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  • Is Vastu shashtra truly a science or just a belief

    Do you have a query about vaastushastra? Want to know if it is a science or a belief? Here, on tihs page our experts shall provide you answers for your query.

    Vastu Shastra is a logical Indian science that deals with the ancient tradition of architecture. It is the science of construction and the traditional Hindu architectural system where the emphasis is laid in the directional alignments. Vastu Shastra, as is practised presently, is based on the 125 verses contained in 'Brihat Samhita' of Varahamihira. This very point indicates the vital link between Jyotish and Vastu.

    Hindu philosophy considers nature and God synonymous; hence, it becomes all the more significant to build a home according to the principles of Vastu Shastra so that man can exist harmoniously with nature. There are 2 main branches of Vastu Shastra: "Manav Shilpa Shastra" relating to construction of buildings and "Deva Shilpa Shastra" dealing with the principles of constructing temples etc.

    Vastu has its origin in ancient India and as per my research no one of the sites claim this to be a scientific method:
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  • Science is based on experiments and then confirming the principles and hypothesises with those experiments. Complete confirmation is the basic thing in science and not a single sample or experiment should deviate from the underlying scientific principles. There is no place for ambiguity in science. If ambiguity is there then it means that those theories are not established and are still under experimental stage. Some of the subjects and streams which can be classified as science are -
    1. Physics.
    2. Chemistry.
    3. Astronomy.
    4. Geology.
    5. Geography.
    6. Chemistry.
    7. Mathematics.
    8. Zoology.
    9. Botany.
    10. Biochemistry.
    11. Computer science.
    12. Statistics.
    13. Commerce.
    ... and like that some more also.

    On the other hand there are many things which cannot be classified under science but they are believed by people and most of us are having faith in it and people have some experience that by doing that prosperity would come to us and we will be out of any danger in our lives. All these things are related to human faith and belief and that is more a subject of sentiments rather science. So some of these areas which cannot be classified under science but exist in this world independently and also flourishing are -
    1. Astrology.
    2. Palmistry.
    3. Homeopathy.
    4. Vastu Shashtra.
    5. Planchette.
    6. Parrot card reading.
    7. Horoscope.
    8. Biochemical medicines.
    9. Prophecy / Prediction / forecast of one's future.
    10. Prayers.
    11. Ghosts.
    12. UFOs.
    13. Aliens.
    14. Acupuncture.
    15. Chinese old medicine system.
    16. Ayurveda.
    17. Unani system of medicine.
    18. Siddha system of medicine.
    19. Crystal gazing.
    ... and like that some more.
    Note: Some of the above might be preventive of diseases by immune boosting etc but nothing more than that. They are not curative.

    Faith and belief are the areas where logic and rationality do not stand. Science is an area where only rationality and logic works. So these are poles apart. Unfortunately, logically speaking, science is also at it's early stages as there are so many things which are beyond its realm today and until those questions are answered we cannot say that science has advanced much.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Vastu science is a logical science dealing with a balanced flow of natural energies existing in the environment. The laws of Vastu are based upon natural principles such as speed of the sun, rotation of the earth, electromagnetic energy present on the earth, solar energy etc.
    According to the science, the sunlight and fresh air in the house will nurture your immunity and any obstruction for the flow of such phenomena would disturb the positive energy according to Vastu Sastra. They have different explanation in relation to energy but if we think in terms of science, non flow of air and sun Ray's due to the heavy plantation of trees and leaves in the east may impede the flow of morning light.
    To understand the science of Vastu sastra, we will study some phenomenon as discussed below -
    1) Science says that the presence of sun light, rays and fresh air in the house is favourable for our mental and physical health whereas Vastu explains the same as the flow of positive energy benificial for our both physical and mental health.
    2) Vastu says the wall of the west direction should be thick in the house. Science agrees to this phenomena explaining that in the after noon, the hot sun produces ultra violet rays producing adverse health condition. Therefore to eliminate such rays, west direction should be kept thick.

  • There are many knowledge areas which are not based on the modern science and are basically related to the experience of the ancients. The primitive people did not have any idea as how to take advantage of natural things in their lives but when the cultures developed and social structures took shape then some of the scholars and knowledgeable persons of that time made some observations and did practicals on them and their family members to ascertain the effectiveness of certain things in our lives. What they found was then documented by some of their disciples and what we observe about them today is nothing but the experience and common sense of those ages. So far science does not come in picture. Similarly the area of Vastu Shashtra is there. There are some rules and observations documented by the people and it is possible that these propositions work in our lives and make it vibrant with positive energy. Only thing is we cannot prove our gains in quantitative terms as is done in scientific experiments or observations. There are many things in this world are based on the faith and belief of the people and we cannot outrightly dismiss or condemn them. At the same time if someone is asking the scientific proofs behind those things then we would not be able to give it as science was never in picture while carrying out such propositions in our lives. So I would say that Vastu Shashtra is a belief based on some firm natural principles and in some cases it could work to create a happy and peaceful home.

