for a commercial purpose. There are many methods to download a video from Youtube. First is Youtube downloader which can be downloaded from he Playstore, other is snap tube app already described above. Then there is direct download using Youtube itself. Frankly speaking you do not require to download anything and better have a bookmark or favourite for it and as we have internet in our mobile on the go, we can have that information singularly.

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  • YouTube videos are downloadable in the YouTube app, but not on your phone storage directly. Downloaded videos available on your YouTube app until you delete them, but YouTube requires that you go online once every 30 days. So, if you have a working internet connection even once in 29 days, you can have the offline videos forever.

    If you want to download speech or any other on your phone, there are some apps that allow you to download YouTube videos directly on your phone storage.

    Best YouTube video downloading apps:

    1) Videoder
    2) TubeMate
    3) TubeMate 2
    4) Snaptube
    5) KeepVid
    6) InsTube
    7) VidMate
    8) YT3 YouTube Downloader
    9) YMusic
    10) Media Clip Pro Video Downloader

    Where it is available:
    Videoder - available on play store or get it from
    TubeMate - get it on
    TubeMate 2 - search the app and get it on
    Snaptube - get it on
    KeepVid - get it on
    Ins tube - get it on
    Vidmate - get it on
    YT3 YouTube downloader - get it on
    YMusic - Get it on
    Media Clip Pro video downloader - Search the app and get it on

    Download any one of these apps by user ratings and the app guides you to download the YouTube video.

    How to download YouTube video without any app:

    If you are using a browser to play YouTube videos, it is very easy to download within a minute.
    If you wish to download the YouTube video, when it is playing on a browser, click the video link and add the word "magic" between "you" and "tube" as "" and enter it to go to the website, Here you can select "Load options" and it displays to select the quality of your video like 460p, 360p, etc. Then click any one of the video quality to download. It will directly download the video on your browser.
    Or simply copy the YouTube video link and paste the link on to download.

  • Downloading a speech or any other video is a very simple process. If you want to download the video on YouTube itself you may click on the downward arrow which is given below at the video and once you click on that the video will itself start downloading. But this video will not be saved on your phone or in your memory card storage. It will be saved in the offline videos of YouTube only.
    But in case you want to download a video in your phone storage you need to follow a few steps which are as follows:

    1. Open the video on YouTube and wait till the advertisement finishes and the video starts playing.

    2. Now click on the arrow which is meant for sharing videos' links to external sources.

    3. When you click on that video, a number of options will be displayed to you for sharing videos including WhatsApp, Facebook etc. In those options there will be one option of copy link. Click on that option and copy the link of the video you want to download.

    4. Now go to the google of your phone and type on it - Download from .net

    5. A new site will open with an option to download video. Now on the space paste the link of the video which you want to download and which you have copied from YouTube on it.

    6. A number of options will appear in front of you including the downloading of video in Mp3, Mp4, HD or in whichever quality you want to download it.

    7. Click on the download option choosing the quality of video you want to downloaded.

    8. Within a few minutes the video will be downloaded. The video can then be accessed by you by going to your phone storage and looking at the downloaded videos.

    By the above mentioned procedure you can easily download any video of YouTube in your phone storage and can access as many times as you want to. But in case you want to upload it somewhere you have to edit it before doing that so that copyrights shall not be infringed.

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  • Go to the YouTube which you would like to download.

    Make sure you have signed in to YT account.

    You would see down arrow mark or dot option to get downloading option (depend on smartphone model, OS and UI) to download the particular video. Click on it to download the selected video or audio (in video format).

    It will save in your YT account. You can see or hear it even when you are offline for few weeks. If those videos or audio remain in your YT account more than few weeks then it will auto-update time to time once you switch-on the net connectivity.

    There are few app for YT to directly download the YouTube video to your smartphone storage permanently but they are not working as effectively as before as YouTube has disable the downloading option to phone except offline / online video option in YT account.

    The app for video downloading make you crazy by directing you to different website and end up with nothing.

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