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  • How to become a dubbing or voice artist?

    Planning to build a career in dubbing industry? Want to know how to become a voice interest? On tihs page our experts shall respond to your queries.

    We are familiar with the term "dubbing artist" that refers to people suing voices fo theirs for others. The dubbing is done for various reasons, like language change, to suit the character, etc. Many people are working as a regular dubbing or voice artist and getting good pay. Many are interested in becoming one but do not know-how and what to do. I would like our experts to help me to clear my doubts about this job.
    a) What the real work of a dubbing artist?
    b) How can one become a voice or dubbing artist?
    c) How much does a dubbing/voice artist earn in a day or is it according to a project?
    d) What are the requirement to become a voice or dubbing artist?
    e) Is there any institute or training centres that train people to become voice or dubbing artist?
    f) Who are some of the known voice or dubbing artist in India?
    g) Any other information related to voice or dubbing artist?
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  • Please see the following:

    1.When the movie industry started the actors used to act while telling the dialogues also. This is like what we see in stage dramas. You have to concentrate on both acting as well as dialogue delivery also. As there is a technological advancement while acting just lip movement is sufficient. Later they can tell the dialogues. The editing people will join the dialogues and action. Initially, the same actors used to tell their dialogues separately. But if the actors don't know the language some other artists whose voice is good and can tell the dialogues in the local language will take the responsibility of delivering the dialogues. This is known as dubbing.
    2. To become a dubbing artist there are no prescribed qualifications. The main requirement is a clear voice with proper modulation and control over delivering the sentences. One should modulate their voice by practising the following
    A. You have to work on your voice. This is generally called Culturing and nourishing. Record your voice. Hear it. Find out the mistakes and try to improve in those areas. Again record and hear. You continue this process until you are satisfied.
    B. Your pronunciation should be good and clear. You should how that language is spoken in the areas where the movie will get released. Then try to follow that ascent and pronunciation.
    C. Learn Modulation: Understand where to keep the voice Low and where it should go to a high pitch. Where you should stop. Where you have to give more thrust. All these things are to be practised to get the correct modulation.
    D. Don't try to imitate somebody, It is not mimicry. Be yourself.
    E. Here the voices of other dubbing artists and try to learn the technique. You can hear the voices in TV serials, cartoons, advertisement and movies. If you have any doubts consult the other artists and get your doubts cleared. That will make you a good dubbing artist.
    3. The earning depends on the project and your performance. Initially, it will be low and gradually it will increase. There are people who are earning Rs10.000/- day and there are artists who are earning Rs.1000/- day. There are no fixed rates.
    4. There are no specific requirements or qualifications. Youn should have a good voice and also should be able to speak the language properly.
    5. I never heard about any institutes where they train dubbing artists. Generally, Singers will be good dubbing artists as they have good control over their voice. Try to learn music and start singing songs.
    6. The great Singer Sri S P Balasubrahmanyam is a very good dubbing artist. He will do dubbing for the great actor Kamal Hasan in Telugu movies. The famous Telugu Singer Sunita is a dubbing artist. She will give voice to many lady lead roles who never speak Telugu in movies. She has given voice to many lady actors. Sai Kumar is also a good dubbing artist and he gives his voice to Raja Sekhar. Nagoor Babu is another dubbing artist. These are all very famous in Telugu.
    7. It is a good option to go as a dubbing artist. But it all depends on how you maintain your voice and how you modulate your voice.

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  • To become a dubbing Artist, you don't need any specific educational qualification but one has to show the command in such languages which you would like to persue in course of dubbing.
    There are some salient features which you need to acquire so as to have the successful profession as a dubbing artist. You should go in through the points listed below helping you to understand some positive tips for this profession-
    1) Mark your voice, it should be distinctive and clear. Moreover your pronunciation should be precise instead of being a lengthy one.
    2) Ensure that your dialogue delivery is flawless.
    3) You should be versatile enough to alter your tone depending upon the situation. The voice required in the documentaries could be different from that of the cartoon character.
    4) You should be familiar with the lip synchronisation so that you can reflect the emotions based upon the body language of the original charecter.
    5) Though becoming a dubbing artist is not an easy job but at the same time, it is not impossible either. You should be well versed with the different styles of talking. If needed take some training under the guidance of a professional artist so as to change your vocal cord depending upon situation.
    It is definitely a lucrative niche but being a beginner, you have to undertake a training helping you to become a skilled voice artist.If you are confident in your ability, you can start looking out this profitable opportunities straight way.
    The earning of the dubbing artist would depend upon your length of experience. For a fresher, it would be around Rs 300 - 500 per hour for dubbing but for the experienced ones, it may go as high as Rs 5000 - 7000 per hour. A veteran in this profession may charge you Rs 60000/- per hour.

