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  • Best names for a shopping website for garments, jewellery and electronics

    Launching a new e-commerce website for garments, jewellery and electronics? Check out the suggestions at this Ask Expert page to know a suitable name for the site.

    I have launched and developed a new shopping website to sell clothes, jewellery, and electronics. Can someone suggest me the best name for this ecommerce portal?
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  • Congrats for developing a shopping portal for clothes, jewels and electronics products. Since it is developed through your thoughts and ideas, better to have your name as the name of the site, such as Girish corner, Girish shopping online, Girish latest fashion, Girish needs and so on. Because when you choose other names, by the time you want to register the name, someone would have already blocked the name and thus forced you will be forced to go for another name. Whereas when you chose your own name, there may not be problems in getting the site registered with names as suggested above.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Your site would be a place for jewellery and garments and there are many options but you have to see whether they are available there or not as the most obvious ones are already cornered by the ambitious people involved in ecommerce. Still there are some options which can be thought of in this venture. Some names could be - GarmentMart, YourWardrobe, IndiaAttire, ClothShine etc. It is better to go for short ones as people remember them easily.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thank you Mohan but I do not want my name in the domain. Thanks, Umesh, too.

    Girish Patil

  • My best wishes for developing anew website and you don't want to promote it in favour of your name. You may choose the name of your wife or your son to be included for the promotion of your website. It should appear more or less in this fashion -
    Avantika corner, Neeta on lines, Rajesh on lines etc.

  • It is good to that you are developing a new shopping website to sell clothes, jewellery, and electronics. I am suggesting you some name of the website like fashionOnline, FashionClub, AllFashionWorld, FashOhub, MyShoppingWay, ThingsYouNeed, FashionBirdy, MyShopperWorld.

    I have checked and there are no website from these names. Hope you will find a suitable one. All the best for your new venture.

  • How about projecting the business-focused with use of the first letters like - Garment, Electronic, and Jewellery even You can also think of choosing names like,, which can depict that on this site they can see get to buy which is next level in terms of fashion and gadgets.

  • First of all congratulation for opening an e-commerce website. You can include any location name in the domain if you don't want to include your name like, www.garmentsofbanswara. com. Some other suggestions are :
    1. fashionsapparel
    2. garmentsshop
    3. formalgarments
    4. jwellerythatsuits
    5. classicgarments
    6. theshopyoulove
    7. beautifuljwellery
    8. cosmeticjwellery
    9. yourstore
    10. yourjwellerystore
    11. perfecthomeelectronics
    12. fivestargarments
    13. Flexiblegarments
    14. brandedgarments
    15. uniquejwelleries
    These names are unique and hope that you will find one for the domain of your website. Wish you a great success.

  • A catchy and attractive name remains in the memory of the people and if it is available one must go for such permutations. For example WearMart or JewelHub might do the trick but only thing is they should be available for making a domain name at reasonable price. It is seen that catchy and attractive domain names are very costly or already sold out. We were once searching for a domain name of our choice but we had to compromise on the less attractive but cheaper ones. More longer the name more easily it would be available. For example if I search for 'AllSortsOfClothesAndJewellery', I would get it easily but it would be too cumbersome to hold on.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Congratulations on your new beginning and as you said that you are searching for names that can be trendy, catchy and remembered by all, you need to think of something common yet innovative. As you are dealing with garments, jewellery and electronics, you can make a name mixing all the three or name starting with your name as it will be goodwill as well as help many to get a quick thought of your stores. Some of the names that come to my mind are:
    1. According to your name - GP mart, GP stores, GP shoppy, etc
    2. According to the items - Gar-Jel-Tronics, Garments for you, etc
    3. Some fancy ones - All-in-one shoppy, Shop N Swipe, Smart shopping, Under 1 Roof, Ladies N Gentlemen, Your mart, 4 both,, Shop N Win, On Time, Shop N Wear, Gifts 4 All, In Stock, Fashion Store, etc

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • Thank you so much all for your quick replies. I really appreciate your comments to help me to finalize the portal name.

    Girish Patil

  • Congrats on a new note. So you've decided to become your own boss. That's great we need more folks in our country with this mindset. Choosing a name can be challenging sometimes, hopefully there are tools that can help you with that. Go to a domain name search and registration site like and you'll get lot of parameters to search from you can also check wether a domain name is registered or not. Personally I would suggest you start your portal's name with M as in like or mala's club etc, here the name not only resonates with the neaning but also the kind of products that you're trying to sell. Best of Luck !!!

  • It is good that you have decided to have a business platform in garments, Jewellery and clothes. I wish you all the best in your new endeavour. I pray to God to see that you will be successful and progress well in the line.
    What are Your likings? You want you to have a general name and name of persons or Gods. Basing on that you can select.
    1. www. friendly trendy. com. It may be a good name. It tells the people that you are friendly with people and also it will tell that you will have materials for all trends.
    2. www. fashions for all . com. It will be indicating that you will be offering the material for all ages and all genders,
    3. www. step in fashions. com. If you want fashion can step in here.
    4. www. browse and buy. com can also a good catchy name.
    5. www. market for you. com will also be good.

    always confident

  • Thank you so much all for your response buddies.

    Girish Patil

  • To become an entrepreneur, it takes lots of efforts from licensing to be actually on the mark. Congratulations on having achieved such a wonderful goal.

    You could select one of the names from the list suggested by our members. Let me give it a try, hope one falls into your achievement.

    1. One-stop at Giri's
    2. 999+ blend
    3. Sweethearts boutique
    4. Touch wood
    5. Brisk sort

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