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  • Which professional courses one should do that will be demanding in future?

    Preparing to study the apt course for matching with future technologies? Searching for such tech orientated professional courses in India? Checkout this page where our experts have responded to your query.

    With the advent of transformation of everything specially jobs, industries, education, banking from traditional oriented to tech oriented, which professional courses will have demand in future especially in India and that will meet the demand of this transformation?
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  • Artificial Intelligence is one subject which is gaining importance these days. You can learn languages that are useful for this profession. Python. Java and some other languages are available for this profession. After B.Tech one can try to get a certificate or diploma in this line. There is a good demand for this subject. Many institutes and organisation in India are offering this certification. You can try for that. The other courses are

    Typewriting (English/Hindi)

    Stenography (English/Hind)

    Electrical Technician

    Electronics (Radio/TV/Tape Recorder Mechanic)

    Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

    Beauty Culture

    Library Assistant

    Secretarial (English/Hindi Medium)


    Jan Swasthya/Public Health

    Cutting/Tailoring & Dress Making

    These are all professional courses in Inda

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  • Have you heard of Change Management Certification programs? These have gained greater importance especially during these uncertain times where organizations are looking forward to building change capabilities within their organization.

  • There are going to be changes in the leading professional courses in India in the present transformational times. The traditional graduation and Post Graduation would only be an academic achievements and would not be fruitful from the job point of view especially when the Govt jobs are being cut to bare minimum and private companies are cutting manpower in a bid to become financially viable. So, there are courses in the computer and digital world which still have shine in them and they would be ruling the job market in future also. Besides these there are some areas where manpower is still required as demand is more than the supply due to various factors and from job point of view those areas would also be prospective. Based on these parameters and factors the following courses and streams would be of interest in future and one can try to make a flourishing career in them.

    1. Digital Marketing - The marketing efforts are now required to be done at the smartphone level as the user or customer for the products and services is available there 24/7. So in future it is natural that more and more qualified digital marketing persons would be required in the industry.

    2. Nursing / health caring - This is one area which is evergreen from job loin of view and has immense potential for occupation. The future of jobs in this line is going to be brighter.

    3. Coding and billing in health insurance - This is another area where there is a gap of qualified people and there is requirement of persons in the sector and this requirement is going to increase in future as more and more of our population would be opting for health insurance.

    4. Home health care / old age home healthcare - Due to the pattern of nuclear families increasing in our country, there is a need of home health care hands and this area is also having a good potential from job point of view.

    5. General duty assistants - Every one cannot become doctor or engineer or administrator as there is a tough competition for that but there is a large demand of assistants everywhere and it makes sense to keep that avenue of occupation in one's mind.

    6. Construction management - This is one are which is going to get a boost in future as the infrastructure would go on improving not only in the big cities but even in towns and small towns. So after the requisite qualification like diploma in civil engineering or degree in civil engineering or course in accountancy and audit or any relevant qualification, one can try to make a career in this industry.

    7. Laboratory technician - The health industry is going to grow at a high rate and the laboratory testing and analysis is the backbone of the medical industry and one can definitely chart out a career path there.

    8. Nutrition and dietetics - People are becoming health conscious day by day and there is a need of these professionals to help them to retain a good figure as well as a good health. This is definitely a prospective area in the future from job point of view.

    9. Visual communication - This is a sub discipline of mass communication but getting attention as there is a need of picture presentation, manipulation, and management for the news as well as other happenings in the world through the TV or internet. So this also seems to be a prospective area.

    10. Artificial intelligence - This is an area where computer technology and other technologies have to contribute much to produce a robust gadget to mimic the human forms and attributes. This is the area of immense potential and those who have expertise in computer coding and mechatronics can think of making a dynamic career in this area.

