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  • Honda Activa or Suzuki Access or other scooter - which one is better?

    confused betwee choosing honda ACtiva or Suzuki? Which is better in terms of mileage and pricing? Here, our epxerts shall provide you advice to choose the best vehicle.

    My friend is planning to buy a scooter (2020 model), there are few brands' scooters available with almost same design and specifications except price differences. Which one we can give suggestion to him to buy among Honda Activa and Suzuki Access scooter?
    Can we suggest TVS NTorq or Jupiter or Yamaha fascino or Hero pleasure?
    Little confusion. Kindly suggest the best one including pricing and mileage.
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  • These days 125 cc scooters are seen more in numbers in India. Suzuki Access 125 is there from long and Honda Activa 125 is a bigger version and is a very famous model of Honda,

    Honda Activa 125 is a vehicle having 124 cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected unit. The engine bhp is 8.1, 6,500 rpm .and 10.3 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 rpm. Suzuki Access 125is a vehicle having 124 cc fuel-injected engine. The engine produces around 8.6 bhp max power at 6.750 pm and 10 Nm of peak torque at 5,500 rpm. Suzuki Access 125 is having a better performance.

    Both the scooters are having similar hardware. The suspension duty is by telescopic suspensions at front and mono-shock suspension at the rear. Both of them have front disc brake as an option. They have a combined braking system. So in terms of hardware, both are same.

    Design and appearance will be ok in both the cases and depends more on individual liking. The price is also almost similar and no much difference. Anyone of these two is Ok. My personal preference is Suzuki Access

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  • On price front, both the versions have more or less the same price tag, but still I am favour of Activa due to the following reasons -
    1) Activa has the body makeup of the strong metal where as Acess has a light weight fibre making it less stable in the city ride. Activa is meant for the rough usage and stability ensuring highest safety in course of riding.
    2) Honda version possesses the engine displacement to the tune of 109 cc and a maximum of 8 bhp at the rate of 7500 rpm but but Acess has 8.58 bhp with the rate of 7000 rpm.
    In terms of power, both the versions have 4 stroke , single cylinder, air cooled OHC engine.
    3) Activa 125 is equipped with the telescopic front and spring loaded hydraulic suspension at the back ensuring smooth comfortable drive making the journey comfortable apart from 130 mm disc brake upfront making it effective enough to halt it even from a fairly high speed without loosing the balance where as Acess does not have the disc brake provision.
    4) In terms of pick of speed, Activa is superior and ensures a smooth ride at 80 km per hour owing to its higher torque rate but Acess would need more throttle to gain the same speed.
    5) Elevated handle bars of Activa version ensures a comfortable riding where as Acess has a low set and a narrow handle bar making seating uncomfortable for the rider.
    6) Activa provides spacious floor board ensuring enough space for your foot. Acess trails behind Activa since it has a narrow floor board to place your foot.
    7) HET technology of Honda scooters have proven its superiority in terms of fuel efficiency having 51.6 Km/ litre where as Acess provides 47 km/ litre.Hence on that score Honda version seems to be superior.

  • Let us go with the comparisons between these two models -

    (1) On the price front there is no appreciable difference and both the models are comparable. There are many parameters like engine displacement, transmission type, wheel size, where both are having similar characteristics.

    (2) Considering the mileage, Honda Activa has a mileage of 60 kmpl while that of Suzuki Access it is only 52.5 kmpl. So in this respect Honda Activa has an edge over the Suzuki Access.

    (3) From the point of view of engine power Suzuki Access is having a higher power of 8.7 PS @ 6750 rpm as compared to 8.29 PS @ 6500 rpm of Honda Activa. This is a plus point in favour of Suzuki Access.

    (4) Considering the 0-60 kmph pick up test, Suzuki Access takes only 7.19 seconds as compared to 8.72 seconds taken by Honda Activa. So this is another point in favour of Suzuki.

    (5) Activa is having a fan cooled system but the Suzuki is air cooled.

    Based on the above considerations, I would suggest you to go for Suzuki.

    Almost in the same price range another good model Yamaha Fascino is also there. One can go through its details. Suzuki Burgman is another model which is about Rs 10000 more in price but appears to be more comfortable for a ride. On the lower price side another scooter that is Honda Dio is there.

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  • Let me help you get some of the features of the scooters and models you have mentioned which may help your friend and even you to propose or buy the best as per your requirement.

    1.Honda Activa - It has Fan Cooled, 4 Stroke, BS-VI Engine and equipped with 124 cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected unit and agitate out around 8.1 bhp max power at 6500 rpm and 10.3 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm and provides a mileage of 54 kmpl. It has an LED headlamp, external fuel lid, full metal body, LED DRLs, semi-digital instrument cluster, multi-functional switch, side stand engine inhibitor, idle start-stop system, full metal body, telescopic suspensions at the front and mono-shock suspension at the rear, combined braking system and has a modern design. The price of the scooter starts around Rs. 70500 and goes up to Rs. 78000.

    2. Suzuki Access - It is a 4- Stroke, 1-Cylinder, Air Cooled engine and equipped with 124 cc fuel-injected unit and produces around 8.6 bhp max power at 6750 rpm and 10 Nm of peak torque at 5500 rpm and provides a mileage of 52 kmpl. It also has LED headlamps, semi-digital instrument cluster, external fuel lid and is very lightweight, telescopic suspensions at the front and mono-shock suspension at the rear, the combined braking system with a retro design style. The price of the scooter starts around Rs. 65000 and goes up to Rs. 72000.

    3. TVS NTorq - Ntorq is powered by a 124.8cc, fuel-injected engine which produces 9.1 bhp of power and 10.5 nm of torque, coupled to a CVT. It is available in three variants - drum brake, disc brake and Race Edition, the fuel tank capacity is 5.8-litre, with a kerb weight of 118kg, a full LED headlamp with LED DRLs, charging socket in the boot and a boot lamp, Synchronized Braking System(SBS), app-enabled parking locator as well as Bluetooth technology, etc. The price of the scooter starts around Rs. 71000 and goes up to Rs. 80000.

    4. Jupiter - Jupiter(BS6) comes with a 109.7cc, fuel-injected engine that produces 7.47hp of power and 8.4Nm torque. It has a USB charger, standard LED headlamp, Eco Thrust Fuel Injection technology (ETFi) which gives 15% more fuel efficiency and better engine performance and provides a mileage of 56 kmpl. The price starts from Rs. 61500 and goes up to Rs.68000.

    5. Yamaha Fascino - It comes with a 125cc that generates 8 bhp of power and 9.7 nm of torque and an automatic gearbox. The kerb weight of the scooter is 99Kg and provides a mileage of 58 kmpl. It has telescopic forks-up front and a mono-shock at the rear braking system, a 'quiet engine start' and a start-stop, side stand engine cut-off switch feature, larger 21-litre under-seat storage, etc. The price starts from Rs. 68000 and goes up to Rs.73000.

    6. Hero Pleasure Plus - It has 110cc motor with fuel injection instead of the carburettor that generates 8 bhp of power and 8.7 nm of torque, an automatic gearbox and drum brakes for both rear and front. It has apron-mounted turn indicators, LED at the tail, under-seat storage space, two luggage hooks on the front and a pair of front pockets to keep your luggage. The kerb weight of the scooter is 104Kg and provides a mileage of 63 kmpl. The price starts from Rs. 58000 and goes up to Rs.63000.

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