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  • How to put backlinks for a website?

    Confused about the types of backlinks and how to put them at your website? Learn from our website experts what are no-follow and do-follow backlinks and how to include them correctly in the content at your website.

    I have a website and it performs very well at this time, but I want to make it better and have it running well, putting in backlinks as well. There are two types of links, namely (i) Dofollow backlinks; and (ii) Nofollow backlinks.

    Can anyone tell me -
    1. What is the exact meaning of these two links and which is the best?
    2. How to make these links and where?
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  • A do - follow backlink denotes a link that will provide SEO benifits of the website from where it is originally built from a hyperlinked site. This sort of backlink will create for SEO purpose.
    Creation of backlinks from a high PR with a high domain authority will pass on the link juices towards the hyperlink blog thus improving its ranking position.
    Not followed links denote hyperlinks with a rel= no follow tag.
    This link don't affect the search engine rankings of the destination.
    It is possible to have not follow links on a web page with the placement of robots in the tag.
    No follow tag is frequently used as it allows one some links on the page.
    How to make these links -
    There are plenty of on line places to visit if you are interested to build do - follow backlinks for the optimisation purpose.
    The link sources are to be verified for the better results. The links can be built upon article directing in forums, in Web 2.0 properties, in high PR lines and many more.
    You should believe in the process of diversification with the suitable expansion to other communities like forums and blogs.
    The best and easiest way to build do follow link is the article directory.

  • The do-follow link is a set of links which describes search engines and accounts them and thus count it as the quality of votes. In default, all links are do-follow links unless they are allowed to be no-follow links or it is changed according to settings of the website. The crawlers of search engines follow the do-follow links. They always tend to crawl the pages and discover through standard links. The do-follow links are also known as link juice. Links are always quality for a vote. The search engines can determine how high websites rank in the search results.

    No-follow links will have a set of code which asks search engines not to crawl them or count them as quality votes. At a certain point, it will be difficult to vouch for all links onto our website if they are submitted as links to advertisements. For example in HTML, the no-follow looks like this. A do-follow will not have any relative attribute and it will not exist in HTML. The do-follow links are usually links which do not have any relative attribute with a no-follow value.

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  • Dofollow backlinks: In short, this is a direct link of your website accepted by other reputed websites to add in their content. The search engine will consider as dofollow link by default and will rank better.

    If your website link is in social media websites then it won't be considered as dofollow link.

    Nofollow backlinks. In short, it is like your website link is on other website just for getting inward traffic without any rank or benefit for your website from those links. If other website added rel=nofollow tag before your website URL then the search engine will be considered it as just external link without any SEO or other dofollow benefits like Page Rank, SEO points and boost link juice that helps for higher rank in SERP.

    You can approach a better ranking website for accepting your website do follow link / URL by writing their niche post/s like promoting their business as well. Like a guest post, without no follow link. You need to explain the other website owner (authority) about the mutual benefit of the backlinks, traffic popularity and SERP etc. without mentioning about the do follow term.

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