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  • What are the some successful careers in finance?

    Love finance and banking related subjects and eager to take up a successful career in it? Know through the expert guidance provided at this page the various options that currently exist in finance and how to begin on a career path in this field.

    I am interested in finance and banking but don't know much about it. These are the questions to which I want answers-
    1. What are the career options in finance which can be done if one likes finance?

    2. How can one build the above-mentioned career and what are the paths which need to be taken in this direction?
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  • What is your qualification? There are many careers for people who are qualified in that sector. You can be an employee in a bank or financial institution where they take qualified finance people. You can be a financial head for many companies. Immediately after acquiring the qualification, you may not become the head. You have to start at a lower cadre and get promoted to higher posts.
    The following are some career paths.
    1. Financial Analysts: If you have a Bachelor's degree in accounting, statistics, economics, finance you can start your career as a Financial Analyst. The main field of work will be in helping the concerned in taking the business's financial decisions and investments.
    2. Logisticians: If you have a Bachelor's degree in supply chain management you can think of this line.
    The job deals with supply chain management for companies
    3. Financial Examiners: If you have a Bachelor's degree in accounting, business, economics, finance you can opt for this. The main function is to watch companies, transactions and economies to ensure compliance
    4. Personal Financial Advisors: If you have a Bachelor's or master's in accounting, law, economics, finance degree you can go for this line. Manage investments, savings and finances for families and individuals will be the nature of duty.
    5.Loan Officers: If you have a Bachelor's in a business-related field you can opt for this.
    Assess risk for loans and approve them for companies and individuals will be the nature of duty.

    You will have jobs in Corporate finance departments, Banking and Financial institutions.

    Once you get a degree, you will get an entry-level post in any of the above departments and you will progress to higher posts. If you finish CA or ICWA, you can be an auditor job also.

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  • If you have interest in finance then there are many career lines where you can think to focus and make a career. Generally one has to go for commerce stream for that followed by certain diploma or full fledged Post Graduation courses in Finance. Some of the career lines that one can try to make after completing commerce/economics/finance courses are -

    1. Financial analyst.
    2. Banking sector.
    3. Financial controller or director.
    4. Manager of a finance department.
    5. Chief financial officer.
    6. Commercial or investment banker.
    7. Real estate or insurance finance manager.
    8. Tax consultants.
    9. Accountant.
    10. Finance Assistant.
    11. Financial advisor.
    12. Risk management.

    For those persons who want to make a career in finance line, generally a degree in commerce or related discipline is the first stepping stone like B.Com. After that there are many options like CA, MBA in Finance, CFA, Investment Banking, Economics etc and all these courses prepare a student for a career in many financial lines. Full fledged PG courses or PG diploma courses can be attempted in one of these options. There are many institutes or universities where these courses are available.

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  • First, you must mention in the thread about your qualification. Many career options are desired to be in the finance field. Some of the career options are mentioned as follows.

    1. Investment Banking:
    Investment banking is one of the best career options we can choose in the finance industry. When we get into this position we will be working financial modelling in different business organizations. This role will be suitable for people who enjoy different challenges. We must make calculated decisions by finding data from the picture. The working hours for investment banking will be of long hours for the entry-level people.

    For entry-level people, a person needs to have a bachelor's degree in finance. A degree in MBA with specialization in finance will be good for an investment banker.

    2. Corporate Finance:
    If people who are good in numbers and those who can adjust budget situations and can use the money properly, then corporate finance will be good for you. In the field of corporate finance, there are several roles which we can take upon our interests and our educational qualifications. Most of the companies mainly hire corporate professionals for maintaining their internal operations in the company. The candidates need to offer guidance and advice on the operational cost of the company.

    For a successful career, one must need a bachelor's degree in finance or must get a PG degree in MBA with specialization in finance.

    3. Public Accounting:
    Accounting is also a good service for business people and also for private companies. A public accountant needs to maintain records of the incoming and outgoing money flow of a company. The public accountant is responsible for giving out suggestions and reports for reducing the costs and improving the revenues. Accountants work as auditors with companies for finding out how good are their investments and finances in the long term manner.

    Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with specialization in accounting is good for entry people. The candidates can do their Certified Public Accountant qualification which is internationally recognised to become a licensed accountant.

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  • The finance service Industry is a key component of the developed economies and their results are visible when we look back their performance of the last fifty years. While their performance way back to 1950, was in the humble state but their profit grew substantially with the progress of time and by 2019, it has almost touched to the level of 60 percent of the total business profit.
    Some of the companies paying you highly satisfying careers with the decent salaries are JP Morgan, Goldman Sach, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, City group etc.
    However, your starting phase may prove to be difficult where you would work in some private firms or in a medium sized financial corporation. With your consistent approach and with your enriched experience, you would be able to make your headway in some top MNC company.
    There are a few responsible positions in the finance industry where you would notice tremendous growth with the matching compensation stimulating you to go in deeper vision in the area you are working. A few promising positions in the financial sectors are given below -
    1) Financial Analyst,
    2) Budget Analyst
    3) Credit Analyst
    4) Finance Manager
    5) Portfolio Manager
    6) Corporate Financial Controller
    7) Investment Banker
    8) Public Accountant
    9) Risk Management Consultant etc
    However, you may like some of the top notch jobs indicated below for your spectacular growth -
    1) Financial Analyst- They enjoy hefty perks because of their responsibilities. Their responsibilities include preparation of financial statements, monitoring financial details and thorough supervision of the employees conducting financial related jobs.
    An MBA degree with a reputed Institution with the specialisation in Finance would help you to reach the top level within a short time span provided you prove your worth before the employers.
    2) Risk Management Consultant- Risk Management Consultant are sound in offering consultations based upon the market risks and they can identify the bad investment outcome.
    They apply mathematical models to advise their clients relating to the risks and this profession is most suited if one has immense interest in Mathematics and Statistics. Apart from your commerce background, you should have a flare for higher Mathematics to predict the risk components.
    An MBA degree preferably from IIM with the specialisation of Risk Management would be preferred by a top notch company.

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