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    Would it be good to switch from science to B.Com. for graduation?

    Want to switch from a science to a commerce stream for graduation? Know through the guidance given by education experts whether this would be a sensible choice and what you can expect when making such a switch in terms of a career ahead.

    What all difficulties will if I face if I am a PCM student who wants to do B.Com. in the commerce stream? Would this be the right choice? Specifically, I would like to know which area of B.Com. I would be entering into and whether it would be something that will get me stuck into with no career scope as such.
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  • There are no courses where there is no career option. If we have a good understanding of the subject and we have the talent of applying the knowledge in various application where it is required. B. Com is a very good course and you have many options to start your career.

    1. After completing your B.Com you can apply for Bank Officers and Bank Clerk jobs and if your fare well in the written test and interview you can be an officer or clerk on Banks. You will start your career with banks. Similarly, you can apply for various jobs in central government and state government and try your luck there. There are many private companies where they take B.Com graduates as an assistant in their accounts and finance or administration departments. You can try for those jobs also.

    2. You can have a better career if you improve your qualification.
    a. After B.Com you can go for B.Ed and you can become a teacher in government schools for teaching Social studies and English. These days teachers are also getting good salaries.
    b. You can go for M.Com and you can be a lecturer in private colleges and you can also become a lecturer in government colleges if you qualify in the NET examination. You can go for PhD also once you are qualified in the NET examination with a UGC fellowship,
    c. You can also study an MBA after completing B.Com. If you do our MBA from a good Business School you will have a very bright future with a good career prospectus with very good pay packages.
    d. You can do ICWA or CA and start your career as an auditor. Initially, you can work for some time under a senior auditor and then you can start on your own. You can plan your audit firm and you can become an employer for some more auditors.
    e. You can do the Company Secretary course (CS) and join any public or private limited company as a company secretary
    f. You can do some certificate courses like financial risk management and financial planning. You will have a good career with various banks and other finance companies once you obtain these certificates.
    g. You can do a diploma in Digital marketing and you can go for jobs in that field.,

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  • Selection of the course either Commerce or Science would depend upon your passion and interest of the subjects included in that particular stream. Basically, Commerce is the area where you will be exposed to different domains such as Accountancy, Economics, Taxation, Preparation of Balance - sheets of the companies, Financial- control etc.
    Your switch over to this stream would be easy if you are having a sound concept in Mathematics taught to you at 10+2 level irrespective of the stream you chose at that stage. While studying in B.Com ensure that you are comfotable with the chapters. In case of doubt, take the help of your professor to sort out the issue. It would be better to work out the problems of last seven years of the university to restore your confidence prior to upcoming examination.
    Once you pass out the said examination with a high first class mark, add any one qualification suited to your passion to enhance your employability in multinationals. You may undertake any one of the following-
    1) MBA or PGDM in Finance - The best recourse would to clear CAT with high percentile in so as to get Finance stream in any IIM institute preferably Mumbai or the other alternative could be to qualify MAT with a high score so that you get one of the top 20 management school to persue the Finance Course. You may get the chance of campus placement at the end of the session from some MNC with a hefty package.
    2) M.Com - Here you will be exposed to different domains of commerce such as Accountancy, Economics, Finance - control, Taxation, Preparation of Balance - sheets etc creating sound concepts in these areas. Later you can clear NET and may be recruited in a constituent college. You may go in for Ph.D later for better promotion prospects
    3) Financial Risk Management- This is relatively a short duration course of nine months enabling you to have a sound concept in the present dynamic financial market.
    4) Charted Financial Analyst - It is provided by the CFA institute consisting of 2.5 year duration. CFA course would include Statistics, Corporate Finance, Probablity Theory, Portfolio Management etc. Hence to understand these modules, you must have the sound concept in Mathematics.
    5) Charted Accountant - CA comprises three stages namely CPT, IPCC and CA finals. You can qualify the same with your dedicated approach and hard labour. Once you clear this, you will be known as certified Charted Accountant. Either you can undertake independent practice or join a multinational firm. In both the cases, you will be earning substantially.

