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  • How to find a job after gap years in working at different companies?

    Worried about a bleak future due to a gap in your work profile? Know from experts whether this would create a major issue in being hired for a new job and how best to go about finding a job in a sector other than the previous one.

    It has been three years since I completed Btech in Electrical Engineering. I have experience in two different electrical panel manufacturing companies. Unfortunately, I got fired from these two companies after being in both those companies for six months. I got fired from one company in December 2018 after being there for 6 months and another company in February 2020 after being there for 6 months. I didn't get any experience certificate or an offer letter from both these two companies as they refused to give it to me. Therefore will this gap of three years be the problem in getting jobs in future?

    Also, I had a problem of staying in a factory environment and visiting hazardous sites, therefore I want to change my career. I have started doing a course on Data Analysis and Machine Learning along with python programming and also with projects. Will this be helpful for the future? Along with this, is any company hiring for work from home in the current pandemic situation?

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  • An Electrical Engineer not ready to work in a manufacturing environment, Then you have to think of a job in the IT field with your Engineering degree. But most of the well established IT firms will be taking fresh graduates only. But you passed the degree 3 years back. So big IT companies may not prefer.
    I suggest you think of becoming an insurance assessor. As you have an Engineering degree you are eligible for this. You have to enrol as a trainee surveyor with IRDA. You have to join under a senior surveyor and complete a one-year training under him. Then you can attend the surveyor examination. This examination will be conducted by IRDA once in three months, You can pass the examination one subject after another subject and there is no rule that you have to pass total subjects in one attempt. Minimum qualifying mark is 60%. Once you complete this training you can be a lead surveyor. You have to apply for an IRDA licence.
    There are many job opportunities in private sector insurance companies. licensed people are less. you can work independently for various government and private sector insurance companies. You have to get yourself empanelled with them. They will use your services for settling their claims. The fee will be based on the Organisation and type of work you are undertaking.

    As mentioned by you can do some courses like Python and try for a job in the AI field. You can also try in some small companies as a software engineer and once you put up some experience you can try your luck in big companies. You can also do a certificate course in Digital Marketing and try for online jobs in that area.

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  • You can upload your profile on which is best in terms of finding a suitable job. In terms of the gap, it does not really matter in case you can justify with genuine reasons that you were not well or maybe had to take care of your parents or doing something else. It's about how well you present to your new firm. You can also be fair enough by saying the truth to the employer and most of the cases in case the employer is broad-minded and understand the issues which are practical and also happy enough to see that you are being honest may consider you for the vacancy but it purely depends on the mindset of the employer and also on what he prioritizes. Some employer looks for a well-qualified guy, intellect person, experienced person, loyal employee. I mean many employers have different preferences and it is bit difficult to understand what they are looking for but you can try being honest and check if that works. Frankly, it works as I have also been into recruitment and personally I used to prefer people who were honest and which used to make me feel that in case he/she is being honest they will remain honest at work as well and as well as with me/company. Also, I found the same with my seniors and my boss's preference.

    Since your into B Tech and Electronic Engineering, you can also think of something on wireless industries like Antenna manufacturing, Radio /Wireless Technology focused firms, and opt for the various roles over there like designing, quality, etc. Data Science has definitely gained a popularity these days and you can also try looking for opportunities in the domain.

    You will definitely find jobs during these times as well as many companies are hiring for various roles. Many organizations are conducting the whole recruitment and interview virtually and many are also calling the candidates to the office for final round.Please keep looking and you will definitely find one.

  • Don't loose your heart that you have been sacked twice with your previous employers. It is nothing but a bad nightmare and you are probably under the grip of undue strain following such sackings. You need to start a fresh with a renewed vigour. At least two parameters are essential in your case the first thing which comes in mind is that you go thoroughly through the texts of your stream and update your knowledge and the second one is to improve your skills in both oral and writing. The second point is also important since the employers would watch you how far you are able to represent the facts relating to topics raised by the employer while you are on the interview. If required, strength this skill with some professional institute.
    Apply through or in a similar website. These platforms would provide you opportunity to interact with the experts of the company of your area and the duration of interview will last for at least 45 minutes or even more if you are comfortable with their response. They would assess your inner potential with the series of questions. Take care that you should not show over smartness with some wrong projection. Honest but detailed explanations of the queries asked by the employers would impress them. There is every chance of getting back a job with a lucrative offer in your stream.

  • You are a B.Tech graduate in Electrical Engineering with a years experience of six months each in 2 different companies that focused on control panels(MCC, PCC, PLC, APFC, Starter panel, etc), its design, material take-off, panel drawing, documentation, testing, etc and so you are familiar with the above-mentioned profile work. As you also mentioned that you were fired from both the companies within 6 months but you have not mentioned the reason for it and so leaving it aside, I would say, you need to register with online job-search portals like,,,,,, etc so that they can help you find your appropriate job.

    You have mentioned that you have a problem of staying in a factory environment and visiting hazardous sites, so would like to change your profile and it is good that you have thought of it at the early stage. As you are already undergoing online training in Applied AI course, you can apply as a design engineer, Development and Test Engineers, radar and navigation systems engineer, communications systems engineer, global positioning systems (GPSs) engineer, Systems Engineer, etc.

    As you are a graduate, you can even try government exams like UPSE, Banking exam, clear National Eligibility Test(NET) and apply for the post of Assistant Professor and/or Junior Research Fellowship award in Indian universities and colleges, Railway exam, other government exams which will keep you away from hazardous and factory environment.

