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    Question regarding getting Jobs

    Wanted some suggestion about acquiring a job having done B Tech and PGDM with working experience. Check this ISC page to know from our learned members how to go about.

    I have passed out in B.Tech IT in 2010 and done PGDM in Marketing in 2014. After this, I have worked in 3 Logistics Companies in Operations profile with a total experience of 5 years. From the last company, I resigned in Dec 2018. After that, I have done a course in SAP MM from Hyderabad and it was completed in Nov 2019. I was searching for jobs in Hyderabad but due to my bad luck I have to come back to my native place due to COVID -19 pandemic and presently I am unemployed. I am interested in jobs in the following areas-

    1 Logistics Operations Profile

    2 Customer Support Profile(Non - Voice)

    Please suggest and help.
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  • You are a B Tech with 5 years experience and you had a PGDM also. What I feel is that even though you have experience in Logistic profile your qualification is not in that line. So I suggest you try a certificate course or diploma course in that line also. Many are available online and you can choose the one you feel suitable for you and completing that will not be a problem for you in that line. Once you complete that chances of getting a job will not be very difficult for you.
    Based on your experience you can try for any of the following.
    1. Analyst: Good mathematical and computer skills are required for this post. This is an entry-level post. Getting that collected and analysing the same will be the purpose of this job. If you acquire some knowledge in the planning of logistics and analysis, you will have better chances.
    2. Logistics Engineer: Based on your experience as an Analyst you will be getting a Logistics Engineer post. Their duties include evaluation of the supply chain and logistics systems. Trends or obstacle in these systems is also on the profile of this job.
    3. Customer Services: He will be a bridge between the client and the logistics team. The customer needs and problems will be passed to the Engineers and Managers. Follow up with them and see the will be addressed within the time frame accepted. This post is very crucial in seeing that the customer is satisfied and he will be loyal to the company for his further needs.
    4. Manager: This post can be in any branch of the industry like purchase manager, logistics manager. international logistic manager, inventory manager and supply chain management. These are all department in charge posts and they are responsible for better functioning of their departments which will have a big say on the overall functioning of the organisation.
    5. Consultant: Project management, contacting directly the customers and addressing the various problems of various companies with the expertise he is having are important features of this post.

    I suggest you make a good resume of yours and post it on various job portals like and etc.
    Employers will be searching there and you may get a good response. Linkedin is another good place. Be searching these portals for suitable posts and apply. You can visit the Job section of India study channel also. Please be seeing newspaper advertisements also.

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  • You have already worked in some logistic companies and I hope that you must have acquired some experience there in the line of marketing as well as inventory management and support systems. There are some sites like indiastudychannel, naukri, monsterindia, linkedin, timesjobs etc where you can keep a watch on the logistic support jobs and shortlist ones where you have sufficient proficiency to compete and apply. The present pandemic situation is not favourable for applying jobs as companies are selective in recruiting people at this juncture but you can very well upload your resume in some of these niche sites so that they inform you time to time for the matching positions with your resume. Today in transport sector one of the most important and responsible job is to manage the inventory in the main warehouses as well as keep a track of goods in movement. As the volume of operations is large it has to be tackled with computer applications designed for this purpose. If you have experience of such applications or can learn some of them online then you can mange the inventory just sitting in the home once the company entrust you the hobby providing necessary permission to use they site online. Many big chains of beauty and fashion product business houses are using same type of applications for managing their inventory in their outlets throughout the country. So the main thing is to make the merchandise available in the different parts as per the demand projections based on the historical data and once the inventory lying in the warehouses is aligned in that fashion then the operating costs can be minimised. So, this is a dynamic process and any person who can control and suggest movement of goods in this fashion would be an indispensable person for the organisation and his job security would be more than a normal employee. In case you have not exposed to such work earlier then it makes sense to go for some short duration course to acquire those skills.

    You might be aware that today logistics means managing, directing, and controlling the flow of goods, services, information and other such resources from the source of manufacturing or production to the marketplace or to the consumers. This is a herculean task and requires integration of many live information and continuous updates are also required to be done to take mid course corrections and take decisions of diverting the merchandise from one route to another if such an extreme condition arises. The ultimate aim is to reduce the costs.

    If you want to learn these skills then there are logistics and supply chain management courses being conducted by some reputed agencies/institutions and some of these sources are UPES, CPIM India, NMIMS, disasterready, IISCM, NIMT, KITTS, IIKM etc. Some of them like disasterready (which is a NGO) provide free courses also.

