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  • Education eligibility criteria for H1B visa

    Have a query about H1B visa? Looking out for the educational eligibility criteria? On this page check out advice from experts regarding the qualifications needed to work in USA.

    I am a diploma mechanical engineer and having professional experience of 12+ years in industry.
    Currently doing my part time vocational course to get degree in relevant field, after completion of this vocational course can I apply for H1B visa to work in USA?

    Kindly provide your suggestions or experience.

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  • The H1B visa is a temporary or non-immigrant visa given to people with specialized skills or knowledge in their field or profession.

    Education Eligibility criteria for H1B visa are:
    i) The applicant must have a Bachelor's or Masters degree or equivalent degree from his Country, or
    ii) The applicant must be a skilled professional with a minimum of 12 years of work experience, or
    iii) The applicant must possess a combination of education and work experience as mentioned above.

    One need to get 12 points to be eligible and qualify for the H1B visa program. The rule for the point is:
    - 3 points each for every 1 year of education in degree college or university, and
    - 1 point each for every 1 year of work experience in the skilled profession.

    The applicant needs to keep in mind that while applying for an H1B visa, he must be sponsored by a valid US employer or company i.e. he/she must have an offer of education, internship or work while applying for the visa. The hired employer or company must pay the visa fees and required documents on behalf of the applicant so that he/she is ready to work for the employer or the company. Every H-1B visa is valid for three years and can be extended to an additional three-year i.e. a maximum of six years stay in the country. The visa can be further extended for even more years depending on the type of skilled work being performed by the applicant. Please note that the H1B visa does not allow family members to join during their length of work or stay in the US.

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  • It is an instrument that gives the authorization to a foreign worker to go to the US to work for a US company. The foreigner who wants to come there must work in a field requiring specialized knowledge
    The H1B visa applicant must meet the following requirements:
    The candidate should be a bachelor's degree or master's degree holder which is suitable for the specialist job.
    Applicant must possess deep knowledge in the required field. The employer must show that qualified US applicants are not there for the position.
    The candidates with experience in the relevant field for 12 years will also be considered for H1B Visa.
    They will decide the eligibility based on the points the applicants get. Minimum 12 points are required for getting the eligibility. The points will be calculated as follows.
    1. Points for your education. A total number of years of education in college or university multiplied by 3 will be the points from education. For example, a PG who studies 5 years for that qualification in a college or education. The points he will get will be 5X3= 15. If he has 3 years experience he will get 3 X1. = 3 points. Total points will b 12 + 3 =m15. For every one year of college study 3 points and for every one year of experience 1 point.

    A maximum of 65,000 regular H1B visas will be issued by the US government every year. As there is a lot of demand the selection will be done using a lottery basis. So there is no guarantee that you will get the visa even though you are qualified.

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  • You need to follow several steps in order to get H1B Visa so as to get a job in USA on Visa basis-
    Step 1 - H1B Visa is a work Visa where the applicant is to be sponsored by the US Employer only. Hence look out for the employer in the USA interested to sponsor you in United States.
    The employer would thoroughly verify your credentials including your academic qualifications, your working experience, your aptitude and other related questions.
    Step 2- Once a US Company has agreed to hire you , the employer would begin the application process by submitting Labour Condition Approval to the department of labour electronically with the usage of iCERT portal system.
    LCA ( Labour Condition Approval) is a tedious document and for the preparation of the same, you have to sit along your future employer to ensure that your condition would cover the status of Department of Labour.
    Step 3 - Once LCA is approved, the employer would go ahead for the petition for the non immigrant worker form.Your employer would be required to fill up your academic qualifications, your working experience evaluation documents and the letter of support.
    Step 4- Once the petition is approved, the applicant would require to process their visa at their home country's US embassy office or consulate. This may take at best a week but again it is subject to variation depending upon your location.

  • H1b visa is required to work in USA, without H1b visa you cannot work in USA. Every year in April a lottery will be taken for H1b visa. This year there are more 200000 applicants received for H1b visa lottery out of which 75000 application has approved H1b visa. This H1 b can be extended for infinite number of years but the only clause is you need have a job. If you lose your job you will be out of status within 60 days.

    Coming to your question, even though you have educational qualification you need to have a job and employer to file H1B in united states and the your visa has to be picked up in the lottery.

    In additional, you can do higher degree like masters or phd in USA which will give 3 year of work permit called OPT. You can work on OPT in USA and you will get three chances to fill H1b.

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