    One thing that you need to be prepared is you 3 years gap that you have after completing your B.Tech Engineering course in 2017 as this will be asked by every recruiter and they need to get to the point answer or else, it can make a black mark. So prepare well with an answer which feels realistic and decent. All the best Anirban Roy and do well.

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  • Well, I'd suppose you could get started off first by applying for a few short-term courses (for upgrading your skillset) which can be taken online as well from reputed organizations. As suggested by other members Data Analytics is a good field with lot of scope. Additional to this you could also prepare for an entrace test so as to secure a government job. Also you could go about freelancing, this particular option however is good only if you're really good at the task that you're given and have a reputed profile.

    Best of Luck !!!

  • With an electrical engineering degree and interest in computer science there are definitely some job opportunities for you and I can suggest some areas where you can make a choice and then focus for making a career. Do not worry for the gap of 2-3 years in your career. Keep a watch on various positions being advertised in the internet job portals and wherever suitable apply for those positions. Employers are well aware of the facts about gaps and breaks and you can always tell them that due to the short service period in those companies you could not get the experience certificate. Now this is the time to acquire some skills or use the knowledge in you to make a career. Some of the options for you are -

    1. Coaching/Teaching - Nowadays there are many coaching centres which are well established and even in the present pandemic time they are teaching and guiding to the interested candidates through online. You have sufficient academic expertise and you can explore this area if you have interest in coaching or teaching.

    2. Digital Marketing - This is a white collar job and you would need to perhaps undergo a short course to understand the gamut of this emerging area. In nutshell it is the modern age marketing going to the handheld mobile devices of the prospective customers.

    3. Web hosting, web designing, animation and visual presentations - This is one old area where still there is scope if you get exposure to some company in this field and you can learn many things while on the job in this arena.

    4. Data Engineering - If you are well versed with Python language and other related computing tools then you can make a presence in this area where analysis and retrieval of data is done and presented for the organisational needs of taking business decisions. In this area a lot of data digging and compilation work is there.

    5. Database and cloud computing - Many organisations are switching to cloud computing and there are jobs being created in this line. So some basic knowledge of cloud computing is to be attained beforehand for trying a career line in this niche area.

    6. Technical write ups and content writing - Being a technical person you can explore the area of technical writing like preparation of manuals etc for electrical gadgets and quality work in this area is well remunerated.

    7. Self employment - This is a bit difficult but remember that if you have some business skills then you can start your own business in product selling or service consultancy by either joining some existing group or on your own. There are many opportunities here from wholesale sales to retail sales and once the volume of business picks up then there is no going back in the business line. Generally we feel that business is not our cup of tea. But if we wholeheartedly try it we might be surprised with our success.

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  • There are many opportunities for a person who had passed B.Tech. (Electrical). First assess yourself about your age and eligibility to apply to government and public sector jobs. Even if you do not want to continue in the power sector, there are opportunities in career to apply as a graduate. In such jobs you may not be needed to highlight about previous employment as there relevant experience is not counted. You may say some convincing reason in a non-negative way.
    Start applying and preparing for any general job, with graduation as threshold qualification. You can also register with online and offline recruitment agencies. You need not highlight on the gap years. Think of starting a self employment business like electrical sales, servicing, and contract work etc employing technical people under you to do the actual job. Try to get the needed licence in that regard. It may come to your help some way.
    Create an attitude of adapting and adjusting as per requirements of needs. The priority is to get a job to avoid unemployment so that when you face another interview you will not have any embarrassment.

  • According to your degree, you are interested in computers, technology, machines etc. Electrical engineers are needed in every field from home to industrial and space applications.

    Due to the increasing use of modern machines and gadgets in our life, there is a need to make the devices more efficient, controllable and reliable. Due to this increasing demand, the employment prospects of electrical engineers are increasing.

    Electrical Engineering sector in recent times
    Communication navigation system,
    Computers & Data Analysis
    As such, technology is spreading rapidly in areas with advanced technology.

    If you want, you can make a career in the following fields

    Research in Electric Engineering

    Institutes and companies are also investing for research in new fields for electrical engineering graduates. In these areas, such as distributed grid control, smart grids, sources of non-conventional energy, extracting oil and gas from the sea, many research projects in the energy sector can be found to electrical engineers.

    Job in data digitization sector

    The government and individuals are focusing on increasing data digitization and networks. In such a situation, electrical graduates are most likely to get jobs in the field of network and communication. With the progress in the field of communication, there are certainly a lot of digital data that needs to be analyzed. These vigorous systems of data collection have opened up a lot of opportunities for electrical engineers.

    Also as analyst

    It is not that you go into manufacturing only in a company or you have to work in the field. Instead of electrical engineering, you can work as an analyst with several companies at once.
    Government job options
    Every department needs an electrical engineer, besides the electricity department is a separate department, so you can apply here when the recruitment is open and you can get a better career option.

    Tutor (Work From Home) -

    In today's time, teaching demands very much, if you want, you can start an online class. ..

    It is not that after engineering from this branch you can stay in this field only, but you can also go to other fields. You can prepare for IS, many government jobs come and you can go in and work hard for them.
    The most important thing is that you should know about that topic i.e. you should know about electrical appliances, problems faced in it, how to overcome it, what can be done to prevent it from getting spoiled. If you are aware of them then you can do better.

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