    For your second option that is customer support (non voice) first thing is that you have to keep a keen watch on the job portals and advertisements in other media. If you want some certificate or diploma course in this line for increasing your proficiencies then some agencies like technorsolutions, tucareers, yet5, eskillindia, NQR etc are there to help and guide you. Today various courses are available in online mode and one can quickly learn the skills one is aspiring for in connection with the job of choice.

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  • As you have completed your B. Tech in Information Technology(IT) but have worked in the logistics department for 5 years in 3 Logistics Companies in Operations profile, it would be better for you to focus in the same areas you are well versed with the job description and profile of logistics and can handle it very easily. You have done your PGDM in Marketing and it has helped you in getting your work done easily with the knowledge of marketing, handling clients and customers, etc. You have also done a course in SAP in Material Management system module which is a part of logistics functions and an added advantage to your profile. As per your interest and work experience, some of the jobs that you can apply are as follows:
    1. Logistics Manager - A logistics manager(International or domestic) is not only responsible for receive materials but also maintain a good relationship with foreign clients and partners. They need to understand the changing laws, customs and regulations in the international and domestic market, trade and fair. Knowledge of marketing, purchasing, supply chain and managing it is essential to be successful in the said post as a logistics manager.

    2. Inventory Manager - The main job of an inventory manager is to know the available resources i.e. the stock of material goods, its complete data and the present requirement in the market with the help of computer systems. He should be able to identify the problems with the present inventory and manage data by providing solutions by coordinating with purchasing and logistics department to improve order and distribution schedules. Experience in logistics and Material management is an added advantage for the post.

    3. Supply Chain Manager - The main function of the Supply chain profile is to understand logistics, plan the order and forecast long-term financial needs by streamlining the entire supply chain system i.e. production, purchase, transportation, warehouse and inventory to minimize cost and optimize productivity. He should be able to plan, communicate and coordinate with different departments and managers to ensure smooth functioning of the company.

    4. Customer service specialists - As the name implies, the main function of Customer service specialists is to acts as an intermediary between both clients and customer by executing the client requirement, solving problems and be a bridge between engineers or managers or company. Knowledge of logistics, Material and warehouse management along with good communication skill is a great advantage to control any situations.

    Some of the other jobs that can be applied with your profile are Consultant, Logistics Engineer, Analyst, Purchasing Manager, Logistics services, Health care logistics, Distribution logistics, Providing logistics software. Kindly upload your resume or profile in job sites like,,,,, etc from where you can get good options and call from good companies.

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  • Since you have completed your B.Tech in Information Technology and later have acquired PGDM in marketing, these two tools would always facilitate you in the area of logistics service and moreover, you have rendered your jobs in three logistics companies within a span of five years, you will certainly get a suitable assignments through, Monster. com, Times of etc by uploading your resume in these portals.
    The portals indicated above would look a matching job in the following areas of logistics -
    1) Logistic Manager - A logistic Manager is active in the following areas -
    1) Shipping Supervision- It would relate to supervision of work of drivers, focussing on rout optimisation and reviewing the performance metrics. They are well versed in DOT and OHSA standard and they implement the same in their work schedule for the better quality output.
    2) IT Data - They should be proficient enough to track the material arriving at the logistics yard, leaving the shipping stage area and the location of materials in the intermediate stage. Hence in your case, it would definitely be boon with the familiarisation of this tool.
    3) Supply Chain Activities- Supply chain activities would include collaboration with the teams for both inbound and outbound transportation projects. The manager would be required to establish monitor and adjust the key performance area to ensure that cost of supply chain remain within the budget allocation.
    2) Inventory Manager - The manager working in this area should have the clear vision of location of the products kept in the inventory area. He would be responsible for developing tracking system, reviewing the level of supply, ordering new materials and performing a daily analysis of incoming and outgoing materials stored in the inventory yard. He would also examine the level of demand of the customers and make an attempt to streamline the demand of such products.
    3) Supply Chain Manager - He is a responsible person keeping a track of logistics and update the inventory stock to identify the material in the hours of need. He would collaborate with the vendors and suppliers to ensure that all operations such as Shipping and Delivery meet the quality and safety standards.
    He would discharge the following responsibilities while working as a Manager -
    1) Maintaining inventory in such a way that the product is identifiable in course of location.
    2) Supervising and imparting training to his subordinates.
    3) Supplying chain data and tracking its performance.
    4) Customer Service Specialist - He would be responsible for handling questions, comments and complaints regarding the bussiness. He is to provide a positive customer experience and enhance relationships between consumers and bussiness.
    He would also act as a liaison between customers and management in enhancing the overall customers experience.
    Time to time, he would conduct surveys regarding products, services and customer service experience. He would involve his peers in the effective customer service.

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