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    No Objection Certificate from current employer in Autonomous bodies

    Do you have a query regarding NoC from an autonomous body of government of India? Searching for how to get the NoC? On tihs page our experts shall respond to your uqery.

    I am working in an autonomous body of Government of India. I have applied for officer scale in Public sector bank through direct recruitment & intimated current employer through proper channel.
    If I get selected for interview & current employer denies for NOC then what can I do?
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  • You have applied for a new job in the public sector bank? You have informed the present employer through proper channel. Did they acknowledge your information in writing? Then that itself will serve as NOC. You can produce that to the new employer. Once they accepted your information in writing means they will not have any objection and they should not give you NOC.
    If you are not getting NOC from them and then you have to resign for the present job and you should get relieved. What are the terms and conditions of your employment? What is the notice period? you have to follow those conditions and then you have to get relieved from the present and then you can join in the new job.
    If you are following the conditions of employment there will not be any problem and you will get relieved and you will get the NOC also.

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  • According to your own submission, you are an employee of central - government and have applied for the executive post of a public sector bank.
    You have adopted the procedure of intimation to your present employer through the proper channel and by doing so it is the compliance of the company's standing order. For your own safety, ask the personnel department of the present organisation to spare your personnel copy of this application. Retain the same and in the event of your selection for the next post, show them the application retained by you. Request the employer to spare some time in advance so that you could produce them the NOC of the last employer.

  • If you have applied for the new position elsewhere under intimation to the present department then they are supposed to give you a NOC to leave the present one and join the new organisation. If you have any apprehension in this regard then you meet your present head of HR section and get it clarified from him in written.

    There is a process involved when you move from one department to other. The basic thing is that if NOC is obtained then it becomes smooth. Otherwise you have to give the one month notice or deposit one month salary if you want to leave immediately as per the terms of the employment of the present job. Please also note that if you have given any bond at the time of joining the present job then I am afraid that you would have to honour that bond and deposit the bond amount before leaving. So you have to respect and honour these conditions before leaving and then you can join in the new place. Actually NOC is a type of clearance cum character certificate from the earlier department and helps to establish your credential at the new place. It is only a formality in some cases but it always helps to have a NOC in your hands.

    In any case no one can stop you in resigning and leaving the organisation and going for joining the new one. It is your right to leave a job and join another. Only thing is it is always better to follow the process whatever is prescribed in your present organisation.

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  • You have "intimated current employer through proper channel.". That is proper and you need not worry about your employer denying NOC. If you had intimated earlier at the time of applying, then it is understood that you have given proper information and the fact that they have not initiated any objection or condition it mean that they have no objection in your leaving the job if getting selected for the new job.
    Joining the bank will take some procedural time. So when you are called for the interview by the bank, you may enquire regarding the probable date of joining the new job. Accordingly you can be prepared. Only after getting the appointment letter you should apply for resignation. Please keep copy of all your letters to your employer as proof for any later use. If possible get them acknowledged also.
    As of now you need not worry in normal situation.

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