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  • Ideal programming languages to learn for Deep learning and artificial intelligence

    Panning to upgrade your job profile in the field of Deep learning and artificial intelligence? Software experts will share their knowledge of which are the best programming languages to learn for a better career in Deep learning and artificial intelligence.

    Currently which programming language is the easiest and the best in terms of scalability and design that a student can learn to develop a better understanding of deep learning and related areas of big data so as to further his/her job profile? Also are there any visual programming languages for deep learning, if so which is the best?
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  • Deep learning or Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer engineering. This subject will be for making the computers think intelligently. The following languages are the best in this field.
    1. Python: It is considered to be the best languages of AI development. This is a very simple language and easy to learn I understand. Many AI algorithms can be developed using this language. It takes less time when compared to other languages. There are many references in Python. So we can get good guidance from these libraries. Python will be useful for object-oriented as well as procedure-oriented programming.
    2. R: It is one of the most effective languages which can be used for analyzing and manipulating the data. R has many packages, GModels, Class and Tm are some of them which can be used in the field of machine learning. Using these packages one can make machine learning algorithms easily for business associated problems.
    3. Lisp: It is the first generation language. It is one of the best languages for the development of AI. This is invented in 1958 by John McCarthy. This a very good language for prototyping and easy dynamic creation and automatic garbage collection
    4. Prolog: This language is also as good as Lisp for development in AI field. Efficient pattern matching, tree-based data structuring and automatic backtracking are some of the important features of this language.
    5. Java: It is also good for AI development. The special points in this language are
    A. Easy use,
    B. Debugging ease,
    C. Package services,
    D. Simplified work,
    E. Graphical representation of data
    F. Better user interaction.

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  • A software engineer or anyone keen in the field of programming has to understand the different languages of programming so that they may apply these languages for deep learning of the programmes and can improve their skill set in the area of artificial intelligence.
    Here a few such languages are indicated which are frequently applied in the area of artificial intelligence-
    1) Python - Python would not take much time as compared to other programming languages like Java, C++, Ruby etc. It contains several libraries in Python making tasks similar. Such libraries are Numpy, Pybrain etc. The advantage of trying Python is as follows -
    1) It would be easy to write.
    2) It enjoys large community.
    3) A coverage of lot of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course.
    2) R Language- It is one of the best programming language providing inputs for analysing and controlling datas for statistical people. Many organisations use R Data Analysis, Big Data Modelling, Google, Uber, Visulisation etc in the field of banking. This language can be utilised for predicting risks.
    3) Java - It can be used in wide range of applications development like games, Mobile, Desk Top Application etc. It would appear a good choice for Machine Learning especially the business based on Java.
    4) Lisp - Lisp is one of the oldest programme language for the development of artificial intelligence. There is enormous application of Lisp in the field of Artificial Intelligence. However, the level of learning is rather difficult since it is considered as one of the tough programming languages and is not suitable for beginners.
    5) Java Script- Java Script is a simple programming language and is easy to understand the basics of this programme. However, for the beginner, it would take some time to assimilate the concept.
    Since Java Script is developing at a faster pace in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and understanding the Web Application etc.
    6) Prolog - It is the programme expressed in terms of relating and the execution followed by running enquiries over these relations.
    This language has been utilised for hypothesis demonstrating, term rewriting, type system, automated planning etc.
    7) Julia - Julia is a dynamic programming language and can be used to write any programme. Julia is used for Machine Learning with the consultation of many libraries or frameworks. The tools available in Julia include IDE's with the connecting tools such as tinter, profiler and many more.
    The other important languages in this area are Haskel, AIML( Artificial Intelligence and Make Up Language), C++ and exposure with these languages would make them updated in the area of artificial intelligence.

  • If you are interested in Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence, then you must learn Python language.
    This language has good scope in the near future and its easy to learn. It includes packages for performing many applications like Natural language processing, neural networks, machine learning, etc.
    Other than Python, there is a language called Haskell, that is also used for Artificial Intelligence.

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