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  • Though the professional courses have been designed to equip the aspirants with the specialised knowledge in the chosen area making them competent in those fields already chosen. However, they should have tremendous passion in their profession so as to emerge successful. Moreover, they should not be perturbed by the occasional lean period since this is associated with most of the professionals.
    I have provided a list of professional courses which will remain evergreen in almost all the circumstances in India.
    1) MBA in the Health Care Management- This is one of the areas focussing on organisations playing a crucial role in Hospitals,Health Insurance, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, IT and Consulting etc. There are numerous institutions in this line providing you right inputs in this area but opt for IIM or Xavier Institute with the clearance of CAT with high scores or XAT with the impressive score so as to enhance your employability.
    2) Charted Accountant- Though achieving to the status of Charted Accountant is not so easy as perceived by many aspirants, its path is tough and can be achievable with the sustained and dedicated effort. One has to pass the multiple examinations in various aspects of Accounting to earn the prestigious title of Charted Accountant. Their demands are endless are likely to stay at all times in the booming period or the otherwise. They would assist in managing Accounts, Finance, Taxation and Auditing etc.They can work independently as Consultants helping their clients or can undertake jobs in high paying MNCs.

  • With the advancement in science and technologies, there will be a rise in jobs that don't exist now but will be growing in demand soon. Many of the common skills like office support, production and machine operations, repair and installation both mechanical and electrical, food service, etc will disappear but professions in health, technology, education, creatives(books, media, television, movies, fashion, etc), workforce training, etc will continue to be in demand.

    Some of the jobs or professions that will gain demand in future as per reports are Artificial intelligence(AI) psychologist/specialist, drone manager, Innovative Technology, Quantum Data Analysis, focus on project-based relationships like Business sustainability expert, Operations Manager, Business process manager, etc, Mean Stack Development, Renewable Energy Engineer, Talent manager, Facilities manager, App developer, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things specialist, mechatronic, Fintech entrepreneur, etc to name some.

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  • There are many areas where the sheen for job and career has been diminishing gradually in the past few years. At the same time there are new and prospective areas emerging out for the people who can work hard and devote in those areas sincerely. As per the various reports and information available in the media some of the lucrative areas emerging and expected to do good in the future are given below -
    1. Related to online shopping where there are good job openings and one can try to be a reseller also.
    2. Cloud computing as many organisations are shifting to that instead of maintaining a server themselves.
    3. Food and catering directly to household. As more and more people in the same family are opting for jobs demand for food and catering is going to increase.
    4. Online teaching is opening up in a big way and there are good job opportunities there.
    5. Providing skilled technical service. This is an area where the diploma holders would be able to make a good career as more demand would come up for repairs of the gadgets.
    6. Automation and Artificial Intelligence. This is going to be the next big thing in the market as people are going for intelligent homes as well as intelligent work places.

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  • Expecting demand in profession is not a good culture to a student. Demand to a professional course is not certain and cannot be predicted. By analysing such demand etc., one should not study but on his interested subject only to be selected. Automatically your interest will get bright future to your selected course.

  • Apart from the academic qualification, there are a lot of courses that one can enrol in that will immensely help to choose a profession. While it is important to select the courses to get a foothold in the job market, one can also become self-employed after finishing many such courses. These courses focus on the practical aspect of the subjects that students have learned to earn a degree/diploma in their academics.

    1. Web developer: Every business has to reach out to the customers and during this period when many are preferring to stay indoors and doing their work from home the demand for online shopping is increasing manifold. For that, a website is essential and a good web developer is required to create and maintain a website.

    2. Android App Developer: Apps are very useful and even a layman can use it with ease. Every service provided by an individual/organization thinks of delivering it to the subscribers through a mobile app. The smart mobile gadgets have reached to almost everyone and hence Android App developers are in high demand.

    3. Internet of Things (IoT): That is the technology of the future where every gadget we are using will be connected to each other via a network. Be it the washing machine in your house or your car, they can be interfaced in the same network and you can communicate with them from anywhere.

    4. Cybersecurity expert: The dependency on the internet has made us vulnerable to many threats. Many frauds are reported throughout the world because of the vulnerabilities associated with a network and that's why this profession is also very much in demand.

    5. Data scientist: We are surrounded by data, be it in the form of news or email or a video shared over the social networking platforms. A data scientist has to work with all these data for data extraction, data exploration, transformation, etc.

    6. Physiotherapist: A very demanding profession and a challenging job as well. The ever increasing pressure on professionals to stay in front of the computer leads to various ailments like joint pain, muscle pain, etc. With the help of massaging and exercise a physiotherapist treats the patient to cure her/him. Not only for working professionals but physiotherapists are also very much required for people in their old ages.

    7. Yoga teacher/Fitness instructor: Everyone wants to stay fit and maintain good health. A lot of people are attending Yoga classes and going to the gym for that reason. This is another popular course one can enrol in.


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