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  • How to apply for the BPL Card in India

    Do you have a query about issue of BPL card? Looking out for the detailed procedure and requirements for issue? On this page scroll through the answers from our experts.

    I have a query on how to apply for the BPL Card. Can we apply online. What are the procedure and the website we need to visit to register for it. How long does it take? What are the criteria? Can I get it done for my whole family? During these times(COVID - 19 ) scenario how to get it done? Do I need to make any payment for it? How long it takes to get it? How will it be delivered? Is income certificate required?

    I am from Bangalore and I work but my parents and grandparents are dependents and also few are having health issues.

    How will this card help me and my family members
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  • The Constitution of India works by giving respect rights to all citizens and viewing them from the same perspective. Then that person irrespective of religion, caste, sex etc. In this category many people in India practice their lives, one of them. People belonging to BPL class (BELOW POVERTY LINE) means those people are marked in it. Those who fall at the bottom of the poverty line. These people are financially weak to a great extent.

    The full form of BPL is BPL = BELOW POVERTY LINE. In this way, BPL means families living below the poverty line. To help these families financially, the government supports them with some basic things. So that they can easily nurture themselves and their families. These people are given some main items by the government. Such as food, house security, land, customer service, education etc.

    The BPL card holder has to submit several important papers during the application. Which is as follows: -
    Income certificate: - At the time of application, a person has to provide proof of income of his entire family. Because your income determines this. Whether BPL card is eligible to be made or not

    Aadhar card or ration card etc. for information of entire family members. In which their name and age is shown.

    A criterion has been prepared by the government. Under which only a person can be included in the list of BPL: -

    Annual Income: - Only those individuals can avail BPL card. Those whose annual income is only 27, 000 or less.

    17 out of 52: - The government works to measure people by a few digits. By which it is known. How strong the person is financially. And if a family has 17 or less than 52 digits. They will be given a BPL card.

    To get a BPL card, you can apply in 2 ways -
    Online, offline.
    To apply online, you will have to visit the official website of the food and logistics department of your state. However, to apply online now, except in some states, you will have to go to a nearest public service center. The government has taken this step to eliminate corruption in ration distribution. So that fake ration card cannot be created.

    With this, you can go to the Food and Logistics Department of your district directly in offline and submit the ration card form along with the necessary documents. If you are eligible then your card will be made.

  • Ration card is an official document issued to households by the respective state government to buy food grain at a subsidized rate from the Public Distribution System and it also serves as an identification for the common man. There were three types of ration cards: Above Poverty Line (APL) ration cards, Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards and Antyodaya (AAY) ration cards. The applicant needs to have an Aadhar card as the ration cards of eligible beneficiaries are linked to their Aadhaar numbers of the holder to cross-checked with Aadhaar-linked databases. Now coming to your query pointwise:

    1. Can we apply online and the website we need to visit to register for it?
    Ans: Yes, You can apply online or as you are residing in Banglore, you can even visit any at any service kiosk located at Bangalore One/ Karnataka One/ Private franchises/ Janasnehi Kendra/ Grama Panchayath/ POS shops to get yourself registered for a new Ration card.

    2. What is the procedure to register for it?
    Ans: For the complete procedure about New Online Application For Ration Card, you can visit the
    link: 1. or even check the attachment given with this reply.

    3. How long does it take? What are the criteria?
    Ans: Normally, the concerned authority issue new ration card within 15 days from the date of application or you can even collect it by paying a fee of Rs.100 per copy.

    4. Can I get it done for my whole family? During these times(COVID - 19 ) scenario how to get it done?
    Ans: It is advisable to go together or do it together while applying for a new ration card or else application fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged every time you go for the addition in the name. It is also to be noted that that the eldest female member of the household will be made the Head of the family on whose name the card will be made as per the provisions of National Food Security Act-2013. Due to Covid-19, You need to check from the above-mentioned website or shops about the present filing or application process.

    4. Do I need to make any payment for it?
    Ans: There is an application fee of Rs. 50/- per application or depends upon the number of member per form or shop.

    5. How will it be delivered?
    Ans: You can look to answer no#3.

    6. Is the income certificate required?
    Ans: While applying for new ration card, every applicant above the age of 5 needs to provide Aadhar based biometric authentication. As other things like the bank, etc are linked with aadhar card, other documents are not required while applying for a new ration card.

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  • Karnataka government is offering Ration cards to different people. please see the following to know about various cards and the eligibility criteria.
    1.Priority Household (PHH) ration card: This card will be issued to the people who stay in rural areas.
    2, Annapurna Yojna Ration Cards: This card will be given to poor citizens whose age is 65 years or more.
    3, Antyodaya Anna Yojna Ration Cards: The families having annual income less than Rs.15,000 are eligible for this card
    4, Non-Priority Household Ration Cards: The families who are having a stable income will be given this card.