  • The voice-over or dubbing artists have become an integral part of the visual information, dubbed pictures, audio ebooks, translations etc. There is a lot of these activities in this field and it is in fact increasing day by day. The detailed answer to the point wise queries are as under -

    a) The real work of an voice-over or dubbing artist is to speak in a language for describing a matter or a translation or dubbing of a audio or video which is in some other language. Actually, these artists lend their voice to different visual projects such as advertisements, documentaries, corporate videos, e-Books, TV shows and even films.We will hear the voice of the dubbing artist while viewing the original video or listening the audio or any such other communication to us in the media world. The voice-over artist would speak on behalf of the character in the video or film which we would be viewing but the dialogues would be coming from the dubbing artist's voice. This role is an important role in the industry.

    b) For becoming a voice-over or dubbing artist the main eligibility is to posses a good clean voice and then also the fluency and good pronunciation in the language concerned. They should be good communicators. Earlier people with some basic qualifications could learn it with practice but nowadays there are courses for it and one can learn the detailed technicalities of this area before making it a career.

    c) There is a good demand for the quality dubbing artists and they can earn good sums through this work. The new or fresh artists get about Rs 8000 to 10000 per project while experienced and high quality dubbing artists can earn Rs 80000 to 120000 per month depending on the type and number of projects undertaken.

    d) The basic requirement is that the person should have inclination to do this kind of job and should have a fluent control on the language he would be using for dubbing. He has to do some course also to learn the ways of dubbing in a formal way. The concerned company would recruit a person only after taking a voice test and other such assessments.

    e) There are many small institutes in various places in our country where voice-over training courses are conducted. In some places some voice-over artists themselves have opened a training centre to teach these skills to interested students for a fee. Some drama or theatre groups also organise this voice-over training for the aspiring candidates. In Mumbai some of these agencies are - Indian Voice Over's, Filmit Academy, and Voice Bazaar.

    f) Some of the top dubbing artists in India are Rajesh Khattar, Mona Ghosh Shetty, Piyush Pandey, Richa Nigam, and Chetan Shasital.

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  • Your intention may be good and correct but your voice in audible level should correlate with others expectation. Similar to photos voice may differ in some times. Some persons so beautiful when seeing in person but in photo not to that extent. For others they are good in photograph rather than in person. This is called photogenic face. Like this good voice may be inaudible when hear through speakers. For this first of all you record your speech or singing through your mobile and then recording in CD through a mike. Ask your friends about their opinion by hearing them. If every thing okey, then go to the nearby cinema studio area and by that side there must be an Association for dubbing artists. Or else you can search in telephone directory of your area for the Dubbing artists association. On approaching them in person with the recorded ones you get registered there. For this they may ask you to pay a fee for registration. They will get you chances of dubbing in cinema, tv serial or any other media through their recommendation.

  • I am here to give answers of your all doubts regarding Voice Artist .

    Voice over artist work

    "Today the number of TV shows dubbed in Hindi and dubbing artists for them is increasing. Today, TV programs are being dubbed in almost every language of the country. Move slowly in this field to become a good voice over artist. This region is a big mixer of small things. For a good career, students should have both physical and mental energy. To be a good voice-over artist, the artist must know how his voice is and what his range is. In the beginning, even if you do not take Talent money, but do take Basic money.

    Many Hindi filmmakers are also dubbing and releasing their films in the regional language. Many cartoons and animation films broadcast on TV channels come from abroad. Children who know Hindi or other Indian languages ??can understand them, so they are dubbed in Indian languages. Curiosity states "There is a lot of future potential in this field."

    How to become a voice artist

    The most important quality is sound, but it is very important to have complete knowledge of the language. Hindi, English should be accompanied by the regional language. Voice over artist must read something daily as well as practice recording anything. The voice over artist should also do theater so that he knows where the modulation of the voice will be. Today there are many techniques to improve the voice but the technique does not bring emotion. So do not take any shortcut, but proceed with hard work.

    While dubbing is emerging as a great opportunity in the world of television, in addition to this, a lot of opportunities are also being created in regional films, foreign films, radio, advertisements, cartoons.

    Qualification for Voice Artist

    Educational Qualification You do not need any special educational qualification to become a dubbing or voice-over artist. But yes, with good grip in language and performance of character, your lipsink, your voice and pause are some of the important parameters that will determine your victory and defeat in this field.

    Related Institutes

    Other major institutes
    Indian Institute of Mass Communication Miranda House,
    University of Delhi ARM Radio Academy
    Asian Academy of Film and Television,
    Noida Philmite Academy
    Mumbai Xavier Institute of Communication Mumbai

    Here are the opportunities -

    "There is a lot of employment potential for a trend and professional voice-over artist.
    Video programs,
    Radio programs,
    Program presentations,
    Ed Jingles,
    Phone software,
    News channels,
    Film, television
    Talented voice-over artists are needed everywhere for animation, production house etc.

    Apart from this, you can also make a mark as a --- freelancer artist ---. " National Geographic Channel, Discovery, History Channel, Cartoon Network, All India Radio, Mainly Drama Section, Delhi Station, Vividh Bharati, News Section, Commentary, Yuvani in Documents in Films in Radio and Television Channel in Advertising Agencies in E-Learning Private Studio. chances are.

    Hope you got all the information you wanted

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