  • Firstly all career choices have their own merits and demerits. One must accept this as a fact and be reasonable about it. As you wish to go about changing your stream of choice. This is per say easy if you have a good grounding in maths it'll be a lot easier since you're from science. Some of the major options open for you are CA, B.Com, Actuarial science, Management and the recent emerging field of Business Intelligence ( Data Analytics etc ) also the scope of Marketing especially Digital Marketing has widened a lot and has immense growth potential in the coming few years not to leave out Commercial/Mercentile Law. Apart from these there are many certificate courses in specific emerging areas both online/offline which you can take in between to enhance your growth profile. Hope the transition is easy. Wishing you the very best !!!.

  • Making a career in science stream or commerce stream is equally challenging due to the prevailing job conditions in the country. At the same time there are opportunities everywhere for those who can work hard to achieve their goals and ambitions. In this matter one thing which is of paramount importance is interest and liking for a particular subject or stream because a person can work exceedingly hard in the line of his interest or passion. So, from that angle one has to decide whether to continue in science stream or switch to another one like commerce.

    Science has its own opportunities but commerce also is an important field where many new positions are emerging due to thrust on business and commercialisation in our country. Commerce is the backbone of business environment and management and everywhere it is used. If you are able to switch to commerce then after doing graduation in it there are many options for undertaking further courses and making a career. Some of these are -

    1. Chartered Accountant (CA) - This is one of the most popular and rewarding qualification for making a career in commerce and business line and after completing it there are ample scopes in many organisation in Banking and Financial sector. It is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) and consists of three stages and their examinations which are CPT, IPCC and Final CA. The total duration of this course is 3 years.

    2. Master of Business Administration (Finance) - This is another option after B.Com. and after completing it, there are opportunities in many Indian as well as multinational companies for their managerial posts in finance and commerce departments. For getting admission in MBA generally a good CAT score would be required. The duration of the course is 3 years.

    3. Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification - This is a 9 months certification course after B.Com. and has job opportunities in the area of risk management, trading, structuring, financial modelling etc. After acquiring this, lucrative jobs would be available in Banking and Management consulting sectors.

    4. Masters of Commerce (M.Com.) - After B.Com. one can go for 2 years M.Com. course which gives opportunity to apply in many business houses in our country for commercial positions. One can even try for teaching jobs in colleges and universities through the NET route.

    5. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) - This is almost like CA but has more coverage for some foreign curriculum. This is a 2 years course and after this there are opportunities in the fields of accounting, banking, management, and consulting.

    6. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) - This is a relatively shorter course of 8 to 12 weeks duration and one can learn accounting, taxation, reporting, and compliance skills under it. Many companies in production and manufacturing recruit the BAT qualified commerce graduate persons.

    7. Digital Marketing - This is an emerging area and many organisations are hiring people in this line. The future of marketing is Digital Marketing and it makes sense to try a career in this line. Digital Marketing courses are shorter in duration of a few weeks though full fledged courses for 6 to 12 months are also available in some institutes.

    8. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - This is a two and a half year course mainly related for investment industry and there is demand of these analysts in the present industry scenario. For doing this after B.Com., one has to have 2 years work experience also.

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  • If you have interest in finance or commerce or accounts and you are choosing to study B.Com by your own choice then it is quite okay.
    Many PCM students had opted similarly and had good achievements in their care then passed Chartered Accountant course and joined a CA firm with a good remuneration too.
    At the most you may have to put a bit extra effort for learning the accountancy subject taught in plus two courses. That may be needed only for initial period. You can achieve the same by getting coaching or tuition before B Com classes begin also.
    I wood say that B Com after PCM is advantageous because you will have a basic science background which can help in cultivating a scientific temper in life.
    There are many career options and opportunities after B Com with or without higher studies.