    You can apply for a card online and the documents required for application are as listed below.

    1. Passport size photograph
    2. Address proof
    3. Identity proof
    4. Age proof
    5. Income proof
    6. Certificate from the Ward Councillor or Pradhan
    7. Tenancy agreement in case applicant is a tenant

    You can apply online by following the procedure as mentioned below

    1. is the official site. Open this page.
    2. Click on E-services
    3. Click on e-Ration Card
    4. Select New Ration Card
    5. Select the language you want from the list given
    6. Click on New Ration Card Request.
    7. See the eligibility of each card and select the card for which you are eligible.
    8. Enter the Aadhaar number and click on 'Go'
    9. Once verification is successful authenticate. You can do this with OTP or finger Print verification
    10. If you select OTP, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number by the department. Then enter OTP and Click on GO
    11. Aadhaar details will be displayed on the screen, once the verification is over
    12, Click on the 'Add' button and the application will be accepted, An application number will be generated
    13. Fill the application form by giving all details.
    Then you can submit the application.
    Once you apply and pay the required fee of Rs. 50/- It may take 15 to 20 days to get it. I think there is provision to collect personally by paying Rs.100/- as fees.
    You can add all the members of the family in the same card and the card will be issued on the name of the housewife who is the eldest in the house.

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  • BPL card is one type of ration card only for the people below poverty level. For others the ration card is known as APL card. An individual above 18 years can apply for a card in his name while the children below 18 years are included in the parents card. There are separate internet sites of the states where one has to apply in the site pertaining to the state where one dwells. For making a BPL card some identification documents out of the documents like Driving licence, Aadhaar card, Employee identity card, Voter ID, Passport, Any government-issued identity card, Health card (including the Aaragoyasri card etc would be needed. One has to login in the state site and then fill the form and upload the documents as mentioned there out of the documents mentioned above. If one feels difficulty in filling the online form then one can take help of an agent. After the submission of applicator the officials would verify the details of the individual and only after verification the card will be issued to the eligible applicants as decided by their lower income and not possessing of assets like houses or big pieces of lands.

    Alternatively one can visit the food and supply office or designated office and manually fill the form and deposit there along with copies of all the documents. In the present situation many places the office is not open and not functioning and the employees might be working from home only. So, in such a case it is advisable to apply in online mode only.

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  • As you are residing in Bangalore you have to either contact the Food and Civil Supplies office there and apply physically for it or go to the online site of Karnataka Govt for issue of a BPL card. The site is

    Please note that for issue of BPL card there are certain criterion as income should not be more then the threshold of Rs 27000 per year and one should not have a land and house in one's name. So, while submitting the application form online it will ask for all those information which are to be given there along with a scanned copy of the requisite documents like identity card and proof of address card. You can give Aadhar card, driving license, age proof, house address where you are staying etc in support of your credentials. If you are staying in a rented house then copy of rent agreement with the owner would be required. Once you submit the online form along with all the required documents then some official from the department would visit your place for physical verification and if everything found ok as per the detailed given by you in the application form as well as the supporting documents then they would issue the BPL card to you. Please also note that any wrong information furnished or any information hidden would attract punishment from the authorities and one should fill the correct data in the application form.

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  • Ration Card is an essential document issued to the households by the state government so that the members of the family may have the rations at subsidised rates from the public distribution system. Ration - cards have now been differentiated as per economic status of the families such as issuance of APL ( Above Poverty Line), BPL ( Below Poverty Line) and AAY ( Antyodaya Anna Yojna) cards .
    The most essential document in this regard is the Aadhar Card since the Ration Card is to be linked to Aadhar Numbers and this can also be checked from the data base.
    Here are the answers of the queries raised by the author and the same has been given according to number sequence -
    1) This can be applied through on line while living in Bengaluru. You have to visit any service kiosk located in your area such as POS Shops, Gram Panchayat or any private franchise so as to get yourself registered for a new Ration Card for which you are eligible.
    2) You will have to go to the portal and search the relevant interlink to update the queries indicated in the portal so that you may be registered.
    3) Normally, it takes around 15 days from the date of application to get back the Ration Card addressed to the First Head of the family and is sent under the certificate of posting through the post - office.
    4) While for a Ration Card, the entire family - members should go together to pay the application fee of Rs 50/-. In the event of failure of any member/ members the extra charge to the extent of Rs 50 per member has to be paid.
    In the current situation reeling under COVID 19, you have to ensure the functionality of the portal.
    5) It will reach to your destination through the post - office in case you have furnished an application to make your Ration - card.
    6) While applying for the Ration Card, you have to ensure that the members must be at least 5 years of age and each member should have their Aadhar Cards against their names. These days Aadhar Cards are linked to the banks. Other documents are not needed in course of applying a New Ration Card.

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