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  • Is it required to keep border for MDF jali?

    Do you have a query about MDF jali? Wondering which one is better between white base and black border or whie polish? Here, on this Ask Expert page find advice from experts for all your query.

    We are confused to keep border for MDF jali or not.
    There are several places people have kept border with different polish in MDF jali.
    Let's say jali in white color and border in black. Is there reason to keep it? Attaching picture.
    Also is it good idea to keep jali in white polish or different considering dust catching it?
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  • MDF is made using hardwood, softwood, wax, and resins. The product will be made at high pressure and temperature. It comes in a smooth finish and the durability is also good. jali in white colour and border in black appears good. But there are many other combinations are available and we can select based on our interest. Border in strong colour and Jali is a light colour will be a good option. The colour selection is mainly to have a better look and should appear decently. Based on our interest we can select the required designs.

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  • To keep a border for MDF jali is totally optional and upto you only. As you already know that white colour MDF jali with the black border looks beautiful. In fact contrast colours always looks beautiful. This contrast is very popular these days.

    However, any colour contrast can be selected based on the colour combination of the overall interior. You can keep MDF jali without dark border also if it matches with the interior. It's up to you.

    If you feel that white is a dust catchy colour, you can use other light colour also. White -blue or grey-he combination are also very popular.

  • MDF is a hard texture made up of hardwood, softwood, wax and resins. It requires the application of high pressure and temperature to get the final product. There are varieties of options available for Jali and selection is to be made depending upon our liking.
    Border with a strong colour and Jali being light would make the combination attractive. We should make our effort to offer an attractive look of the combination. Designs would vary depending upon the interest of selectors.

  • MDF is medium density fibreboard and is a specially prepared product used for variety of applications in our house. It can be used as Roof Ceiling, Room Partitioning, Front Elevation, LED Panels, Bathroom Cupboards, In parts of modular kitchen, Wardrobes and many others. MDF jali is becoming a great product lately for interior decoration specially with its engraved designs.

    Manufacturers provide these MDF jalis in various shapes, sizes and colours. It depends upon the choice of the custom as what type one chooses. If used as partition and cupboard covers a border might look elegant but using as roof ceiling or front elevation, border might not look so relevant. Of course it is individual choice to appreciate the border around the jail and one can get the product of one's choice from the market. Technically a separate border colour is not required and it is only a matter of colour choice or other design considerations that one can go for matching border colours for a MDF jali.

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  • Although it should be the final decision of you and your family, even if you want to take safside advice, it is a good thing because in such cases many times the advice is proved to be right.

    According to my choice, MDF jali is a good plan for your house, MDF board, or medium-density fiberboard, which is an engineered wood product. It is produced to high technical specifications, with a fine and smooth surface.

    Apart from this, if you talk about the border then the white border looks better than black It would seem appropriate but at the end of the day, it is also your choice as you know about the wall colors and all things about your house. This plain MDF board is available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit a wide range of applications. MDF Jali is one of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your surroundings

  • MDF partition jali can be used with or without border. When you want to partition a specific area and to appear as distinct area, it is better to have the border so that it indicates that the area is separate. But if the MDF jali is to be used just as a mall partition on a long table or as a beauty decor piece border can be avoided. Having a border will give the space a cramped look. Beside a mirror or glass table it is better to have MDF partition jail without border.
    When there is some necessity of support on different sides then bordering is needed. The combination of colour and design is absolutely as per individual choice and as per the space and lighting in the area or room.

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