  • You are PCM student, that means you are either in class 11 or 12 or you just passed class 12. In any case, you have certainly passed the 10th board examination and opted for Science after that. Now your mind swings and you are feeling you are interested in commerce. In that case, firstly I suggest you sit down and in your calm mind think what makes you feel interested in commerce and think are you disinterested in Science. Then think about what can you do with your career-related to commerce. After thinking if you find you have a deep interest in commerce and you want to achieve great out of it, then I will give suggestions only if you passed the 12th board examination or if you are yet to pass the 12th board examination. Your mind should not swing if your 12th board exam is not over and in this case forget what is your interest or disinterest and only focus on passing class 12th whatever stream you are in, whether Science or commerce with your decent marks at least. Your 12th qualification will be the basic criteria in admission to colleges. I will not suggest you opt for commerce again in school, then you will waste years as you have to start from 11. So better qualify class 12th exam and after your qualification, if you have a deep interest in commerce, then I will suggest you opt for BBA rather than B com. Because BBA has lots of commerce-related studies in it and BBA requires you for class 12th qualification and doesn't bother whether you opted science or commerce in 12th. BCom requires you for class 12th qualification with Commerce stream. Since you have opted for Science in 11 and 12, you are not eligible for BCom. So better opt BBA and then you can prosper your career in the field of commerce of your choice, say marketing or finance or whatever.

  • Shifting to Commerce from Science after 12th is seen in many students and it is easy for you to change to your desired stream if you have interest and fervency in the subject and would like to make your career in it. Before changing or finalising about changing the stream, kindly go through both the stream again with these points:
    a) Family pressure - Many families pressure their children to take up science as they want them to become a doctor or engineer but the children find it hard to cope up with the subject. Sit with your parents and make it clear about what you feel and make the changes.
    b) Too hard to study - As science is a vast subject, without interest in the subject, it will be very difficult to get the concepts and round the clock, study routine to complete the topic is more exhaustive and this affect your grade, so need to rethink about it.
    c) Its a bouncer - It is very difficult to understand what is taught in class and everything just bounces above your head and even mugging them up is not helping you to cope with the subject. Indeed, everything is not taught in class but this is common for all stream and you need to join any good classes for it instead of going for a change in stream.
    d) The study, study, study - When we look at other stream students, i.e. Arts and commerce, you are not able to enjoy your college or other vacations or holidays as you have practices, vivas, assignments, etc which is known to everyone beforehand but if this is what is making you think about changing the stream, do have another go through your thought.

    Even after pondering to the above 4 points, you feel that your passion lies in commerce and better suited for your life then surely make your decision and shift to commerce. You can be sure that only the 1st semester will have accounts based on the 12th std, all other papers will be theory and even the accounts papers will be new to all students that can be easily understood. Most of the topics will be Final Accounts i.e. preparation of Balance - sheets, Taxation, Economics, Finance, etc.

    Some of the job opportunities in commerce stream are as follow for your reference: Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, MBA, Stock exchange, Banks, Insurance, Tax Consultant, mutual fund, Financial Planning, Logistics/Supply Chain/ Portfolio/Marketing/Hospital/Finance/Retail/Media/Rural/Infrastructure/Technology Management, Foreign Trade, many government jobs opportunities(Central, State, PSU after clearing their respective competitive exams), Defense, etc.

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  • It has been commonly seen in educational path to shifting from commerce to science. I also did the same in my educational carrier. I saw many friends changing their stream because of interest and job opportunities. They all became very successful in their carrier path. If you are having interest in commerce subject then go with it. Definitely, you will rise. There are various job opportunities available in every courses. It depends upon your capability that how nicely you can handle. Commerce is very good subject for reader. After completing you can go for C.A which is understood as very smart job. Moreover, you can make your carrier in banking sector, stock exchange, insurance company, digital marketing. Company secretary is also considered as a reputed job. You can earn handsome money in this field.

  • You can definitely switch in case you feel you would like to take up B.Com. I would like you to think for some time on the below questions

    1. What is that I would like to take up my career as / work as in the future?
    2. For being so what do I need to do on my qualification perspective?
    3. Will I be able to ensure that I learn the concepts well and have the urge to learn?
    4. Will I / my family be financially able to manage the funds necessary?

