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  • How to purchase Google Drive space to meet images and data saving demand?

    Have a large number of pictures, videos and documentary text that you wish to save on Google Drive but are worried that there is not enough space for it? Know from tech experts how to acquire additional space for a large amount of storage capacity.

    Google Drive has become an irreplaceable solution for our increasing data needs. We all have become used to clicking photos of our happy moments, selfies, recipes and much more precious things/moments that we want to capture with our lens. Our photos capture a range of things from a toddler's first drawing to nature's colour sprays in the sky. Our mobile and laptop are also full of data ranging from various important PDFs to interesting videos.

    In case of any damage to mobile or laptop, this all-important data may get lost. So it is important to save it on Google drive regularly. With the increasing demand for space, how can we buy extra space on Google Drive if our data crosses the free space limit?
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  • Initially, Gmail account associated with Google drive will have 15GB storage. If we need to buy extra storage space, then we must check whether our country is located in it for buying more extra space. Currently, India is supported in the list and the different plans as follows.
    1. 100GB:
    Here we will get 100GB storage at 130RS per month or 1300 per year. We can pay according to our initial needs. Here we will be getting access to the Google experts and we have the option to add our family into it. We will also get extra member benefits.

    2. 200GB:
    We will get 200GB storage at 210 RS per month or 2100 per year. We can select a monthly plan or annual plan. It includes access to Google experts and we have the option to add our family into it and also we will get the extra member benefits.

    3. 2TB:
    Here we will get 2 TB storage at 650 RS per month or 6500 per year. We can select a monthly or annual plan according to our needs. We will get access to Google experts and the option to add our family into it. Also, we will get extra member benefits.

    4. 10TB:
    We will get 10TB storage at 6500 RS per month. We will get access to Google experts and we have the option to add our family and also gets extra member benefits.

    5. 20TB:
    We will get 20TB storage at 13000 RS per month. We get access to the Google experts and we have the option to add our family into it and also we get extra member benefits.

    6. 30TB:
    We will get 30TB storage at 19500 RS per month. We get access to Google experts section and we have the option to add our family and will also get extra member benefits.

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  • You can upgrade your personal Google account to Google One account to get more cloud space as per your needs. To know more about Google One, please visit - You can get the best suitable plan that you think is enough for your usage.

    Google One Storage Subscription:
    1. You can go for a monthly or annual subscription plan. Google One account does not expire, it gets renewed automatically unless you change it from account settings.
    2. You can change the plan at any point of time.

    For Desktop/Laptop:
    Once you logged in into your Google account, visit - and upgrade your account to Google One. Once you upgrade your account, it will take 24 hours to update.

    For Android device:
    After you logged in into your Google account. Open Google Play Store and search for Google One app and install it. You can use a direct link to install the app - . Open the app, at the top, tap the storage. You can scroll down and select the plans as per your requirements.

    For iPhone and iPad device:
    You can install the Google Drive app OR Google Photo app to buy the storage. From the Google Drive app, on the top left of the app tap to the Menu and then tap to Storage. You can tap to Buy Storage to buy the plan.
    From the Google Photo app, on the top left tap to Menu and then Settings. Tap to Backup and Sync, under the Backup Account, you can tap to Buy Storage and follow the on-screen instructions to buy more storage.

  • Google drive gives 15 GB free storage to all those who have a Google account in their gmail or Google drive or Google photos. I am using this free storage for storing photos and some general documents. For those who want to store voluminous data there then Google drive has schemes for hiring additional storage.

    One can buy different plans from Google drive as per one's storage requirement. Nowadays Google is offering these from Google one platform and whatever one has in Google drive would be automatically transferred to Google one, once a person chooses that option. Google one has facility to create account for the whole family also. As per information in Google site it appears that they are slowly switching to Google one from Google drive.

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  • As we advance in technology so also our storage needs to be increased. With smart or android phones, we are used to saving every information on the phone or computers. As the data increases so also the need to increase its capacity increases. Many of us were fine with 500GB od harddisk, then changed to 1 TB, now many of carrying additional hard drives but that too is not sufficient as every day, our data increases and we need to stock it. For this purpose, Google has used its cloud storage as the modern-day hard drive and it automatically provides 15 GB of storage space for free. You can use this space to store any and everything from documents, emails, pictures, music, videos, books, paperwork, movies, etc. As time passes, your storage gets full as we forget to delete unwanted files and thus need additional storage space that can be used to save our data.

    Some of the ways to get more storage space on Google Drive is:
    i) Google Drive giveaway and promotions - Wait for the promotional offers which may be a way to get more/free storage space on Google Drive during a festival or any new purchases of gadgets, etc.
    ii) Register with their Edu email - Google provides unlimited storage for a lifetime to students or alumni of schools using Google for Education. If you can, register with a .edu email to get the facility.
    iii) Choose the Google One plan - It offers membership plans on a monthly or yearly basis. Some of the plans are 100 GB at Rs.130/month or 1300/year, 200 GB at Rs.210/ month or 2100/ year, 2 TB at Rs.650/ month or 6500/ year, 10 TB at Rs.6500/month, 20 TB at Rs.13000/month and 30 TB at Rs.19500/month. It provides access to Google experts, the option to add family members and some extra benefits to its members.

    Some of the ways to add up storage space are:
    a) Google's file formats- When you upload files, try to convert it in Google's file formats i.e. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, etc. This will help to increase the free space on your drive as Google provides unlimited storage for free for these formats.
    b) Never add shared files to drive - When you are downloading shared files from anyone, don't add shared files to your own Google Drive. This will help to save more space.
    c) Empty Google Drive trash - When you delete or clean your saved files from the drive, it is sent to the Trash where they get accumulate so ensure that you empty your trash to delete files/data forever and save space on Google Drive.
    d) Clean your Gmail regularly - We know that emails do not take much space but the attachment in it do take major space. It is always better to clear all unwanted emails and attachments, spam, trash bin etc to free up Google Drive space.
    e) Delete unwanted and duplicate files - As we receive many emails and files and we save many photos or videos in the drive, many times it gets duplicated and thus taking space of the drive. Take time to go through the stored files and data and delete all duplicate and large files which are no longer required, saving space on the Drive.

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  • Google Account starts with 15 GB containing free storage capacity so as to be utilised against Google Drive , Gmail, Google Photos etc. In order to accommodate more space, the option is to buy more storage within the Google Drive or this may be updated to Google One to derive extra benifits.
    Mode of subscriptions are as follows -
    1) Storage Plan can be changed either manually or annually depending upon your convenience.
    2) A Google One is the versatile apparatus having no expiry date and is renewable automatically after the expiry of the term.
    3) While switching to different payment schedules, it may take 24 hours at least to see the latest change in your preferred mode.
    4) It is subject to local taxes or fees apart from the price listed. Google does not ask for extra charge.
    You will have to update your storage capacity with the acceptance of membership of Google One. This can be done by going through the site of Google One and choose the convenient plan of storage according to your plan.
    The effective way to save the space is also to delete the unwanted files time to time.
    This can also be done by going through the Spam Folder and click the link to delete all the Spam Messages.Manage Trash Folder by delinking the unwanted materials.

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