    Knowledge is power.

  • When we construct a house for our stay our main intention should be to have a peacefully happy stay in that. So we have to plan the house so that we will be having planned comfort in the house. Good ventilation is required. Good lighting is required. As per the requirements and based on the experience our forefathers made some observations and suggested some points which can be considered while you plan your building. Different people made their observations based on their experiences. That has become a Sastra and called as Vastu Sastra.
    It is not a science and there are no experimental pieces of evidence to say that if you do like this it will happen. Science mainly depends on the experimental pieces of evidence, hypothesis and then making some principles. It is a belief and the safety suggestions given by the experienced people. No Physics or Chemistry will explain why the kitchen should in the south-east corner. So it is the person's belief only. But some people made it a sastra. Astrology and Palmistry are also like this.
    If we have East or Northeast facing house, the sun rays in the early morning will fall into our house through the opening and that will be good for us if we spend some time. Like this keeping, the health points in view these points were made. So we can say it is not a science,It is the choice of the individual to follow or not.

    always confident

  • Vastu shashtra is considered to be an ancient science which deals with the architectural arrangements of house, garden, pools etc. However many present day scientists consider it a pseudoscience as according to them it is not at all logical and doesn't connect with any of the principles of science.
    Taking about this further, we can say that this is true on their part as the present day scientists deal with proper experimentation of a hypothesis formed by them. The steps followed by a scientist includes-
    1. Formation of a hypothesis
    2. Theory is formed
    3. Experimentation
    4. Practical evaluation
    5. Inference
    6. Creation of a law or concept.
    After following all these principles they reach on a particular concept which they consider as an actual science.
    Since all these steps are not followed in Vastu Shastra they consider it as a pseudoscience.

    Talking about the vastu shashtra specialists, they consider it as a science as according to them they deal with the five basic elements including
    1. Water
    2. Air
    3. Fire
    4. Wind
    5. Earth
    They work by collecting the energies of these elements and converting the negative energies of an area into positive energies. They simply search an area and analyze about it by looking at how much negative energy is present there, like an area with more garbage creates a negative atmosphere due to which the mind of people starts suffering and they become negative which further affects their performances in professional areas and family matters. The vastu shashtra specialists collect and analyze these energies and convert them into positive energies which further helps in increasing the work energies of a person thereby enhancing their optimism.
    Thus, we can say that it is also a science which is not based on experimentation rather on application.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

  • Vastu Shastra is a Science and not a belief. The principles of Vastu says us how to construct a particular home/office space, etc so that all energies are balanced such as placement of water bodies, plantations, etc. It ensures that all the elements are well balanced and you as an individual reap benefit of the principles if followed properly. It also says the ways to correct the mistakes which we do while constructing. Ancient concepts are all based on some scientific study and everything has an answer to Why? Today we have various topics on Architecture, interior designing which is also based on some study and being suggested based on the principles. We follow and believe these concepts because we have a stamp from universities and that's the difference.

  • Even today, when most people build their house, they try to build it according to Vastu so that all the lives of their houses are good.

    Vastu is a character in itself that directly and indirectly affects our life.

    Vastu is the art of building a house that starts from the northeast and following which the problems of the house are removed. Protects from natural disturbances and disturbances, that is, negativity is removed from the home environment.

    The principles of Vastu Shastra are to maintain balance in nature. Nature has diverse forces including water, earth, air, fire and sky. There is an interaction between them, which has a wide impact on every living creature on this earth. According to Vastu astrology, this process has a wide impact on our performance, nature, luck and other aspects of life. Vastu Shastra is a mixture of art, science, astronomy and astrology.

    Vastu Shastra helps us to make our life smooth and protect us from some evil forces. In a way Vastu Shastra keeps us away from negative energy in a safe environment. According to the belief in North India, Vastu Shastra is the Vedic construction science, the foundation of which has been laid by Vishwakarma. Which includes the principles and philosophy of architecture, which is very important in building a building.

    Of all the directions in Vastu, it is the most important. That is why, special attention is taken to the directions while building or purchasing land. According to Vastu, directions have as much importance in building buildings, as the importance of five elements ...

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