    I would suggest you think about what you would like to do in future and create a base during your graduation. Because you're investing your precious 3 - 4 years to learn and apply in the future.

    When you take up B.Com, it will be so that you would find it difficult to understand few concepts since you would not be aware of what others learn during their 11th /12 Std but you can learn the concepts soon in case you dedicate and try and understand the concepts.

    In case you opt to do B.Com, you can work on Accounting related roles, you can further specialize on any tax-related or finance-related domain and focus on a niche market. You can also think of doing a Chartered Accounting program where you can opt to be an Auditor in the future. You can also try and do PG courses like M.Com /MBA.MBA can further give you opportunities to work on various management opportunities in various domains like Sales/Purchase/HR/Administration. You can also think of Company Secretary courses. You can also think of doing further something on Business Law. There is no end of opportunities if your willing to explore.

  • First you should decide what you want to be? There are different scopes in B.Sc. PCM and B.Sc. in commerce streams. If you want to be an engineer you should go ahead with B.Sc. but if you want to be C,A, , C.S. or you want to do taxation you should do B.Com.

    I think you will not face any difficulties as you have already done your higher secondary with PCM and a mathematical students can cover any subject. Yes, you will need to understand basic concept of commerce which you have not learnt in higher secondary level. So, take a coaching class to cover that basic concept of commerce.

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  • After class X, you have decided to think carefully about which subject you will continue your studies, yet sometimes it happens that we take a decision in haste or without thinking ,and later if you feel that your decision was wrong, it is wise to correct it at the right time. . So if you feel that you are interested in commerce then you can definitely choose your new stream

    Every subject has its own importance and you can make your career just interested in whatever you study, so if you are interested in commerce then you have all these

    There are options in which you can make your career

    1.B.Com Accounting and Finance-

    To do this course you have to pass with 12th commerce subject. This is a three-year degree program, after which you get many career opportunities in accounts and finance. In this full three-year program, more than 35 subjects of banking, account, finance and taxation are taught. The program focuses most on financial knowledge. If you want, you can also work as a trainee accountant by joining a company after a degree program.

    2.B.COM Banking and Insurance-

    Even after doing this course many job offers are available in the market. It is also a three-year degree program which is both professional and academic. This degree program provides information about banking and insurance as well as topics such as accounting, law and insurance risk cover. This course consists of about 38 subjects, in which a systematic study of several topics of banking and insurance is conducted. Along with this, 2 big projects related to banking and insurance are also to be done in this program. After doing this degree program, courses with higher education like M.Com, MBA, CFA can also be done, which are in millions of packages.

    3. Cost and Work Accountant-

    This course can also be done after 12th. This is a course similar to CA, which is offered by The Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India Cost Accountancy. Its foundation course has to be done in 12th. After doing this course, the students get a chance to work in the Cost Accountant and many related posts. After a job here, one has to apply to The Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India. For this, there is an entrance exam every year in June and December, then an intermediate course and then a final exam like CA is completed.

    4 B.COM Financial Markets-

    It is also a three-year degree program, consisting of 6 semesters, in which a total of 41 subjects are taught. This course gives information about Finance, Investments, Stock Market, Capital, Mutual Fund. After doing this three year degree program, Trainee Associate, Finance Officer, Finance Controller, Finance Planner, Risk Management, Money Market Dealer, There are many job options like insurance.

    5. Chartered Accountant-

    This course has always been in demand. This course is conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. To do this course one has to undergo the Tough Common Proficiency Test at the beginning. Its entrance test covers subjects such as accounting, market law, general economics and quantitative aptitude. Although you can do it even after CA graduation, but due to the long duration of this course, it is good to start it only after passing 12th commerce.

    Company Secretary

    It is also necessary to have 12th pass to do this course. This course is run by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India in the country. This course is completed in three stages, consisting of foundations, executives and professionals. However, those who have done graduation are given exemption from foundation course. After doing this program, 16 months of training is required. After doing this course and training, you become an associate member of ICSI, after which the job is easily found.

    I hope this will help you ... Have a great day and All the best for you Bright career...........................

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