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  • Query regarding signature

    Facing a doubt regarding signature? Want to know if it can be part of a name or should include both first nad last name? Find responses from ISC epxerts for your query here.

    My name is Priti Sharma but in signature it is Preeti, is it valid? The sign is Preeti in pan card ,bank account every where . Do I have to change my signature everywhere or this will work? Please let me know your advice. Thank you and I will appreciate your opinion on this.
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  • According to any one the signature need not reflect the full or part name. In many persons case the signatures are scrambling with lines, then how can recognize the name. The signature can be done but strictly in the similar manner always. When you are opening an account or submitting KYC with the bank, they will give you a form in which specimen signatures in three times to be made. In this place you sign as you please but in the same manner to be followed by you any time and the pattern you are signing should be kept confidential without knowing to others even for closed one.

  • We can sign anywhere in two ways. One is full Signature and the other is a short signature. Short signature is known as initial. In all legal matters initials are not allowed.
    Full signature means it is not 'initial'. The signature
    1. can be legible or illegible,
    2,. Can be in any language
    3. Can be readable or not
    4. Can contain your first name or full name or not
    The way you put is your signature. It should similar and it should be same always.
    So if you are signing in all the places in the same way, no necessity of changing your signature. There is no rule you have to this way or that way. The way you sign is your signature.

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  • Some people do signature in such a form that their name is seen there while many others just write their first name or combination of some letters and in many cases it is not possible to decipher the name of the person just by seeing his signature. So, all these are valid forms of signature and there is absolutely no problem on this account. The problem only comes when your signature differ from one instance to other much which means that you are casual about it and sometimes write the full name while at times just write your first name only. Please note that signatures of people are unique and do not match with each other. That is why they are taken as a sign of authenticity in cheques and other such docs. We should try to keep our signatures uniform and same everywhere due to reasons of consistency. Banks keep our signature images in a scanned form in their desktop or laptop and then the bank employees would use that data base to check whether it is our sign in the cheque or someone is cheating and committing frauds. Anyway, your signature as your first name only is very well valid and you do not have to change it.

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  • As you have indicated your name as Priti Sharma and you are known by this name everywhere, but you are signing as Preeti appearing variance between your name and the signature.
    In this regard, please keep in your mind whatever signature you put, it should not vary and consistency is to be maintained at all levels. You may remember the process while opening a Bank - account, you were given a card where you were asked to put three signatures having some minor variations to one another. While making any payment, they refer to this card to ensure the correctness of your signature.
    It does not matter if you are signing as Preeti in all official documents.

  • "The sign is Preeti in pan card, bank account everywhere. Do I have to change my signature everywhere or this will work?"
    This will work. You have to continue with your this (Preeti) signature as you have given them in your major documents. In case you have given a different signature in any other important paper, then update the signature there changing to this signature following their prescribed procedure.

    Now read further.

    Signature is your unique marking which will identify you as the person who signed so and authenticate the document by that way.

    In earlier days when most people were illiterate, they used to put certain specific markings like a cross, a swastika symbol, an Om in Sanskrit or Hindi or some auspicious symbols from their faith. What was needed was a consistency in those markings whether lines or dots or circles or any shapes, they should be consistent and proportionate, how many times you do that.

    After people became literate they started writing their name as their signature. As everyone's handwriting and style was different even if two people of same name sign by writing their names each will be distinctly different from the other.

    Hence one's signature can be the name in full, name in part or name with some other letters or symbols, or some wavy lies or strokes etc, but which will be consistent and proportionately sized even when they sign on different times, different surfaces. My mother used to sign by writing her name and then adding 'sree' in Malayalam. Many people used to add something like that.

    For example a person's signature on a very small piece of paper (in specimen card) and a signature on a slightly large space on a larger size paper will look the same in pattern but different in size. However a signature analyst can easily see the relative proportion of them. Both signatures will bear a very good relativity in proportion to each other. That is consistency. Though one's own signature will be almost similar at different times and places, they will not be exactly carbon copies. There can be very minute diference depending on the pens used, the writing surface, and the space available for free navigation of the hand and fingers etc.

    If two signatures are exact carbon copy then one of them can be doubted as fraudulent one as it is fraudsters who ensure that the copied signature is exactly same as the original by mechanical copying or replicating by othermethods.

  • There are different types of signatures - full signature, initial signature, typed signature, and digital signature. As you mentioned your signature is half of your name and it is everywhere then it became a legal signature. You need not worry, this signature will work everywhere. Only the initial signature is not legally valid, this is just an acceptance signature that you have read something on documents.

    For typed and digital signature there are some procedures to get it legally valid for the businesses.

  • Our signatures are nothing but an identification in a written form. When we sign a document with this particular signature then the document becomes authentic and legal. One can sign in any way as it could be the first name or a few letters of it or a combination of fist name and second name and/or surname. There are many possibilities. Only thing is whatever one decides as one's signature it should be consistent and the person should be able to reproduce it when asked to verify it. The signature is the most important thing as the person at the verifying desk would match it with the signature as available with him in the records and would get satisfied only when they are matching.

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  • A signature is your consent or proof for others that the document or anything is accepted, approved, known and acknowledged by you. Thus it is a prima facie evidence that you know or accept the terms and conditions as mentioned in the documents and know about it.

    There is no fixed rule for a signature and it can be in any form, any language, can be mixtures of cursive and print, can be scribbled, can be clear and legible, can include your entire first and last name or full name, it can be messy or curly, etc. There is no single rule for a signature.

    The point that one needs to remember while making a signature is that you should be able to write and reproduce in the same formate whenever and wherever required. Before finalising to a signature, practice your new signature several times until it comes out naturally while writing or signing and check if it can be easily reproduced by you or else, you need to simplify your design or style or complete signature.

    One point you need to keep in mind while before making it official or legal by signing it on all your legal documents like mark sheets or certificates, bank records, driver's license, passport, pan card, aadhar card, etc, make sure that you can reproduce the signature as it may be troublesome to change it later. As these documents serve to identify or acknowledge you if the signature doesn't match, it can arise suspicion and cannot be accepted.

    Now, as you have mentioned that every document of yours have only your first name, it stands valid and is acceptable on every document and everywhere but always make sure that you keep or put your same sinature on every documnet as mentioned.

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  • I would suggest you have a full name signature. It's your style, the way you want to write, whether you want to add a stroke/dot, etc, and make it look appealing. Full signature helps in your all business and legal activities but the only thing you need to note is that it should be constant.

  • First of all, the author of the thread has to remind that signature is different from writing the name. If anyone ask write your name, you just simply write the full name as given by your parents. Signature is the authenticity of a person to identify in important documents. It is necessary that the signature is identical at every place wherever it is required. Moreover, it is very needed in the case of a bank account. After opening an account in the bank, the banker scans the signature of account holder. If the account holder wants to change the signature, they can give only few chances. There is no particular instruction whether a full signature or partial signature to be in any document. But, the signature should be identical and the same during entire life of a person.

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